The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Twenty-Six

Author’s Note:

Please don’t forget to check out TheUsernameFound’s chapter! It’s Kiev’s side of the story! A big thanks to her and loads of high fives for the fun of the collab!


“House of Doctor Jay’s brother?”

I stared at the man then down at the sobbing baby, then back up at the man. His eyes were literally the same color of Cal’s eyes. My son. My son who’s other parent was some male scientist working for Jay. “Ah… uh… y-yes.” I was really thrown for a loop. No no no, a voice in the back of my head said. Those eyes though, said another voice. “You’re the assistant,” I gulped.


“I was told to deliver this to brother of Doctor Jay,” he said, his voice thick with a Russian accent. “You him?”

“No,” I said. “I’m his boyfriend.”

“Oh.” He gave me a quick once-over, looking a bit suspicious. “She told me to give to her brother. Is he in?”

I opened my mouth to answer but before I could, Kay was right behind me. “You’re th-the assistant?” he demanded heatedly.

“I am…” The assistant gave him a rather strange look.


“Well… uh, come in,” I said, edging Kay back, not wanting him to cause a big scene. I understood his anger… but with the baby right there…

“Yes. C-come in.” Kay’s voice was dark and scary. He stepped back, arms folded as he gave the assistant (Cal’s eyes…) a threatening look.

The assistant came into the house slowly. “Uh, thank you. I should not stay long…” I turned my attention to the baby as he began crying louder. “Er, I think the baby is hungry.”

“Uh, here…” I offered out my arms, trying to push away the whispery voice in my head. The eye color is coincidental, it’s not the same. I’ll look up and the color will be a bit different, not identical. I met his eyes and no. There they were. Calcifer’s eyes. At least, the eye color. I began inspecting him, trying to be all casual about it, looking for any other resemblance between him and… my son.


The baby was placed in my arms and immediately I felt all warm and bubbly inside. A baby! In my arms! But then the Russian man spoke and I was looking back at his eyes, those damn eyes. “And your name?”

“Jacob–” I started but then Kay cut me off, apparently deciding to do the whole protective-brother thing now that the baby wasn’t in the man’s arms anymore.

“C-c-c-come on then.” Kay raised his fists, bracing himself to–oh WATCHER was he really going to try to fistfight with this giant Russian?!

“Kay!” I hissed. I did NOT want my boyfriend beaten to a pulp! “Kay–“

“Oh! The pup’s here!” Cal came into the room, carrying a large package of diapers.

“Um—have a seat, Mr…. err… uh, Mr….?” I looked at the Russian, avoiding those eyes now. I could not look at his eyes again. It gave me such a weird feeling in my spine.


He gave a quick glance towards Kay as he said, “Antonov. Kiev Antonov. I’d rather stand.”

The baby was still wailing in my arms and I gave him a gentle jiggle. “Has he had anything to eat?” I inquired, since his diaper certainly wasn’t wet or anything. Mr. Antonov opened his mouth but Cal spoke first.

“He came from the bitch, probably not,” Cal snorted without hesitation. Then he flinched as I shot him a glower. “Er–the uh… Doctor. I mean. Doctor.” He muttered something under his breath, and then suddenly I realized just why he’s been calling the baby ‘pup’.


“I could get him a bottle, Mr. Danevbie.” Penny had come out of the bedroom, looking rather lovingly at the baby.

“Oh crap, we’ve not got any formula,” I said. “We weren’t expecting the baby till the end of the month,” I explained to Mr. Antonov’s chest.


“Wh-what?” Mr. Antonov’s surprised stammer was barely audible over Kay who was moving in front of him.

“Stop ignoring m-me. I’m g-g-going to defend her honor.”

“I’ll go and get some formula,” Penny offered. “What do I need to get?”

“Kay, um, hun, calm down,” I mumbled, jiggling the baby a bit more as his wailing got louder. “Penny, I’m not–“


“I will n-n-n-not calm down!” Kay drew in a deep breath, facing Mr. Antonov. “I will d-defend my sister’s honor. I’ve b-b-b-b-been preparing for this since I f-found out you were sh-showing up.”

“That was ten minutes ago,” I pointed out.



