But Wait, There’s More!

So everyone guess what? There’s another story/legacy!!! This one is going to be super exciting and awesome and totally amazing. This story, maybe legacy, stars… ready for this…? Are you ready? Our very own Doctor Jay Redding!

Am I crazy? Yep. But not how you think. I am not the author. ^__^ My dear friend, TheUsernameFound, told me how interesting it would be to tell a story about Jay. Not the Danevbies, not Kay, but Jay. Okay so there will be Kay in it because you can’t have one without the other. So I gave her the okay and she’s started! . But for anyone worried, I will be checking over the chapters to make sure things stay in character so Jay won’t be suddenly doing totally random stuff that she wouldn’t normally be doing.

Jay Redding’s story (legacy? I dunno, hard to tell with her. Unless she clones herself. O.O) is sort of a… companion piece to the Dannings. To make timelines easier we both agreed that there will be stuff happening together. So if you’re reading Dannings and wonder what’s up with Jay… go and read it. You don’t have to read it though. But you should because I know it’s going to be awesome. I am super excited for it, and I really hope you guys will be too. ❤

A note about the story
Jay Redding Prologue

I just wanted to say a word of thanks for Tuf, I appreciate so much that she likes one of my characters so much she wants to write about her. I feel quite honored to have her writing about Jay!



I will be marking the Danning legacy as mature. I was unsure about this but decided to go ahead with it. It will not be explicit but there will be mature stuff going on, for instance Jacob and Kay’s first time will be written about. Pictures like the one with Dae (vampire girl) in chapter ten. Stuff like that. So I decided to go ahead and mark Dannings as mature. It shouldn’t change anything really. I might be messing around with my theme to have a static home page that states the story as mature. We’ll see.

I don’t think this will change much though, y’all without a wordpress account should still be able to comment and stuff like that. ^__^

Thanks for reading!


The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Ten

*Cal, Still*

I sat in my dad’s room for ages, on the floor, knees up against my body. I was still a bit stiff but that was finally going away as the humiliation crept into my body. Had Penny seen? Had Kay seen? I didn’t know which was worse but then again if Penny had seen, I wasn’t sure she’d know much about it. Although… she was always smarter than me. Even as a child she seemed like an adult. The vampire knew, no doubt about it. I knew that’s why she was giggling.

There was a tap at the door and I turned, feeling horrified. “C-can I come in?” Kay asked.

I wanted to yell at him to go away but this was his house. And I didn’t like yelling at Kay. He was the only person I felt comfortable talking to about Penny. He believed me. He told me he’d help make her real. So I swallowed and moved away from the door. “Yeah, c’m’in.”

He carefully opened the door and stepped in, shutting the door behind him. “Are y-y-you okay?” His eyes were in my arm, the mark there that was healing up. “She d-didn’t take too much, did she?”

“No…” I rubbed where she had bitten. I could still feel her lips and tongue, and it made me shudder with desire. That moment was definitely more than any fantasy I had while asleep, or even awake. “I’m all right. It’s healed.”

“You don’t f-feel lightheaded? No dizziness?” He put his hand under my chin so I was looking up at him, into his eyes. He was very worried, more worried than I imagined he would be. Maybe he was afraid of vampires? But then why would he want to help her? Surely he wouldn’t be this worried about some dopey kid staying in his house.

“No, I’m fine,” I said, holding up my wrist. “Is she…?”

“Sh-she will be f-fine,” he said, letting go of my face. “She’s g-going to r-rest here a bit longer, I th-think. She didn’t really s-say. She seems a bit… l-lost.”

I was going to stick my hands in my pockets but then remembered I was still in my pajamas, the shirt and boxer-briefs. Underwear that for sure showed my damn erection in the other room, and now I wanted to die again. “Where will she… sleep…?” Did vampires sleep?

“If your f-father says it’s okay, in h-here.”

“Where will you sleep, then?” I asked.

He smiled and adjusted his glasses. “On the c-couch.”

I stared up at him, wondering how the hell he was willing to do all this. He was letting us stay here now his own bed was given up to my dad, and the bed he was sleeping in was being given up for a vampire. “I wish I—” I stopped myself before I finished that one. Kay looked at me curiously and I glared. “You don’t have to be so selfless, you know.”

