The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Thirteen

Author’s Note: Sorry about the awkward pictures I had a hard time getting decent-looking positions.

*Jacob’s POV*

This time, I heard less of the argument between Kay and his sister. I heard a few words but there wasn’t much yelling this time around. I heard Cal talking at one point, and then his door shutting–and then what might have been pleas? The front door opened, a car started and then the front door shut. I heard movement right outside this bedroom’s door, then the door to my bedroom shut.

I figured Kay and Jay had a nasty fight and she left, but I did not expect to hear what came next. Loud sobbing. Almost right in my ear. That was when I remembered that walkie talkies went two ways. He had them on so he could hear me, but now I could hear him–and he was sobbing. Not just crying, but heart-wrenching sobbing that cut into me.

There were words amongst the sobs. ‘No’, ‘Watcher’, and ‘Sister’ were the ones I could make out easiest. I pressed my hands against my chest, wondering what she could have done to him to turn him into this mess. Something to do with the vampire, of course, but how could she had done this much to him?

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I got up, ignoring the pain. I went forward without another thought, the pain jolting through my body with every step. I opened the door and then moved on, going towards my bedroom. I didn’t even knock, I just went in. Kay was on the bed, clutching a pillow, his entire body shaking as he cried. I went over and knelt on the bed next to him, my hand on his arm. He looked up, his glasses crooked. For a second I thought he might get mad for me getting out of bed but then he was against me, arms around me instead of the pillow.

I wrapped my arms around him and held him as he cried into my shoulder. I pulled him down a bit, more so I was laying down and not in a position that would amplify the pain. He just sidled up even closer, his body pressed against mine, his face in my upper chest. I rubbed his back and made soothing murmurs to try to comfort him as best I could.

“Jacob, Jacob,” he got out through the sobs and hiccups.

I moved one arm so I could take off his glasses. I set them on the bedside table then went back to hugging him. One hand rubbed his back, the other stroked his hair. “Shh, it’ll be okay,” I said, not even knowing if it would be. Had his sister done something so completely awful that–? But no, of course things would be okay. They had to be.

“She–she–she–” he wailed, his fingers digging into my skin.

“I know. I know, shh, it’ll be okay.”

Kay’s body moved and I was very aware of the fact one leg was now around mine. I could tell it was his need to be engulfed by someone–something I had felt during the most heartbroken time of life. There was no way I could be even more against him but I did try, and his face pushed against my chest so hard I was worried it would hurt him.

We lay this way for quite some time as his sobs grew less and less frequent. After a while, he was quiet but still clutching me. My arm was getting tired but I continued rubbing his back, planning on not letting go until he indicated he wanted me away from him. After yet more time, his grip on me loosened and I realized he was asleep. His arms and leg were still around me but his head had dropped back a bit. Occasionally I heard a little breathy whimper sound.

It was so strange. It sort of seemed as if he were a young child. At the same time, every inch of my body knew he was an adult. The horribly strange feelings from the night before were only getting worse, holding him like this. Which, of course, pushed me into guilty feelings of growing slightly horny while he was in such a bad way. I was glad when I started feeling sleepy. I hadn’t slept completely well the night before (having such strange dreams, plus pain) and since I couldn’t move (I did not want to wake him) I was grateful at the drowsiness taking over. I closed my head, my head next to his, and fell asleep.

The dreams from the night before invaded my dreams this night, fueled by the sleeping arrangement. I dreamed of me and Kay in a romantic way, or rather… a sexual way. It was fine when I was asleep and barely aware but when I woke up after a few hours of sleeping, I was discomfited. Stupid of me. Completely stupid. Going to sleep like this. Now I was naked except for my boxer-briefs… and sporting a hard-on. With Kay snuggled right up against me, still clinging in his sleep.

I decided right then and there that my life was being guided by some sort of insane fairy or something. Last night I went to sleep wondering if I really did have interest in a guy, and here I was in bed with him. Still feeling strongly about it, and in a manner that made me fairly suspicious that it wasn’t just cause it had been twenty-some years since I got some. Can I really like you? I studied his sleeping face.

After Nicky and I had–had gone our separate ways, I often wondered why I had even been with her. There wasn’t a lot we had in common. I had the feeling it was because of how much I wanted to be with someone. As I told Cal not long ago, I was in love with love. So thrown together with this man who was doing his best to help me, was it not natural I started having these thoughts? Or is it something else?

I never really had a girlfriend during school and I did vaguely have a few dates after getting to Sunset Valley. Nicky had been my first, and only. Sex with her had been… well, decent. She had pressured me into going all the way before I wanted to (I had wanted to wait till marriage). Having sex with her had always felt good but sort of a duty. I tried to think of when I initiated it, and couldn’t remember.

Maybe I am really gay. Maybe the strangeness I felt during sex with Nicky was because I just didn’t like sleeping with a girl. Maybe, maybe… sleeping with a guy would be different.

I couldn’t up but look at Kay’s face again. My–sexual life had always been unusual compared to most people. Sex was never that important to me. I always dreamed of having a family, of being in love, having a wife, and lots of children. But I never imagined, and still couldn’t, being in a relationship for sex. Or being with someone, merely for sex. So for as long as I could remember, when I was attracted to someone it was more based on their personality than their looks. There were few celebrities I had crushes on, and a lot of the popular girls at school–nope, didn’t like them. Physical beauty, I could appreciate, but it had never been the defining factor for me liking them.

Kay… he was kind. He was quiet. He was determined. He was better with Cal than I ever was (and okay, I knew I needed to be more open about the Penny thing but after fourteen years, it was difficult to be patient about it). And when something happened that annoyed him (as in, me continually stupidly getting out of bed) he made it clear he was upset. As of right now… there was little in his personality that turned me off, and a lot that was the sort of person I’d like to be with.

Kay moaned a bit, and stirred. He had been slightly on his side, facing upwards a bit, so his hip was against my crotch area. But now he tilted back down, and his crotch was now against mine.

He was hard.

Oh. My.

My muscles tightened a bit and more blood rushed down. This was not good. Not good at all. I tried pulling back a bit but as soon as I moved, Kay whimpered and clutched harder, pulling me even closer. Well. This was… Not good. Sex was never important to me, I thought again with a scoff. I was way too turned on by all this for that statement to be true at the moment.

“Mmmm…” Kay wriggled a bit, and I felt him pressing against me for a second before he opened his eyes. “Oh!” he said in surprised. “J.. Jacob…” Then he smiled, and his eyes closed. “This is nice,” he said, and snuggled right up close against me.

“K–Kay?” I whispered, very confused. Every fiber of my being was trembling.

“Mmm,” he answered.

I gulped. “Y… you okay?”

“Mmm…” His eyelids fluttered open, his bright green eyes inches from mine. They widened even more. “J-Jacob?” he stammered. Redness crept across his face. “Th… this is… I’m n-n-n-not d… oh. Oh!” Suddenly he went incredibly red and flung himself away from me. “Jacob! Wh–you–we–” He looked at my bare body and then his head turned. “I’m s-s-s-s-sorry! I’m sorry!”

