Front Page/Warning

Welcome to the Danning Legacy! As you can see, this page is not a list of posts. Due to the fact the Danning Legacy is a mature story I decided to have a front page and use it as a warning…

Warning: There will be quite a bit of sexual content, violence, and other mature themes. Nothing too explicit but there will be some scenes that might make some people uncomfortable. Such as, I intend on writing the first night that Jacob and Kay are together. Again, it won’t be too explicit but it will be rather descriptive. Also expect semi-nudity and sexy poses. Possibly sex poses as well. I don’t want it to be too graphic and explicit but it is rated mature, if you can’t handle sex scenes then this might not be the one for you. Sorry :\

With all that said… I hope you read and enjoy the Danning Legacy. ^__^

Generation One: The Dannings Beginnings; Jacob & Kay Danning

Chapter List

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