“Self…?” His eyes brightened as he smiled. “I d-don’t mind, sh-she needs to sleep somewhere.”

“So do you and you’re like, an old man. So she can have my bed and I’ll take the couch.” I glared even more, just daring him to refuse me. Kay gave me a weary glance and then his shoulders drooped forward. “So, yeah. The couch is mine.”

“All r-right,” he relented. “I’ll make sure it’s okay w-with your father… B-but Calcifer, do me a favor, would you?” He ran his fingers through his hair and looked at the door. “It m-might be best if you d-don’t… mess with her much.”

“Don’t talk to the vamp, gotcha.” I gave Kay a salute but he just looked more nervous. “I won’t okay?”

This convinced him and he began nodding. “Good. Um, I w-will… uh… ch-check on your father. You sh-should, um, relax a bit. Try to get down off the r-rush of being bitten.”

My face went scarlet as he left the room and I wanted to smack him. Rush indeed. He probably was just as excited as I was when she bit him. Still, he had a point. I lingered in Dad’s room a bit before finally going out. The vampire was still in my room, so I couldn’t go get my stuff. I listened for voices but heard nothing. Penny must’ve still been a doll. Not that it matter, since the vamp couldn’t see her.

I trudged over to the couch and sat down, waiting. I could hear voices from Kay’s room but didn’t make out any words. I was half tempted to go over and listen in, to try and figure out if they were talking about me–

“They’re talking about the fact your father keeps wanting to get out of bed.”

I jumped about fifty zillion feet and then stared at the vampire, slightly out of my room now. This was the how many-eth time I had been scared out of my wits over the past day or two? Good thing I was young and not ancient like my dad.

The vampire smirked. “He seems young to me.”

“Can you–” I stopped. No. It wasn’t possible… but she was just grinning now, amused. “You can read minds,” I snapped.

“Guilty as charged.” She pressed her fingers to her lips and smiled even more now, her fangs gleaming. I couldn’t see any sign of blood now. “So that toy in your room turns into a person?”

“Penny isn’t a toy!”

She shrugged one shoulder and switched the subject. “Your blood tastes good,” she said and I squinted. “Blood of virgin is particularly nice, it seems.”

My nostrils flared at this. “Don’t you dare mock me!” I pointed a shaky finger at her, knowing this was going against the agreement I made with Kay just a bit ago. “I’m only fourteen, it’s not as if–as if–“

Her eyebrows raised. “As if?” she echoed then jerked her thumb towards my bedroom door. “As if she were real?”

“Just how long have you been tuning into my thoughts?!”

“There are a lot of secrets in this house.” Now she was looking towards Kay’s room. “Quite a lot. I’d be interested to see how some of it plays out…” Now she giggled again and seemed like a teenaged girl instead of a creepy vampire. “When I learned what all was going on here it was like a… a spider web. Or something.”

“What are you talking about?” I demanded.

She shook her head. “You might find out. Who knows. Some people are so predictable but others, like–Jacob, and the Professor… and you…” She looked me up and down which made me blush again. “So intriguing. Not many boys your age would be so obsessed with giving life to something like… what is her name?”


“Penny.” She nodded and then stepped forward. “You care about her.”

“She–she’s my best friend.” My tongue felt thick in my mouth as she moved forward and part of me wanted to run, while part of me wanted to stay. “My only real friend.”

“You’ve helped me, I suppose.” She tilted her head to one side, her lip pulling up a bit. “Shall I help you in return?”


“You sound…” She hesitated and her eyes narrowed a bit. “So many hidden things. I’m going to lay down. That is my room?” And then she was into my dad’s room without another word.

I felt exhausted as if I had run a marathon or something. I sank onto the couch and merely grunted in response to Kay coming out of his room and asking if I was okay. I had the feeling she was not laying down that she was just standing on the other side of the door giggling at me. Yeah, you stupid vamp, my thoughts are my own, stay out of my freakin‘ head, all right? I glared at the door but heard nothing.