“For what?” I asked, worried about how upset he seemed now. I pulled myself into a sitting position, trying my best to hide my erection. Though depending how aware he had been when he woke up, he surely had felt it. With his own. Oh. Watcher.

He fumbled for a moment, patting his face. I reached over and handed him his glasses, and he gratefully took them. Once they were on it seemed as if it made him feel worse. He covered as much as his face as he could, drawing away from me. “I’m s-s-s-sorry,” he said again.

“You didn’t do anything,” I pointed out.

“Wh–h–why w-w-were you…?” He peeked out from behind a couple of fingers.

“You were crying…” I felt that I had intruded. “I didn’t think you’d want to be alone. You sounded really upset.”

His hands dropped as he reeled back. “I–oh. Y-y-yes. I…” His voice was quavering now and he pushed his fingers up under his glasses to wipe. “My… my s-sister..”

I scooted a bit closer to him and touched his arm. “I don’t know what happened, Kay, but I am so sorry.”

“Sh-she left me,” he cried out. “She l-l-l-left me.” My arms went around him again and he put his head into my shoulder. It was this morning all over again, but he wasn’t sobbing like before. “Sh-she s-s-s-said I betrayed h-her and sh-she c-c-couldn’t trust me and th-that it w-w-was better if sh-she had n-never–she’s g-g-gone! My sister… is g-gone.”

“I’m sure things will be better, she will calm down and she’ll come back again.”

“You’ve n-never seen m-m-my sister angry,” he gulped. “If sh-she says she w-w-w-won’t see me, she w-won’t.”

I just hugged him. He was distressed, there wasn’t much use in trying to convince him of something like that for now. All I could do was comfort him in other ways, a more physical way. So I just held him. He clung back to me but wasn’t really crying much, just sniffling with a few tears coming down. “I’m sorry this has happened, Kay.”

“Wh-what… what am I g-g-going to do? I c-c-c-can’t. I can’t.” His fingers were more or less clawing at my back, not digging in but applying pressure, and scratching slightly. “I can’t–I can’t.” He was falling off the edge again. I pulled him into my lap, ignoring the pain. I worked at rubbing his back and stroking his hair like earlier.

“Shhh… please calm down. It will be okay. She’ll calm down. She’ll cool off. It will be okay. You just need to calm down, don’t hyperventilate, you’ll be okay, you’ll be okay.”

I don’t know what possessed me, whether it was the feeling of trying to keep a child calm, or my crazy thoughts, but I moved the hand that was stroking his hair around to his face and leaned in to kiss his forehead. He made a muffled, squeaky sound and jerked forward to put his head against my chest. I was glad he didn’t overreact and run off; it was a stupid thing of me to do. Especially after that stupid vampire kissing him the other night, and how freaked out that made him… it was completely brainless of me to kiss his forehead. But he was too upset to care, thankfully. I knew that later I would have to deal with the fallout–though hopefully there’d be none. I was just screwing things up left and right.

Kay whispered something. “Hmm?” I asked, straining to hear.

He mumbled again, this time I could just make out the words. “D-don’t l-l-leave.”

“I won’t,” I said, more than happy to sit here with him until he felt better. I shifted into a more comfortable position, with him still in my lap, and I continued to hold him. We remained in bed for quite some time, not sleeping, but me just holding him. Eventually he pried himself away from me and mumbled something about making dinner. His eyes were rimmed with red and his face was still splotchy from crying. I wanted to offer to cook but knew it wasn’t the best thing to do, so instead I said, “How about we just order pizza or something?”

He blinked at me then nodded. “S-sounds g-g-good to me.”

“Do you want to sit out in the living room, or stay in here, or your room?” I asked, inching a bit closer towards the edge of the bed. Kay looked as if I had asked a life-or-death question. “Why don’t we have our pizza in your room?”

“Okay,” he said in a hollow voice.

He helped me to the living room and Cal looked at us emerging from my room with a very confused look. I settled onto the couch while Kay went over to the phone. “Kay’s not doing well,” I whispered very softly. “Please just stay quiet for a while tonight, all right?”

Cal looked over and then nodded. “I’m not going to do anything to bother him, Dad. Sheesh. I’m not stupid.”

“Do…” My voice dropped even more. “Do you know what happened?”

“Nope,” he answered. “Not exactly. Just that it was some crazy uproar ’bout the, uh, f-female vampire.” His face reddened just slightly. “The crazy bitch wanted to see me and she handled me in a very rough, probably illegal way.” I gave him a look and his mouth puckered a bit. “Okay, so she grabbed me to look at my neck and then my wrist. She got so mad.”

I drummed my fingers against my leg. I figured this meant she knew what happened. No wonder it had gone so bad… I looked over at Kay as he got off the phone and trudged over. He moved slowly, almost as if under water or something. “It’s o-on its way,” he said.

“I can get it when it gets here, if you want to go lay down,” Cal offered and I wanted so much to hug him.

“That sounds like a great idea,” I put in since I knew making any decision right now was beyond Kay’s capabilities. “Kay and I will be in his room, all right? Just bring us a few slices and some pop.”

“K, Dad,” Cal said, giving me a very strange look.

I ignored that look and just focused on getting off the couch, with Kay’s help. We went to his room, me going back to holding him as soon as we got on the mattress. He was mumbling some sort of apology and I assured him it was fine. Nothing to apologize for. Then I realized he was apologizing, in a way (weird way), to his sister, so I just let him be until Cal brought the food in. He gave me another one of those looks but just set the two plates and two bottles down.

“You two, uh, need anything else?” He was still staring and it clicked as to what the problem was. I was more or less naked, he was clinging to me. In bed. Yep. That really explained that look.

“No, thank you,” I said, giving him a very grateful look for his help. He hunched over and looked embarrassed before scuttling off. Kay was already eating, slowly. He took a bite then chewed, staring at the pizza. Once he swallowed, he took another small bite and just stared while chewing. I suspected he was focusing all his attention on doing this, to stop from thinking about what happened.

I chowed down on the three slices and was still hungry. Kay offered his third slice but I shook my head. “N-no, p-please. I’m n-n-not hungry.” He set down the half slice.

“You should eat. You haven’t had anything since breakfast, have you?” I inquired and he just bowed his head. “Are you really full?”

“Yes.” He pushed the plate away. Still two full slices left, and the half slice. “G-go ahead, J-J-Jacob… I r-really d-don’t want anymore.” He fell over onto his side and curled up. “I’m n-not hungry.”

I reached over and put my hand on his arm. “Is there anything else I can do?” He shook his head. “If you’re going to lay down, then you should take off your glasses.”

“Mmm.” He took his glasses off and I set them on the bedside table. “G-go ahead and eat, if you w-want.”

I grabbed the bell that I used to summon Cal and began ringing it. Kay winced at the sound but I kept ringing until Cal showed up, looking a bit grouchy. “Could you put this in the fridge?” I asked, handing him the plate.