“So you’re the lab assistant?” Cal asked, giving Antonov a curious look. “I’ve been wondering what you were like. Didn’t expect… someone like you. Hmm. You look a bit familiar… have we, uh, met?”

“No. I don’t think we have.” Antonov was looking at the baby in my arms now.

“I’m sorry, but if you don’t mind me asking–have you been an assistant for a long time?” I blurted without really meaning to. He looked young but hell, Jay, Kay and I certainly didn’t look our ages and if he was Jay’s.. uh, lover then she may very well have given him–NO! He was NOT Cal’s father!!! Although that would make the baby in my arms Cal’s half-brother. I glanced down at the scrunched up, miserable face and began jiggling him some more. “Um, Cal could you and Penny go get formula… Newborn formula. Um, run to the baby store and ask someone for some advice I’m sure they’ll know–“


“Hang on, I know where I’ve seen you,” Cal said and then I began to feel prickling all over and not just my spine. I had told him about his other parent. It wasn’t too long ago, I had decided to tell him his other parent was male. Mostly because I didn’t want it to be too much of a shock if and when Kay and I… well, no, that was just… silly. But we had talked, and he hadn’t been too happy about finding out he was born of two guys. In fact the exact words he had used were ‘lovely, I really am a little science experiment monster’.

“Where?” I made the mistake of looking at his face again, and I swallowed. “I’ve been out of the country for the last six months and I haven’t seen you before.”

“N-no,” Kay said. “Come on, st-stop being a c-c-c-c-coward and fight me.”


“Kay, now really isn’t the time for fighting,” I said, putting the baby on my shoulder and jiggling more, wondering how hungry he was and hoping he could last however long it took for the kids to go and get formula. “Cal–Penny–I really need you to–“

“Your eyes!” Cal shrieked and I wanted to throw up. “They look–oh fuck.”

“Language,” I said a bit weakly.


“You‘re–you’re him aren’t you!” Cal squeaked, dropping the package of diapers and staring in disbelief. He sees it too. I felt even sicker. Okay, it wasn’t just my imagination. Cal saw the resemblance too. Well, the eye color. Could Mr. Kiev Antonov…? Oh man. Don’t say anything right now. It felt like complete chaos just swirling around like a tornado.

“Calcifer, we should go and get some food for the baby, I think he is very hungry,” Penny said softly, tugging at Cal’s sleeve.

“You’re my biological father, aren’t you?” Cal demanded.


What?!” Both Kay and Mr. Antonov shrieked at the same time. Kay nearly fell over, his face draining of color. Antonov didn’t look any less shocked. The baby started crying louder, his little fists shaking, his face scrunching up even more.

“You are, aren’t you?” Cal continued, leaning forward, his face hardening. “Those eyes–the color–they’re mine, they’re the same as mine, the exact same. Dad told me not long ago that my other parent was a guy, a scientist at Doctor Jay’s labs, and you’re young but like, so’s my dad and Kay and Doctor Jay and you’re her lover so she’s probably dumped that potion into you too!”

“CAL!” I shouted and everyone jumped. “Go to the baby store and get the food! NOW! Before this poor child goes any hungrier!”

“Oh… right.” Cal looked at Antonov again then back at me. “No! I won’t go. I mean–he’s–him. My other parent. Oh hell, I’m half Russian then. Oh! That makes the pup half-brother to me… Oh yuck that makes Jay sort of weirdly related to me, doesn’t it? My half-brother’s mother.”


“No.” Kay gasped. “Uh–n-n-n-no. No. No.”

“I’ll go,” Penny whispered and I handed her money, my hand shaking so much I nearly dropped it all. She slipped past the insanity, jogging in a hurry to bring back the formula. I was too dazed to even really think twice about sending Penny.

Antonov slowly moved to the couch and sank down, putting his head in his hands and groaning as his head shook back and forth. I shifted the baby to my other shoulder. “Are–are you all right?” I asked, feeling extremely strange. I mean, if he was Cal’s… er, donor… his… seed… was in… oh… Okay, I didn’t really want to think of that.


“Would you be?” he asked, looking at me.