*Kay’s POV*

Jacob did not look very impressed when I told him the plan. I could tell he still didn’t like the idea of a vampire hanging around the house. He still didn’t quite believe what was going on. I wondered how he would react when Calcifer was able to turn his doll real. If I was able to help him with it. I needed to get the right chemicals would could be difficult and would most likely mean a trip to the lab. Where I didn’t really want to go. I was afraid of being about my sister right now…

“I thought vampires didn’t need sleep?” Jacob’s voice broke into my fears.

I blinked at him for a moment, his question processing in my mind. “Huh…? Oh. I d-don’t know for sure b-but I would rather give her a p-place to sleep than no place t-t-to sleep. Calcifer offered h-h-his bed. Er…” I swallowed and suddenly found it very difficult to talk. Say the words, I commanded myself. They’re just words. “It… is ok-k-kay for m-m-me to… use… yours, r-r-right?” I couldn’t even look at him while asking this. I thought for sure he would realize.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” he said, completely not realizing anything at all. “But is it safe for… for Calcifer…?”

“Sh-she is doing better and won’t attack him or anything,” I answered. Jacob pressed his lips together and then shrugged. “It’s only for t-t-tonight, p-possibly tomorrow night. D-depending how she feels.”

Suddenly he brightened up at that. “By the way, I was thinking, maybe I should have a cane at hand. In case I need to use the bathroom while Cal’s asleep. I feel better, too.”

I pushed my glasses up a bit, rubbing the bridge of my nose. Sometimes I wondered if my sister was even this stubborn. “J-Jacob, you can’t. N-not yet. Tomorrow w-we’ll work on you walking but j-just please be patient. If you r-rush things…”

“But I was up and moving pretty soon after I had a C-section and isn’t this almost the same?” he asked, his eyebrows knitting together as he stared plaintively up into my face. I had to look away again.

“It’s n-n-n-not the same thing at all.” I was worried I’d check in on him and find him on the floor in a lot worse shape than he was. I didn’t know what to do about it. “Please don’t t-try to get up at night. Tomorrow we’ll work on your w-walking. Please?” I was grateful when he sighed, nodding. “Th-thank you!”

He was very quiet and I thought perhaps he was sulking, so I decided to leave him to it. I started to go when he said, “I hate feeling this useless.”

 “Use…less…?” I turned back around but he was looking at the ceiling. “Y-y-y-y-you’re not useless at all.”

 “In a few years Calcifer will be going to college. And I can’t–I can’t–” He brought his hands to his face and let out a thin cry. “It was stupid of me to take that potion. Now I have another lifetime ahead of me to not be want…” He stopped and then moved his hands, giving me a very obviously fake smile. “I’m sorry, I guess being stuck in bed is giving me the blues.”

 I chewed at the inside of my cheek and began rubbing the back of my head. “C… Calcifer will always n-need you,” I whispered.

 “Yeah, you’re right,” he said with that smile. “I guess it’s because living alone is so hard for me, and once he’s gone I will have to deal with that for a very long time. It’s not something I thought of before I drank the youth potion. There’s a lot I didn’t think about.”

 “You c-c-c-could… find… someone…” My voice was very small and I wasn’t even sure if he heard me.

 “How can I explain being so young having a son Calcifer’s age?” Jacob sounded a bit distant and sad, and it hurt a lot. “I suppose I could pretend to be thirty. Say I had a kid when I was a teenager. But a relationship based on lies…” He stopped again and his face tightened. His eyes got a bit red and his hands were fists as he spit out the next words. “A relationship based on lies is nothing.”

 I remembered when we had chosen Jacob as one of our experiments. He had been with someone for a few years and my sister was worried we’d lose him as an option. But he had become single again and once we had the time to work on the male pregnancy project, we had him. I now wondered about that relationship. Or maybe he had someone in the years since?

 I thought about telling him he could tell someone the truth, or–find someone–who–already… But I couldn’t bring myself to tell him anything. And I wasn’t even sure he wanted me to say anything. “Th-things will work out,” I finally settled on. Jacob shrugged and closed his eyes, so I left his room. Calcifer was in the living with a very angry look on his face. When I asked if everything was okay, he just made a noise.