“Sure thing.” He looked at Kay then back at me before leaving.

I lay down next to Kay, trying not to think of how strange this all way. Kay leaned into me, his body curling up even more. I just wished I could do more for him.


That night we shared his bed which was a million times more comfortable than trying to share a single bed, though the problem I had last time I woke up with him in my arms was plaguing me this time as well. I wished I could run off but he had such a firm grip on me even while he was sleep, I couldn’t even roll onto my other side without waking him up, and I did not want to wake the poor guy up.

When he did wake up, he just lay there for a while, holding me. He was staring at me with rather dull eyes. He looked as if he were a man who lost everything. I hadn’t realized before now just how much of a bond he and his sister had. “Hey,” I said after a moment. “Sleep well?”

“B-bad d-d-dreams,” he mumbled. “She… sh-she’s gone…” He let out a sigh and then sat up, rubbing his eyes. “D-d-d-do you need to go to the b-bathroom?”

“You can go first, I can wait,” I said and he didn’t even bother to protest.

Over the next few days, things were like that. He was very quiet and seemed almost like a robot. He barely did anything of his own initiative, and thankfully Cal stepped up to the plate and helped out. He did some cooking (most of it burnt, so we ordered in a lot), and took care of the cleaning. Kay took care of me, helping me to the bathroom and one day bringing me the basin so I could sponge myself down. He didn’t help me this time, he just sat on the floor and stared at nothing.

“Think he’s overreacting?” Cal asked me one day, while Kay was asleep in my room.

“I don’t know,” I answered, rubbing my forehead. “I was really desolate when I–when I was…” I looked at him, my heart clenching tightly. “I was in a very bad spot before, and I crashed. Very hard. If it wasn’t for your Aunt Elouia… I don’t know what would have happened. Ten years went by and I was only just barely getting better, when I was offered the opportunity that gave me you. Not to say I was completely desolate for ten years, but… it took a long time to climb out of that pit. What happened to me… was devastating.” I looked at the doorway. “For Kay, this must be very similar.”

“Dad, what happened?”

It was a punch to the gut. I wanted to pretend he never asked it, or tell him it wasn’t any of his business. I had never told him anything about Nicky or what she did to me, all he really knew is I had a serious girlfriend a long time ago. He wasn’t asking to be nosy, I could see he was concerned. I took in some air, and mentally steeled myself.

I had not talked about this to anyone since it happened. I barely even thought of it.

“I dated this woman, her name was Nicky,” I said very slowly. “We dated–for three years. She… well, I don’t know now why I was with her. She seemed at the time to love kids, that’s how we met, she was–picking up a relative of hers from the day care I ran. She was beautiful, too. She was nice, and had a great sense of humor. We dated for three years. During that time–well, I willingly was with her even though I felt a bit uncomfortable doing that before marriage.”

I waited for Cal to make some sort of disgusted noise, but he remained silent, so I continued. “I proposed to her one night when I knew I had enough money to buy a better house. She turned me down.” Now Cal looked shocked. “She said I was an old-fashioned fool and she had no interest in the–the cottage with a white picket fence dream. She said, this wasn’t the nineteenth century and there was more for a girl than a housewife.” This was hurting so much but I didn’t stop. “I told her she could have the job, I was happy being a househusband, but she… she called me crazy, basically. I was so miserable that night, and so angry.”

“Is that what…?” Cal started but I shook my head.

“Not long after I saw her at the hospital.” I had to dig my nails into my thighs to stop the emotion from overtaking me. “She told me… she told me…” I took in a few deep breaths. “She told me she was getting an abortion. She had n-never said once she was pregnant… and that she had been pregnant once before, with my child, and had gotten an abortion then. She never told me. If I hadn’t seen her that day, I would have never known which perhaps would have been better.” I pushed my hair back then looked at Cal. He was white, and clenching his teeth. “That’s the pit I was in. I was broken. She had–she had taken two children of mine, and killed them. I–I know… I know she… had th-the right… but…” My voice broke. “They were my children too. And sh-she wasn’t even g-g-g-going to tell me.”


“I was unable to function for days, longer even. So I can understand someone being broken so much they are at that point. Just because the love someone has for their sibling is different than another love, doesn’t make the breaking any easier. So no. I don’t think Kay is overreacting.”

Some Feedback, If You Don’t Mind

Hey everyone so I have been thinking about the mature rating on this blog, and have been a bit worried about what I have in mind. I just want to make sure what I have in mind is okay for you all. I know most of you will think “But sErin! You should write what you want to write!” Yes. That is true. But I don’t want to make anyone overly uncomfortable. I’m not just meaning this gen, I am including future gens when it is a hetero pairing.

So here are the possibilities. And if just reading the listing for light, then I suggest not reading this anymore since I really don’t want to offend anyone, but as my Danevbie legacy isn’t mature in this manner I have been wanting to try to include some of it in a legacy. And if you think the light one is okay but don’t want to know more, then don’t read the medium or heavy section. Likewise, if you read the medium section and are okay with it but doubt you’d be okay with more, don’t read the heavy section.

All the examples and pictures are just a generic example 🙂


Light – It will be a lot of what’s been said before. Body parts will be mentioned, heavy petting will be written about as will things such as erections, coming, horny-ness, light fondling. Pictures would be partial nudity (male butt), and romantic poses. (kissing/cuddling, possibly while nude)

For example: I pulled Kay close, pressing my lips against his as one of my hands strayed down to massage his ass. Kay moaned into my mouth and pressed his body against mine. I could feel how hard he was, how much he wanted to move this to the bed.


Medium – Light + heavier fondling, occasionally a more sexual pose (in bed). Light sexual acts will be written about (oral)

For example: I pulled Kay close, pressing my lips against his as one of my hands slid into the front of his pants. I grabbed hold of his erection, and he moaned into my mouth as he pushed even closer to me. A bit of precum came out, and I wondered if he’d even make it into the bedroom.


Heavy – Medium + Sexual acts will be lightly written about (sex, but not to the extent of, say, ’50 Shades of Grey’ although I cannot promise there won’t be bondage), sexual poses (not explicit, but obviously sex and not just cuddling). Okay that picture is a bit more explicit than what normally would be in there, but you get the idea.

For example: I pulled Kay close, pressing my lips against his as one of my hands slid into the front of his pants. I wrapped my fingers around, enjoying the moans he was making as he began pumping into my fist. I squeezed, moving my fingers to brush against his balls at the end of each thrust, and soon he came all over my hand.


As I said, it will not be as explicit as something like ’50 Shades of Grey’. There won’t be long, drawn out descriptions of bedroom antics. And this isn’t a vote for “Oh my gosh I want to see Jacob and Kay hawtness!” it’s a vote for what you as the reader would be comfortable with. Originally, it was going to be heavy. I am all right with not being as detailed as I originally wanted because, well, it’s pointless to write something that my readers won’t read.