I shuddered a bit. “I–I don’t know. What’s… wr-wrong?” I really wasn’t sure exactly what the issue was that was bothering him. I mean, if anything it should be me freaking out. It was difficult to stay calm but I had to. Especially since Kay was looking ready to hyperventilate for some reason. His chest was rising and falling heavily as his eyes kept darting between Cal and Antonov, sometimes me. Was he upset this was figured out or was it still the whole defending-Jay’s-honor thing?


“What’s wrong?” Antonov asked. “What’s wrong is that I am a father and didn’t even know until now.”

“So you ARE!” Cal screeched.

My knees felt shaky. Okay, so that was it, it was true, he really was Cal’s father. “You didn’t know?” I asked in a whisper. “Was it a confidential thing for you too? Oh… I hope this doesn’t… uh cause any difficulties with the contract now that… w-we know.” I looked at Kay but his face was dark purple now and I wondered when the last time he took a breath was. “L-love?”


“HE’S N-N-N-NOT CAL’S F-F-FATHER, I AM!” Kay screamed, whirling towards Antonov. “F-first you kn-knock my s-s-s-sister up and n-now this and I j-just–I won’t–I… oh….” Kay slowly turned his eyes towards me. I just stared back at him. What. Did. He. Just. Say? “Oh. I… Oh. Oh… hell. I–I–“

“You?” Cal asked, voice wavering a bit.

“I…” Kay trembled, stepping back. “I… I…”



All this time.




“It sure isn’t me. One unknown kid is enough.”

I barely even glanced at Antonov as he spoke. I just kept my eyes on Kay who looked ready to cry. “P-please… J-Jacob, I…” Kay twisted his hands together and a tear did slide down his cheek. “Say s-s-something.”

“You?” I finally managed. I looked at Cal who was obviously in complete shock then back at Kay and slowly, as if a picture were unfolding, I could see it. The skin tone. The shape of the head. Little things like that. All these months… and I never saw it. All these months and he never told me. He never told me. He sat there and told me the other donor was male but never hinted it was him.


I felt sick. I felt like fainting, and I might have if I didn’t have the baby squalling in my ear. Focus on something, breathe in, breathe out, focus. So I turned my entire body towards Antonov. “What do you mean, one unknown kid?”

“Jay never told me she was pregnant.” Antonov rubbed his temples, looking at us all. In any other situation I’m sure Cal would’ve said some snide remark, but he just cast a dark look towards Kay before running to his room and slamming the door shut… a habit I realized he could have literally inherited from Kay, who looked ready to do the exact same thing.

“Oh.” I moved the baby from my shoulder to my arms. “So… you… didn’t know.” I looked up from the baby to Mr. Antonov. “Oh–I–I’m sorry. I–I didn’t know you didn’t know. Then again, I suppose today’s just the day for finding out the Reddings tend to lie about their lineage.”


Oh Watcher did I just–oh no. I winced, regretting saying it right away. I hadn’t even meant to. It just sort of slipped out. I started to apologize, but it was too late. Kay was spinning on his heels and storming to the bedroom, slamming the door shut. Fuck. FUCK. “Kay–KAY!” I started to go after him then paused. “Um. I’m s-s-s-sorry uh–shit–here.” I put the baby in Antonov’s arms then ran into the bedroom, not even knocking.

“J-just leave m-me alone!” Kay snapped the second I was inside. “I know you w-w-want to! And I know I d-d-d-d-d–deserve it! So j-just go!” Tears were running down his face and his glasses were all askew.

I started to speak but then I heard Penny coming back. “Mr. Danevbie? Jacob?”


“Um–hold on just a second–Kay–” I leaned out of the bedroom. “Penny, good um–could you just–get the formula ready and–I’ll be there in a moment…” The tornado of chaos was fast becoming a hurricane.

“J-just go and t-t-t-take care of the b-b-baby!” Kay said, and disappeared into the bathroom, slamming that door shut.

Damnitall. “Penny, heat the formula up, there should be directions on one of the cans, put some on your wrist before as to make sure it’s not too hot for the baby–I’m really sorry–I’ll be there in a moment.”

“Where’s Calcifer?” she asked.

“In his room… there’s been a bit of a… err… confusion…” That was certainly putting it mildly.