I assumed that meant he was fine so I headed for Jacob’s room. I opened the door and stared at the vampire girl who was sitting on the edge of the bed, grinning at me. “Oh,” I said, stepping in. “D… did you w-want this room? C-Calcifer was going to let you have his…” I didn’t think I could bring myself to just kick her out.

But she was standing up, brushing past me to shut the door. “No, his room is fine. I just wasn’t sure.”

Her eyes sparkled, and I knew she was lying. “You n-need to talk?” I asked and got nothing in response. “D-d-d-do you need more blood?”

“I’m all right for now,” she said, folding her arms. “He doesn’t know at all, does he?”

“Wh-who?” I asked, panicking.

She giggled quite a bit which didn’t make me feel any better. “I wasn’t talking about that. I was talking about Calcifer being your son. He doesn’t know, does he?”

At first I was stunned she knew, then it hit me. The blood. She probably could tell from–Oh. Oh dear. “You w-won’t… s-s-s-say anything… please don’t s-say anything!” I was trying to keep my voice from rising too much with him just in the next room. “He can’t know.”

“How come?”

“It… involves a c-c-contract… He c-can’t know. N-neither can Jacob.” I pressed my hands together, bowing my head. “So p-please don’t tell either of them ab-bout it.”

“I won’t tell them,” she said and then opened the door. “But jeez this house is confusing, you know!” She went off towards Calcifer’s room. I was watching her, as was Calcifer. He was peering over the back of the couch. He saw me watching and then went red, ducking down. I was red as well, quickly shutting the door. Then I fell onto the bed and was greeted by Jacob’s scent. She’s right, I thought as my heart tightened into a little ball of pain. This house is very confusing,


The day was spent taking care of Jacob, cooking, and thinking. Now that things were in motion, I was scared of what would happen when my sister returned and found no vampire. I tried not to dwell on it too much. There were other things I tried not to dwell on…. But there was not much going on in the house. The vampire stayed in Calcifer’s room, Calcifer was very quiet, and Jacob slept. So most of the time I was in Jacob’s room (so I wouldn’t bother Calcifer) which was not the easiest place to be.

That night I did not sleep well at all. I was worried about Jacob getting out of bed (I finally dug out old sound monitors from storage and put them in our rooms), but there were other things. Ever since I went back to help him, old feelings–old thoughts–had resurfaced and were complicating things. A lot. Sleeping in his bed complicated these thoughts even more. I slept fully-dressed because it was awkward even thinking about changing my clothes in this room. As if he could see me.

But not sleeping well, and sleeping dressed, was for the better as once I heard sounds from my room and went in to find Jacob leaning against the wall halfway between the bed and bathroom door with a guilty look on his face. “I have to go,” he said so I helped him, pretending that I wasn’t doing this at all to keep myself from getting too embarrassed. I told myself over and over that he was merely a patient, a test subject. Someone far away from me instead of against my body.

I thought about checking on the vampire a couple times but ultimately decided to let her be. At one point I heard her door open and then she was talking softly to Calcifer. I didn’t hear her words, but I was able to hear the occasional word of Calcifer. He sounded sullen and kept saying things like ‘no’ and ‘not easy’. I heard him clearly say Penny’s name, and finally said, “What kind of help?” or something like it.

I closed my eyes and rolled onto my side to try to get to sleep. Just as I was about to drift off I heard again the sound of movement over the monitor. Jacob was trying to get out of bed again. I swung my legs to get up, very slow since I was sleepy. There was the sound of footsteps over the monitor. I put my glasses on and went to the door, opening it to find some of the lights on and Calcifer and the vampire both up. Calcifer was too busy staring in shock at the vampire to notice me.

I stared, wondering if I was asleep. No, this is the waking world, I realized and before I could do or say anything, my bedroom door swung open and Jacob saw what I was seeing. The vampire, completely and utterly naked, with Cal slack-jawed at her nakedness.

“Huh,” she said, turning her head a bit. “I guess this wasn’t the best time to do this. Oh well. As I was saying, Calcifer, this–“

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Jacob found his voice and then nearly fell as he tried to grab hold of the door frame.

Calcifer jerked back and went as red as I had been going, realizing he had an audience. “D-dad!” he stammered. “I can explain!”


“DAD! It’s NOT what you think! And–and–what are you doing out of bed?! Kay told you not to!”