If you vote for light, and medium or heavy wins, I will keep that in mind and not be quite as detailed. So remember that. The more light votes I get, the less detailed medium and heavy will be if they win. Also, if heavy wins with medium in second then what I will probably be doing is including some scenes on the heavier side with notices before chapters that DO include the heavy stuff, so those that voted medium (or light) can skip it.


The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Twelve

*Kay’s POV*

I was very worried about Jacob, after he more or less threw me out of the room. I left as I didn’t want to distress him further, but as I went to the other bathroom to dump the basin of water out I just couldn’t help but worry about his sudden… well, freak out. Then again, he was a bit strange. After being told multiple times and promising not to get out of bed he still got out of bed so he wouldn’t bother us.

How could I make it any clearer that it wasn’t a bother? After all it had been my fault, and my sister’s fault, he had all the health problems. Now we were finally fixing them and I wanted to do what I could to make the healing process comfortable. Sighing, I took the basin back to the cupboard where I had gotten it from. I fumbled a bit putting it back in but that was natural since I was a bit frazzled.

I was so close to him. Helping him to the bathroom was one thing but sponging him down was something else entirely. I really, really, really hoped he hadn’t noticed anything–or maybe he did. Maybe that’s why he got so upset, he saw how–how–how–how touching him like that made you feel and got all uncomfortable from it. I swallowed and sank down at the dining room table. That was a likely explanation.

I didn’t think many straight men would feel particularly at ease getting a sponge bath from a gay man who was getting an erection from the process.

I gave a wail and buried my face in my arms. My sister was right, this was a stupid thing to do. A bad place to be. Only the sort of trouble she was expecting was opposite what I was worried about. She was, as always, worried he’d attack me. Whereas I… Urf. I wasn’t entirely repelled by that idea. One of the many problems with the whole situation. I would give anything for him to–but no. It was a stupid notion that I needed to get out of my head.

I thought back to the first time I realized I liked him. It was just after we officially met. I had been a bit attracted to his looks when he came in about the headaches (though he had been unconscious that whole time and had no idea we were there). But it was when my sister told him our desires, and he laughed so much I thought he was going to pass out. I had been embarrassed at first but then began wondering when the last time I had laughed was.

A long time.

He was so open with his emotions. His fear, his humor, his anger, his love. The look on his face when he was told for sure he was pregnant–that blissful, happy look…

I wished I could be more like him.

I still did. After only knowing him those short, few months I thought perhaps it had been a whim, a sort of connection as he was carrying my child (no, I could not think like that. Calcifer was not my son. Not really. Biologically, yes. But DNA did not make him my son.) except I often found myself thinking about him. And then–well, I was adverse to the idea of going back to him but it was made clear to me that he needed my help. So I went.

Now this! He was in my house, in my bed. I was giving him sponge baths. And freaking him out.

If my sister knew what was going on in my head, oh she’d be so angry. She’d probably blame him though. She preferred blaming anyone else but herself and me. Even when I was clearly at fault, she would insist it was something else. Like when I had dropped that vial of experimental youth potion, putting our research back by several weeks… she was annoyed but insisted there had been a mini-earthquake.

So if she knew how much I was lusting for Jacob, she would blame Jacob. And decide it was bad for me to be in the same house.

But I’m my own man. I sat up straight in the chair and frowned. Yes. I was my own man, and I needed to… figure out how to make that clearer to her. She had gotten her way with the youth potion (blackmailing me for it) and I knew she thought that this meant I would go back with her to the labs. I’m my own man.

I just hoped I could continue to stand up to her. Right now it was easy as I had Jacob to help. But what would happen when he left? I was okay being alone for a while. Lonely, yes, but okay. Now I didn’t want to think about what might happen after he and Cal and Penny left. When I was alone again… and my sister kept coming and demanding I return with her. I would give in one day. I couldn’t hold out against her indefinitely, especially now that I was young again and had so many more years ahead of me to be alone.

I wish Jacob

I shook my head then got up from the table. No point in wishing for something that wasn’t going to happen. I had other things to deal with. Like the fact within 24 hours my sister would be here wanting to know where the vampire went. That was not going to be a pleasant conversation. Could I even get away with a lie? I could try.

Mothership, what if she somehow finds out about the male vampire kissing me?

I stopped in my tracks and stared at nothing. She would–she would flip out. It was precisely the scenario she was worried would happen. Me being taken advantage by a guy again. She’d probably want to hunt that poor vampire down and pin him to the ground with a stake during the middle of the day for his actions.

Why did he kiss me? I had my suspicions. Involving the fact he could read my mind so easily, and asked for trust. And the look he gave Jacob afterwards. I had the feeling he knew how I felt and wanted to stir up trouble. He said as much, didn’t he? About causing chaos. He, and she, seemed very… mischievous. Vampires liked toying with emotions. That was the only reasonable explanation I could think of, at the least. He just wanted to toy with emotions, mine and Jacob’s.

Could he read Jacob’s mind? Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that at all. Of course he could–but what did he see? Something that convinced him it would cause chaos by kissing me? That would mean he saw something in Jacob’s brain that indicated he might…

I shook my head. Now this was wishful thinking, and I needed to stop. I had a lot to do before my sister got here. Namely, what to tell her about the whole vampire-escaping thing. Oh dear.


Jacob did not call for me at all for the rest of the day. I didn’t go in to bother him. I had Calcifer take in his dinner and assumed Calcifer was helping him out with the bathroom. Just before I went to bed I hesitated outside the bedroom door and wanted to go in to tell him goodnight and remind him to ring for me if need be. Then I remembered his freak out, and decided to just go to bed.

I couldn’t sleep. So much was running through my mind. My sister would be here and demand to know what happened to the vampire. What could I tell her? The obvious was, the vampire escaped. Will she believe me? I rolled over onto my stomach, my cheek against the pillow. It was smelling less and less like Jacob, but his scent was still strong. He smelled like aftershave, strawberries, and something else I couldn’t put my finger on. The scents mingled together nicely. Going to sleep (or attempting to) with this right in my face was… enjoyable.

Although that made me feel horrible. Wallowing in his scent like some sort of… sick… teenager or something. I’m fifty-two, I’m far too old to be acting like this. I pulled the pillow close and closed my eyes tightly. I need to think of how to tell my sister…

Far too old….


I woke up with a horrible stomachache. It almost felt like an ulcer–it could have been an ulcer from all my worrying and stress. I got a shower and got dressed, attempting to make breakfast. I wasn’t the best cook but I was able to make toast and scrambled eggs. I ate by myself since Calcifer seemed to still be asleep and I was afraid to bother Jacob. I knew he needed food though so once I was done, I crept over to the door and tapped at it. He mumbled something and I opened the door.

“G-good morning,” I said, looking at the window above him. “Are you h-hungry or n-need help with th-the bathroom?”

“Yes please, and yes please,” he answered without sounding the least bit upset.

I shuffled in and helped him out of bed, feeling very awkward touching his body. He peed and then I left him to do more, but after a few minutes he had me come back in. I got him back into bed and, after asking what he’d like to eat (“Anything, really”) I went to make him breakfast. In addition to the toast and eggs I also  cooked two slices of bacon. Calcifer came trotting into the room, sniffing anxiously so I threw more food into the mix for him. I divided the food and gave half to Calcifer then took the rest to Jacob.