Penny looked at Cal’s door in worry then down at the bag of baby formula. “I got him,” Antonov spoke up. “Go.”

Penny looked a bit relieved and handed him the bag before hurrying to Cal’s room. I felt relieved as well, and went back into the bedroom. I tried to go into the bathroom but the door wouldn’t budge. “Kay. Let me in.”


“Yes,” I said sternly. “I am sorry I said that, all right? I shouldn’t have. It was wrong. Completely wrong. Let me in, all right? Please. I really think right now is, of any time, the time to talk. And not through a door.”


There was some silence and then I heard him move away from the door. I was able to open it and go inside, shutting it behind me. Kay was near the far wall looking utterly wretched. “I’m s-s-s-s-sorry,” he breathed. “I’m sorry. I sh-should have t-t-told you…”

“Yes, you should have.” I tried not to fold my arms, tried not to look angrier than I already did. “How come you didn’t?”

“The c-c-contract… strictly stated you weren’t t-t-t-to know,” he sniffled. “It’s been broken c-c-completely now.”


I rubbed between my eyes then stepped closer to him. “What’s it matter, Kay? You and I are boyfriends now. Cal is… our son? That’s… something… that should have been said. A lot earlier than now. Were you ever planning on telling me?”

“Y-yes!” he protested, in more tears now. “I was g-g-going to. I just… I… I’m s-sorry. You must completely h-h-hate me now.”

“No… I don’t hate you Kay. I’m just upset. And hurt. Calcifer… is our son. Ours. Mine and yours. Completely. Biologically. It’s a lot to–to find out. Especially since I do love you. Completely.” I went over and stood by him, though not touching him. “So you’re… Cal’s other father. The donor.” It was really hard wrapping my head around this.


“Y-yes. I was… th-the donor for all of them.”

“All of them?” I remembered him saying everyone else had died and… all those babies.

“Y-yes…” Kay looked weary and sad.

I couldn’t help it. I gathered him into my arms, hugging tight. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. It must have been… so hard.”


“I–I tried not to… show… how I felt but… yes. It w-w-was very hard.” He rubbed his eyes under his glasses then pressed his face in my chest. “I should have t-t-t-told you, long ago. I’m s-so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I sighed. “I’m still upset but–it’s ok. I know now. And once Cal calms down, he’ll be fine with it. He loves you. He thinks you’re great. Course now that he knows you’re his dad that might change, and he might go all teenage angst on you.”

Kay snorted and gave a slight giggle. “Do you th-think he’d accept me as a p-parent?”

“He’s accepted you as his father’s boyfriend, hasn’t he?” I asked and Kay shrugged. “So… the contract is broken.”

“Y-yes. You were never s-s-supposed to know who the d-donor was. Is,” he corrected himself.


I pulled back a bit. “So what’s it mean? I mean… now that the contract was broken? I don’t remember what all was in there.”

“Just s-stuff like… you weren’t to kn-know about me. You c-c-couldn’t sue if anything h-happened… like w-with your problems you had.”

“So legally you guys didn’t need to help me?” I asked and Kay shook his head.


“Legally w-w-we had no obligation. Morally, th-though… that’s s-s-something else.”

“I’m grateful,” I laughed, calming down a bit from the complete shock. I was still quite shocked of course but was able to push it down because I hated to see Kay so upset. I didn’t even care anymore that he hadn’t told me. It was out of his sense of duty to his sister and the contract, and I had to respect and admire that… even if it was annoying and a bit hurtful. “And I just remembered all that trouble over ambrosia. Remember? I wanted something to extend my life. You guys never put it in, just–well, she never put it in and lied to be about it… but now it’s come true, you fulfilled it.”

Kay’s face brightened a bit. “Yes! Ha, I s-s-suppose we did. I d-didn’t think about that… I had forgotten.”


I ran my finger along his cheek. “I’m glad.”

“Me t-t-too.”

“And glad you’ve taken the potion too. So we can be together for longer.”

He blushed and looked down. “Me t-t-t-too. Though I am surprised you st-still want me.”