Jacob stumbled a bit, holding onto the door now. I urged my feet to go over to help him but I couldn’t move. I was too confused. “I was hungry, and that isn’t important! You–ah, young l-lady, could you please, uh, please get dressed?!”

The vampire turned towards us now, not looking bothered at all that three men were staring at her naked form. I quickly shielded my eyes and then staggered towards Jacob. I put my arm around him and helped him up from the slumping he was going into. He felt very weak and now he was leaning against me, looking a bit grateful as he was also not looking at the vampire.

“Dressed?” she asked. “Oh, this makes you uncomfortable?” Then she giggled. “I guess it would. Sorry, Calcifer, maybe another time.”

“Could you g-go to the other room?” Jacob asked and she replied with an amused yes. When the door shut we both finally looked over. Calcifer was creeping towards the kitchen. “YOU stay in here,” Jacob commanded.

“Daditisntwhatyouthinkatall!” Calcifer said, spinning around. “She did it all on her own because–because–she wanted to help me with Penny and I didn’t ask her, I swear I didn’t, she just found out about uh, me needing to know about the female, uh, body, and said she could remedy my lack of knowledge, and um, stripped off. Then you two walked in! I swear that’s all that happened!”

Calcifer Danevbie would you stop with the Penny thing!” Jacob’s voice was darker than I remembered ever hearing it. I wanted to cry and hide, not be part of this. But he was swaying rather violently in my hands and it was all I could do to keep him standing. “She’s NOT real, she’s JUST a toy! And you are FAR too old to use her an excuse for when you–“

“She is real, Dad!” Calcifer stared at me, his eyes huge. “Kay, tell him! You believe me!”

“Don’t you dare drag him into this! I can understand being curious about things but Reaper, Calcifer, you’re fourteen you are too young to be in a room alone with–with–with a-a naked girl!” But before Cal could argue back, his bedroom door burst open. The vampire sprang across the room but before she got to the front door it opened, and another vampire came in.

“Causing trouble, I see,” he said.

“I didn’t mean this much trouble to happen,” she answered, and then both of them looked at the three of us. The male vampire’s eyes were on me and suddenly I realized he was a vampire. I let out a small gasp of surprise because the last time I had seen him…

But no, I had never seen him before. Had I? I searched his face, trying to remember. My sister and I had started working with a rainbow community a while ago but he wasn’t one of them. And I didn’t know any other rainbows. Did I? But he was watching me, as if expecting me to say something. For a split second it was there but then almost as quickly as it came, it was gone.

The vampire man gave me a rather sad smile, settling a hand on the female vampire’s shoulder. “Glad I could finally come get you,” he said, taking his eyes off of me.

Calcifer was slinking back to his room, Jacob was still trying not to hit the floor, and I was just flat out confused, wishing this was a dream. A strange, strange dream. Both vampires were quiet for a moment, communicating some other way judging from his facial expressions. Then he broke into a smile and looked towards me again.

“So, Professor K. Redding. I have you to thank. Giving blood. How very…” His eyes searched me then he grinned, fangs glinting. “You.”

“Ah, y-y-y-you… we… d-d-do we know each other?”

Vampires can read minds, you know,” he said without his mouth moving and I was startled. He was talking in my head. “Yes,” he said, still in my head. “I’m afraid I need to get this one home. Maybe… maybe someday soon we can… talk. But believe me, she is being honest about helping your son.

My eyes widened, darting between her, him, and Cal. The man smirked. “Jacob doesn’t know. Though you should tell him. In fact, there’s a lot you should tell him, hmm? You never know.”

“Ah–ah–” I stammered. I nearly dropped Jacob and in a flash, before I could blink, the man was right there. His green hands held onto Jacob a lot stronger than I could, and then Jacob was being put on the couch. Jacob was surprised at this, his mouth open. The vampire straightened up, smiling again.

Since you’ve helped me, and helped Dae, then perhaps I should try to help a bit?” He looked at me, running his fingers through his hair. “Do you trust me?


Just trust me.” And suddenly he was in front of me, right in front of me. “Thank you for helping her,” he said out loud, putting his fingers under my chin. And then he yanked my face close, and kissed me.