Then I began slowly cleaning dishes while I waited. I kept looking out the window and checking the clock, wondering when my sister would show up. I had expected her to come in first thing in the morning but it wasn’t until ten when her car pulled up. My stomach flip-flopped and I felt as though I would throw up. Then ulcer-like pain gnawed at me.

I could practically hear her as she walked to the door. She opened it without knocking, and the pain worsened as soon as I saw her. She had a briefcase with her which I assumed was full of the vampire tranquilizers. She pushed up her glasses and looked at me. I went over, trying to look the right kind of upset. She raised an eyebrow and her mouth went into a tight line.

“H-Hello, S-Sister,” I stammered.

“What happened?” she asked tersely.

I winced. Hiding anything from her was next to impossible. “The v-v-v-vampire–” I started and I saw the flash in her eyes. I gulped and was nearly unable to continue, but as she was silent I needed to keep speaking. “Sh… she escaped.” These words were barely above a squeaky whisper.

“Escaped,” my sister echoed, her voice flat and emotionless.

I nodded, my movements jerky. “Y-yes. L-last night sh-she got out.” I rubbed the back of my head and looked hard at the ground. Don’t look guilty, don’t look guilty, don’t look guilty.

“How did she escape?” I chanced a look up. She was looking towards the bathroom. “Um–” I started but she then interrupted. “Did she unlock the door? Or did someone unlock the door for her? Unless you fixed the door so quickly, which I doubt, I do not think she bust down the door. So either she got the door open on her own–which was locked, yes? Or someone unlocked the door for her. Now who would do that?”

Don’t look guilty. “I th-think she g-g-g-got it unlocked–“

“Because Jacob is an invalid at the moment, so it must have been the boy.” Her fingers moved along her jaw and up to her glasses, adjusting them once more as she focused her attention on the bedroom doors. “Was it the boy?”

“I th-think another v-vampire came in the m-middle of the night and g-got her,” I said, glad I could be at least partially truthful.

Now she was looking at the front door. “Do you not lock the door at night?”


“I know you always lock your door. So if another vampire got in, how did he or she get in? Unless the door was unlocked? Or… unlocked by someone? Like the bathroom door?”


“Vampires easily control weak humans,” she then said, her eyes on me. I whimpered and stepped back. “It is logical the vampire did something to the boy. I need to see him.”


“If he released a starving vampire, then he will be injured.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “He’s f-fine, he’s n-n-not injured at all. Oh, and um d-d-don’t forget to check up on Jacob, t-to make sure he’s d-doing okay, I think he–“

“I want to see the boy,” she said. I cowered back and then nodded. There was no convincing her, so she had to see him. I hoped Calcifer wouldn’t say anything about what really happened. I went over and knocked at his door. When he opened the door I said, “M-my sister w-wants to see you, sh-she wants to m-make sure the escaped v-vampire didn’t injure you.”

Calcifer looked at me then past me. “What’s she doing here?” he demanded.

“T-to g-get the vampire, th-the one that escaped,” I said but my sister was right there beside me and grabbing Calcifer’s arm. I was worried she’d look at his wrist but she was inspecting his neck. Calcifer made loud noises of protests and started flailing.

“LET GO OF ME YOU CRAZY WITCH!” he shrieked. One hand hit her shoulder and she lashed out, grabbing his wrist and twisting slightly. I bit down on my bottom lip hard, terrified she would hurt him. But she was now looking at his wrist. The bite mark was still there. She then released him and faced me.

“He’s been bitten,” she said.

“Maybe I did it myself, ya ever think of that?!” Calcifer growled.

My sister narrowed her eyes. “You bit your own wrist?”


After several seconds of her just staring at him, she turned once again towards me. I could read the look on her face, even though I knew to others she would look stony. The look told me she had no idea how Calcifer had survived all this time. I would have to thank Calcifer later for at least trying to help me. Even if it was trying to convince someone he bit his own wrist. I gave a small smile at Jay, hoping she would just get tired of this and drop the subject. Of course, she didn’t.

“Do you want to tell me exactly what happened, Brother?” Her arms were folded and her eyes were so focused on me I was ready to just tell her every single thing–including the kiss, which would be disastrous.

I sucked in some air. “I t-t-t-told you. The v-vampire escaped. The d-doors were open. Another v-vampire must have come in and g-gotten her in the m-middle of the night. V-vampires have powers, perhaps unl-locking doors is… w-within the realm of their p-possibilities.” I was wringing my hands and getting sweaty. It was no use. She was already deducing the truth.

“Do you mind?” she snipped at Calcifer. “I am trying to have a discussion with my brother. I suggest you return to your room.”

“You can’t tell me what to do!” he snarled.

“C-Calcifer, p-please?” I asked and he scowled and whipped around, the door slamming shut. I took a few shaky steps towards the couch and her eyes followed me.


“I l-let her go.” I kept my back to her, shoulders forward as I mentally prepared myself for the storm. She would never lift a finger against me, but she knew exactly how to insert a mental knife and twist. No amount of preparing would fully help, but I would do my best not to break down. I waited breathlessly for her reply and when it didn’t come for a long time, I knew it was going to be worse than I thought.


Just one word. I was in for it. “I d-d-d-don’t l-like the idea of… k-keeping a v-v-vampire–or anyone–l-like that. S-st-starving her, and experimenting on h-her… it’s t-torture. Y-you’re n-not even g-g-g-giving her a choice. Jacob had a ch-choice, as did all our—all our t-test subjects.” I wasn’t a hundred percent sure this was true but I had no way to be completely positive.

“You…” She was struggling a bit with the words which just made it all the worse. “You let her go. You–you betrayed me.”

The sound that came out of my mouth was a whimpering squeak. “I… d-d-d-didn’t betray you,” I whispered, grasping for the strength to continue talking. “I j-just… didn’t… l-like the idea of you d-doing such a thing to a person. Sh-she may be a vampire, b-but she’s still a p-person. Just l-like me.” I wanted to remind her that she wouldn’t want anyone starving and then experimenting on me, but that would be a step too far.

“You betrayed me.” Her voice was closer now, only a foot or two away. I felt like crying. “You–you had me leave with the intention of releasing her while I was gone. You purposely deceived me. I trusted you, as I have always trusted you, and you broke that trust on purpose!”


I finally turned to face her and stumbled back at what I saw in her face. “All our lives we have supported one another! You have never done anything like this before. And now you have…” She stopped and pushed her glasses up swiftly. “You’ve stabbed me in the back. You abandoned me, and then stabbed me in the back.”


“Anything else?” It was like a pair of scissors cutting together very sharply. “Is there something else you wish to tell me?”