“I wouldn’t want anyone else,” I assured him. It was true. I really didn’t want anyone else. Ever. At all. I began to feel strange. Like time was almost standing still and a thought popped into my head. No… it wouldn’t be… it couldn’t. It was definitely not the right time. But I found myself saying, “W-wasn’t there something in there about you guys not having any errr, claim on him? Cal?”


“Oh th-that’s right… p-part of the contract was we c-c-couldn’t take Calcifer, he would be yours.”

“I see…” I felt a bubbly feeling inside of me. It might have been all the wild stuff happening today. Maybe it was just the sweeping tide feeling I was having. I wasn’t sure. But inexplicably I realized I wanted to. I wanted to so much. And looking into his face I thought… now… Was now a good time? I didn’t know. I hadn’t planned on this. I had thought about it, yes, but didn’t plan it at all. “So… that’s been broken too,” I said.

“I s-s-suppose. It’s all b-been broken,” he answered.

I felt my palms getting sweaty. My heart began racing. My stomach twisted itself up into knots. And I spoke. I couldn’t stop it. I literally could not stop the words from coming out of my mouth. “Good.”

“G–good?” Kay looked at me quizzically.


“Yes. Good.” I stepped a bit closer to him and took his hands. “Because I want him to be ours.” His eyes got a bit bigger and his pupils dilated. “Kay. I want to be with you. And only you. I love you. More than… I ever thought I could love anyone.”

“J-Jacob… I love you t-too. So much.”

My throat tightened and then my hands followed suit. “Kay… when I saw how much I had hurt you with my words, I felt horrible. I didn’t want to hurt you and never do. I never want to see you hurt. I want… I want… you… Kay. I want you. Always. If… if you’ll have me.”

His brow knit in confusion. “Jacob–wh-what? What are you s-saying?”


“I want us to spend our lives together. Please…” My hands clutched at his and I couldn’t see anything but him, his face. “Say yes.” Then I remembered the last time this was brought up–and I felt so stupid. Oh damn I was a freaking idiot. “It doesn’t have to be right away,” I quickly added. “It doesn’t have to be for years. But I can’t imagine being with anyone else. I don’t want to be. I–I know this is sudden and–probably not the best time with all the craziness going on but–“


“–I just love you so much Kay, you know I do, and I always will, and I–what?” I stopped, my breath catching.

“Y-yes,” he mumbled, quieter now.

“…. y-y-y-yes?”


His eyes locked onto mine. “Yes.”

“I-I-I-I-I know it’s s-s-s-sudden and soon but we can–it d-doesn’t have to be for years,” I found myself saying again.

“Wh-what if I want to sooner th-than years?” he asked softly.

“Last t-t-time I talked about this I thought you… you nearly…”

He kissed me firmly on the lips, cutting my words off. I closed my eyes, relishing the kiss and feeling empty-ish when we parted. “That was b-before,” he whispered. “A long time ago. B-before you told me you l-loved me. Before… before I r-r-realized I really couldn’t b-bear to be without you. I love you–s-so much.”

“And I love you.”


He smiled, and I smiled, and then we kissed again. We were in a bathroom, I just found out Kay was the father of my baby, a strange Russian man was sitting in the living room discovering he was the father of a baby, and now Kay and I were engaged.

Hell of a day. And it was still morning.

The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Twenty-Five

We got a big snowstorm halfway through January with school being cancelled and the power even went off for a while. The four of us huddled in the living room, wrapped up in blankets and tried to stay warm. We had sandwiches, chips, and juice for lunch and dinner; the power came on shortly after that, much to our relief, but it was still very cold and was going to take a while for the heat to really kick on. So Kay and I made a decision. We gave all the extra blankets to Cal and Penny, and then he and I shared his big bed. We were both dressed very warmly and covered, but I could tell he was a big uncomfortable about it.

“We don’t need to… sleep so close,” I offered.

Kay snuggled very close to me. “Th-that would d-d-defeat the p-point,” he said, shivering.


I put my arms tightly around him. “I’m sorry if I m… make you… uncomfortable sometimes.”