“I’m s-sorry,” I whimpered. The tears were in my eyes at this point and my breath was catching in my throat. “It’s n-not what I m-meant. Please underst-stand my s-side of the s-situation…”

“Your side? YOUR side? And what side is this, exactly? The side where you just leave me, abandon me after fifty years of taking care of one another? The side where I ask you to do something and you lie to me and deceive me, turning around the moment I leave to do exactly opposite what you pretended to mean? How is that acceptable? How would you feel if I did this to you?” Suddenly she was at my bedroom door, pointing. “You asked me to help him, and I did. I should have said yes and just never show up. How would you feel, hmm? How would that have made you feel? Betrayed? Yes?”

The tears were flowing freely now. I was swaying, trying not to fall to the floor. “P-please–“

“No. No. I will not ‘please’ or anything! I am–I have–you just–I should just not have ever come here, to help him. Obviously promises and trust means NOTHING to you anymore, not since you left me. You have changed, Brother. I knew this would happen. And it has happened. I’ve–I’ve lost you.”


“Yes. There is no point in me even being here, now.” She stormed over to where her briefcase fell and she snatched it up. It swung violently, smacking into her leg. I lurched towards her and she strode over to the door. “Give me one reason to come back. Because right now, I see none.”

I was sobbing now. I reached out and one finger brushed against her arm and she jerked away, opening the door and stepping outside into the sunlight. “I l-l-love you–“

“You have an interesting way of showing it.” I could barely see her through the tears. “After what you’ve done to me, you then claim to love me.” She said the ‘l’ word as if it were venomous. She rarely ever said it. I had said it several times to her over our lives, while she used the word very sparingly. The last time she had said it was a little over fourteen years ago, when we realized out male pregnancy experiment was a success. We were both so overjoyed and ecstatic.

Now the pendulum had swung to the other side. “I d-d-d-didn’t mean to h-hurt you,” I said hoarsely. I couldn’t deny things had been difficult since I had started living on my own. Despite her anger at me, and my desire to be my own man, I always knew things would be OK with us. Now–now I was terrified this would be the… final straw… I had never seen her so entirely angry at me.

“Whether you meant it or not is not the point. We do many things that are unintentional. But you, you did this with every intention. You planned this when you suggested I leave. Say what you like, Brother. I am done.”

She walked completely outside. I tried to follow but the tears were blinding me. I grabbed the door and watched her blurry figure go towards the car. “P-please–I’m sorry…” My voice was faint but I knew it reached her. She did not answer. I went forward, stumbling quite a bit. “Please!”

The car door slammed and I heard the car starting up. I rubbed my eyes under my glasses and saw her at the steering wheel. She looked blank, her hands gripping the wheel. I went forward some more, but she backed out to the road and was off. I stood still in the yard, staring at the road. Her car turned, and she was gone.

I had seen her drive away from me multiple times but this was different, it felt so different. I felt so empty. As if she had taken all my insides and took it with her as she drove off. I wanted to collapse, but managed to get back into the house. My head throbbed and I just couldn’t… I couldn’t. I fell into the house and made my way first towards my room, then I remembered last minute Jacob was in there. I put one foot in front of the other, trying not to hit the ground as I went towards Jacob’s room.

I got inside, and as soon as I touched the bed, I broke down.

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The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Eleven

*Jacob’s POV*

It had all happened so fast. I woke up hungry and decided to get food, then found my young son in the living room with a naked girl. Then this other vampire comes bursting in. And then he grabs Kay and kisses him. Not just a peck on the cheek, not just a light kiss. No, it was a big, deep, passionate kiss one might imagine newlyweds to give each other.

I stared up with as much shock as I felt when I had seen the naked girl. The vampire had tight hold of Kay’s face, looking like he might just swallow him whole. Then after what felt like ages, the vampire let go. Kay’s face was brilliantly red, and the vampire looked at me. My heart leaped into my throat as his eyes met mine. He was looking very possessive as he slowly slid his fingers off of Kay’s face, in a way that did not seem right.

I squirmed a bit and clenched my jaw. The look the vampire had was really making me angry. Like he owned Kay and had every right to–to kiss him. Kay was falling back, hands over his mouth, face going from bright red to dark purple. There was a muffled squeaking sound, but the vampire did not even look at him, he kept staring at me with that look.

“Maybe I’ll see you again soon,” he said, flicking his glowy eyes towards Kay who had stumbled clear back to the wall. The vampire laughed and pushed back some of his hair. “Looks like we’ve caused enough mischief here, Dae. We should get home.” He was facing me again, eyes slowly going up and down my body. Then he looked at Kay again. “See ya, Kay,” he said very casually. “Maybe we can have some more, ah… fun.”

Then he was gone, with the girl in tow. The door remained wide open, letting in the cool night air. A light breeze hit me and goosebumps rose up, but I was too pissed off to really notice. Fun? What did he mean by that! It was obvious Kay didn’t–and he was–and he just–and–what was that all about anyway?! Especially that stupid possessive look?

A door slammed and I jerked, seeing the door to my room shut. Kay was no where to be seen. I started to get up but then slumped down. It hurt to move and I didn’t really feel like it anyway. I felt drained. And confused. Confused why it made me so mad… well, I knew why it made me mad. That possessive look made me mad. That’s what it is.

“D… Dad…” I dug my nails into the couch cushions as Cal came around to sit next to me. “Dad, I–I wasn’t going to do anything. She just knew that I was–that I didn’t–and wanted–and Penny–and… are you okay?”

“Yes,” I whispered hoarsely.

“Dad, I wasn’t gonna have sex with her or any–“

“Just go to your room.” I rubbed my temples, feeling ill.



I was barely aware of him getting up and leaving, barely aware of the door shutting. My mind was too busy wondering if Kay was all right, and why I had reacted so strongly to that kiss. The possessiveness, that’s really it. But was that really it? That in itself shouldn’t make me feel so… so…jeal… No, not jealous. Just annoyed someone took advantage of Kay.

Another cold breeze helped me remember the door was still open. I shivered and pushed myself to my feet, trying to ignore the pain. I staggered over and shut the door, locking it. At that point I didn’t think I could get back to Kay’s bedroom. Not by myself. I did not want to bother either him or my son, so I just slowly inched back to the couch and lay down, using the pillow and quilt Cal had been using.

I buried my head into the pillow to shut out the light. I no longer felt hungry. My stomach was all twisted up anyway so I figured if I ate I would just throw up. So all I could do was try to ignore the confusion, and try to get back to sleep. But I could not get that image out of my head, of the two of them kissing.


In the morning I was in too much pain to move. Sleeping on the couch was not a good thing for my body right now. I just stayed still, staring at the ceiling as waves of pain came and went. I didn’t know what time it was but it was just barely light outside and the house was silent. I was starving by this point but I remained silent, not wanting to disturb my son or–or Kay.

Okay, I thought then finally began sliding off the couch. I sucked in some air to brace myself against the pain but I still let out a small yelp when I put weight on my feet. I pushed myself into a standing position and it felt like a hundred hands yanking at my innards around my lower stomach. Sharp feelings dug at my body and it was all I could do to continue standing.

Just as I thought I might lay back down, my stomach growled loudly; it felt like I might throw up, and my stomach just ached from hunger. I squinted at the dining room. It was only a few steps… and then from there to the kitchen. It was simple, I could do this.

I took one step, and wanted to collapse. I took another step, and wanted to die. I plodded forward, trying to ignore the dizziness, nausea, and sweat. I barely got to the doorway into the dining room when I just couldn’t move anymore. I clung to the archway and gasped for air. I saw spots before my eyes and then everything went completely black.


“Dad? Dad? Dad, wake up.” Cal shook me gently, at least I assume he was trying to be gentle. It felt like I was being dashed against rocks or something. “Dad, are you okay?”

I looked up at him and frowned. “I think. What time is it?”

“Just after nine,” he said, crouching next to me. “How long were you here on the floor?”

“A couple hours,” I mumbled, trying to sit up. Uuuugh. “Did you sleep okay?”

“DAD! You’re collapsed on the floor!”

“Is that a no?”

Dad! WATCHER you’re so damn stubborn. Come on, let me help you to at least the couch. Or do you want in Kay’s room?” Cal put my arm over his shoulder and he began grunting as he pulled me up off the ground. I was rather glad I weighed so little, otherwise he would have had more difficulty. Once I was deposited on the couch, he went to get me food.

I looked at my bedroom door which was still shut. I assumed Kay hadn’t come out yet (why could I only think of that kiss now?) because I figured he’d never just leave me on the floor. Then I smiled when Cal brought me some slightly burnt toast. “Thanks,” I said as I took a bite. My stomach growled as soon as it had food in it and I devoured the bread quickly.

“I didn’t sleep well at all,” he said as I finished off the last bite. “I kept thinking of the vampires.” Then he went bright red as I knew my mouth tightened into a line. “Not like–you know, the naked… girl… body… But the other thing that happened, that–that man. D’you think Kay is gay?”

“Where did that question come from?” I asked, eying my empty plate longingly.

“Vampires can read minds. The girl can, at least. I figure the guy can. Maybe Kay–maybe he picked up something about Kay. Y’think he did?”

“Does it matter? Could you get me some more toast, please?”

He stood up, taking my plate. “I guess it doesn’t. I just never knew a…. you know… gay person before.”

“Well considering how freaked out Kay seemed after the kiss, I don’t think he wanted it,” I said, trying to keep my voice down so the man in question wouldn’t hear us discussing him. Except, that possessive look, like that vampire owned him and had every right to be kissing him. I shuddered and tried to get it out of my head but it wouldn’t go away.

“I think they’re weird–the vampires, I mean. I mean, she just stripped off on her own. I never said anything.” He went quiet, probably waiting for me to say something but I didn’t. “I didn’t know many girls–er, I mean, I knew girls, I just didn’t have any girl friends. Uh, not girlfriends but girl-space-friends. Friends. I knew a couple but–not really. Penny’s the only one I know. Really.”

Cal came back in and handed me a toast-filled plate. I gladly ate and when I was done, I thanked him. He shrugged and then jerked his thumb at my bedroom door. “Think he’s okay?”

“Probably just in shockCould you help me to his room? And to the bathroom?”

“The bathroom?” Cal looked horrified. “Dad, I don’t like that. It’s gross.”

“I can do it on my own, I just need you to walk me to the toilet then you can wait in the other room,” I said, though I had my doubts. Cal helped me up and took me into Kay’s bathroom. I eased myself down on the toilet and while Cal waited in the other room, I tried to go but had some trouble. Plus sitting on the toilet like that was painful. Finally I called for Cal and he helped me into bed.

“Do you need anything else?” he mumbled and I shook my head. “Okay. I’ll, uh, be in my room.”

Cal scampered out of the room and I stretched out, moaning more to moan than the fact things were hurting. I faded in and out of consciousness, waking up a couple times enough to want to call for Cal to help me but I never did. I knew he hated helping me go to the bathroom. The third time I needed to, I got up myself and of course ended up on the floor.

I was on the floor for quite some time until I heard movement outside my door. “Hey–I need a bit of help,” I said in an ashamed voice.

The door opened and in came Kay, at first a frown on his face and then he looked completely worried for a second, then angry. “Jacob!” He came over quickly and knelt down, taking my arms to begin to help me up. “Y-y-y-y-you need to stop doing th-this! You can’t j-just… get out of b-bed! The m-more you fall, the w-worse you’ll be.”

“Sorry.” I was upright now, leaning against him. “I needed to try to use the bathroom again, and didn’t want to bother–“

“Well, you have t-t-to bother!” he snapped, looking very cross in a manner I never saw in him before. It took me by surprised and I felt exceedingly guilty. “Jacob. L-listen to me. You have to stop d-doing these things. You can NOT just–just walk around r-right now!” He was guiding me towards my bed then stopped and started guiding me towards the bathroom, realizing what I had said. “I know you d-don’t like calling for us, but you have to. You’ve f-fallen how many times now? You’ll j-just injure yourself more.”

I was lowered onto the toilet and just looked up at him. He backed away a bit, and then moved towards the door. “I’m really sorry, Kay. I’ll stop–walking around.” The door shut and I sighed, pulling my undies down a bit to try yet again to go. I finally gave up and was going to try to get up then remembered the promise I made just five minutes ago. I called for Kay and he came in, helping me up.

Once I was settled on my bed, I wondered how on earth I was going to convince Cal to help me get a bath. I would need one very soon. I thought about this as I watched Kay leave the room. I wanted to ask to make sure he was all right–because of that kiss and that stupid possessive look–but I didn’t say anything. It wasn’t my place. Obviously he disliked it, and it had only been a few hours (just over twelve) so it’d be better not to bring it up yet. Not that I would anyway.


“NO! No, uh-uh, absolutely not!” Cal snarled. “I am NOT going to–to–strip my father down and bathe him!”

“You won’t need to completely!” I protested. “Just, fill the tub and help me down in it and I could wash myself.”

“Dad. I don’t want to see your dick.”

My face went very red. “Then just help me into the tub and leave a pair of boxers or–or just forget it, I’ll do it myself. Sorry.”

“You can’t by yourself!” he complained. “Ask Kay.”

“Do you have any idea how awkward it is to ask him to help me with stuff like this?”

“Dad! I’m your son! Do you have any idea how awkward it is to ask me to help?” His voice had a whining tone to it. Much different from how he was just half a day earlier when he was freaking out about being caught with a naked girl.

I just didn’t have the energy to fight him. “All right,” I said. “Go and–talk to Penny or something.”

“Can’t. She’s a doll.”

My head jerked up and I stared at him. Was my son finally–at the age of fourteen–realizing his toy was just a toy? He was kicking at the ground, face visibly upset. Maybe seeing the, uh, naked girl had made him realize he was a healthy teenaged boy and now he wanted to meet real girls? “Well,” I began with the intention of telling him it was a good thing, but he sucked in a lot of air and let out loudly, “She’s sulking! I don’t know why but she is, and she’s refusing to come out of her toy form! Her little doll form! I don’t know why! But I want–I tried to tell her–but she–and I don’t know why!” His hands were fists and the familiar scowl was on his face. “She’s just ignoring me! She’s never sulked this much!”

So much for his sanity. I just shrugged and said, “I’m sure things will be all right.”

“Yeah right Dad, you don’t even believe me!” With that, he stomped out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him.

Lovely. I lay back and before I could think about how to get cleaned off, Kay came in. “Is everyth-thing okay?” he asked, a slight tip of his head to indicate my son.

“He’s just mad that I asked him to help–” I stopped and then shook my head. “No, that’s not what I meant. He’s just… moody right now. It’s unfair of me to ask him to help me with so much… awkward stuff.” I couldn’t even imagine helping my own father with anything like this. It made my stomach twist in illness just even thinking about it. No wonder Cal was so annoyed.

“D-do you need to go to the bathroom again?” he inquired.

“No.” I didn’t want to ask him at all but what choice did I have? I was starting to stink. “I need a–a bath… Just put the water in the tub and help me in, that’s all really.”

Kay was beginning to go very red. And very fast. “Ah–ahh–uhhh–a b-b-b-bath?” he squeaked. His eyes darted to the bathroom door then down at his shoes. “I d-d-don’t know if it’d b-be a good idea t-to submerge your b-body.” He moved to the balls of his feet and began tugging at his sleeves. “I don’t know. W-we could ask m-my sister, she sh-should be back tomorrow b-b-but she’ll be… not in a good mood.”

I didn’t want to complain to him, not with everything going on. Between the vampires and the fact his sister would be angry, and the fact he had been–attacked–by that guy vampire… I decided not to say anything. I also decided not to try and get a bath myself. I would just be stinky for another day, which was fine–right? Though I tried to imagine asking Jay to help me, especially after she got the news of the vampire being gone.

I let a small sigh pass my lips. “You’ll just ask her if I can, right? She won’t be… helping me?”

“N-no. I mean yes. I mean…” He flushed more. “Sh-she won’t help. I c-c-c-can help. If–if you w-want I could–maybe–a sponge bath m-might help?”

“No, I’m fine.” I noticed the look on his face so I held up my hands. “Kay you’ve been through a lot since the vampire got here. You should rest. I’m fine with waiting a day or two, okay?”

“I w-want you to be comfortable,” he said in reply.

I wondered of arguing with him would do any good. Considering how annoyed at me he had gotten earlier, I relented. Kay shuffled out of the room and soon returned with a basin. He went into the bathroom and I heard the sink going. He came back out with a bath sponge in one hand and the basin full of water in the other. He set the basin on the floor.

I pushed myself into a sitting position and squinted at him, “I can wash myself, Kay. You don’t need to do this.” He didn’t look at me as he dipped the sponge in the water. I reached down and leaning forward made the pain come. But I held onto his wrist. “I can clean myself, I just might need a bit of help with my back. Okay?”


I picked up the sponge and dropped it almost right away. It landed on the floor, squishing into the carpet and splashing a bit. Kay picked the sponge off and examined it for a second before handing it back to me. I held onto it and reached down. I managed to rub part of my arm before it dropped again. Kay picked it back up.

“You’re n-not feeling well,” he stated simply. “And w-with all the falling y-you’ve done, no wonder y-y-you’re a bit weak.” He then put the sponge against my shoulder and began wiping.

“Kay, you–” But I only got two words out because it was just completely useless arguing. He was scrubbing gently, but intently. I can’t even hold a stupid sponge. I looked down at my hands and noticed for the first time that they were shaking. I kept my arms out though as he was scrubbing down towards my wrist. My hands soon became very noticeably shaky at that point so he took hold of my hand to steady and support it. The warm water felt good on my skin and once my hands could drop, I began relaxing more.

I felt his hand against my chest and he was leaning over me to scrub my back. “Wouldn’t be it better if I–I moved or something?”

“N-no, it’s fine.” He was bent over my shoulder, the sponge rubbing along my spine. He was very close near my face and I could smell a faint scent of shaving cream and something a bit woodsy. I shivered a bit and felt dizzy, which drove home the fact I was not at all well. He’s right, all that falling I did. I would have to be a lot more careful, in order to get better. In fact–my heart was racing a bit. Though why would that be because of my falling? Too much exertion? I wasn’t doing anything taxing except sitting up… The only other explanation was…

I tilted my head slightly. Kay was still bending over me as he scrubbed lower on my back. His hand was against my shouldert to keep me still. I could see the edges of his ears were red which I took to mean he was upset at having to do menial work, despite his volunteering. Kay was the only other part in this… scenario.

Maybe… was it possible that… my dizziness and faster heartbeat… could be because of him?

“Y-you all right?” Kay pulled back and was avoiding my face.

“Yeah,” I whispered, my voice catching in my throat. I suddenly felt awkward and uncomfortable. “Um, that’s good for now. I can do the r-rest.”

“Don’t b-be silly. M-maybe in a c-couple days you can have a p-proper bath, I’ll ask my sister. But I know it feels awful n-not being c-clean. P-personally, I feel all g-gross if I d-don’t get a shower once a day.” He gave me a smile and it was my turn to avoid his face. I felt even more awkward, and then it only got worse as he knelt in front of me.


He was scrubbing my legs now. My thighs. My–thighs. The shakiness came back and I felt even more dizzy than before. I also felt like I couldn’t breathe. This was–this wasn’t–I couldn’t. As he rubbed the sponge along my thighs I had a very, very, very strong feeling that I had not had in a long time. I pressed my fingers into the bed, praying that he wouldn’t–realize anything.

This is not right. That possessive look the vampire had. The kiss. And now he was–right in–and doing–this. “K-Kay, it’s fine. You shouldn’t be doing this.” I grabbed his arms and weakly pushed.

“Jacob, st-stop it,” he protested. “I’m almost d-done. Stop it!” he said again when I gave another weak push.

“You’ve been through too much!”

“Wh-what does that even mean? N-now stop being so silly. You need to b-be cleaned. I’m s-s-sorry I didn’t th-think of it yesterday, b-but with all that was going on–“

Please!” That got his attention. He stared into my face and I knew I was red. “I just want to go to sleep. I–I’m tired.”

He drew away from me and then put the sponge in the basin. “Okay. I’m s-sorry.”

“No, um, it’s fine. I appreciate your help. I’m just really tired.”

He nodded as he stood up, clutching the basin. “Then y-y-you need to sleep,” he said with a small smile. “If you need anything else, th-though, please l-let me know?”

“Yes, I will. Thank you.”

He left me, and I curled up in bed, feeling as though I was on some sort of roller coaster. The dizziness was still strong and my heart was beating just as fast. And I was aroused. A lot. I was (still was) so hard–had he noticed? I really hoped he hadn’t.

That look, that kiss. Watcher… it was jealousy I had felt over the event. I had been jealous. Either this was all some sort of strange reaction to lack of sexual activity for–what, twenty-five years? Or… I… really… might… like Kay? Was that really what was going on? Was I–gay?