“N-no. It’s n-n-n-n-not… you, really. It’s m-me. I’m… n-not used to… d-dealing with… physical things.” He buried himself against me as much as possible. “I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine. I really don’t care how long it takes for you to get used to the idea of a physical relationship, as long as you stay with me.” I kissed the back of his neck and he gave a little happy sigh. We both fell asleep shortly after that, and in the morning it was so warm that it was only a minor regret to get out of bed.


January rolled on with a few snowstorms, another school cancellation, and me finally needing to make a decision of whether to stay part-time or go to full-time. I felt the urge to go full-time simply for the money and being able to provide more for my kid. Kids, now; Penny was my responsibility even if Kay had paid for almost everything she got after becoming real. That being said… Kay didn’t like taking my money and I wasn’t paying for much. A lot of what I got was discounted anyway, since I bought groceries and I worked at the store where I bought them from.


What do I do? I was walking home after my shift, since Kay was at work; he had offered to cut work early but I refused. I also refused the money he tried giving me for a taxi. I kicked at some slush, frowning in thought. I had some simoleons in the bank. Not a lot but more than I did back home. I had a part-time job back in Sunset Valley and we were doing a lot better now for less money thanks to no bills and stuff. But we also had Penny. My job at the store didn’t pay as much as the graveyard, but I had the highest paying part-time job at the graveyard and I didn’t at the grocery store.

I could get a small promotion and not go full-time, I thought, watching for the street to be clear so I could cross the intersection. Plus I rather liked being at home. Cooking. All that stuff. Sometimes even cleaning. Maybe that’s what I’ll do… By the time I got home I had made my decision. I’d remain working part-time, hoping that that would be enough income….



February soon started and I realized with a jolt that a big day was coming up. Valentine’s day, I thought with a gulp. The day for lovers… Was I supposed to make the plans? Was he making plans? Did he even care about this day? Maybe he was one of those types who thought it was just mass commercialism. I had to admit, after so many V-days of being alone I was a bit bitter and cynical about the holiday.

It might even be too late, I thought as I dialed the number for a little restaurant. I couldn’t afford to go super fancy but it was a nice place–I just hoped reservations still existed. I probably should take Cal and Penny… I don’t trust them home alone. At least, I didn’t trust my son. But we didn’t have anyone to look after them. I didn’t want to get a babysitter for my fourteen-almost-fifteen year old… but… I dunno.

There wasn’t any openings for the first, second, or third place I called but the fourth had a slot at eight-fifteen. For two. So, I guess Cal ad Penny would be on their own. I had to trust him. I did trust him–to an extent. But he was at an age of raging hormones… hell, I was at an age of raging hormones.


After the reservations I called in an order for flowers, and on Valentine’s day I picked them up along with some nice chocolates. I already had a card I had agonized over for days (too mushy? Not sentimental enough? Too simple? Too weird?) so I was… hopefully ready. I hoped he didn’t hate this holiday. I felt rather nervous when he came home.

“Hey,” I said and went over to him. “So. Um. Happy, uh, V-Valentine’s day.”

I presented him with the flowers which he happily took, and then the box of chocolates which he seemed very pleased at. “Th-thank you!” He smiled at me then blushed. “I–I g-g-got you some s-stuff too. And, um, s-some dinner… reservations.”

Blaaarkajak. “Oh?” I’d cancel mine without even telling him.


“Mhm. At s-seven-thirty. Il Piatto F-Felice.”

My eyes widened in surprise. That was one of the best (and subsequently most expensive) places in Twinbrook. “W-wow. Really? Th–really?”

“I h-h-h-hope you d-don’t mind? I c-can cancel!” He reddened again and looked rather awkward and cute. “I g-guess I should have… made sure it w-was okay. I… I… m-made them… a while ago…” He ducked his head and mumbled, “D-December…”

“I’d love to go,” I said, tipping his face back up so I could kiss him. “Thank you.”

I was gonna call and cancel the reservations that I made then thought better of it. When Cal and Penny got home, I took Cal aside and asked if he wanted the reservations to take Penny to dinner. His eyes got all big and a huge grin spread across his face. “Really? Seriously?! I can–we can–oh wow, Dad, thanks!” He hugged me tightly then quickly pulled away, hurrying into the other room to find Penny.


“I’d really enjoy going to dinner with you, Calcifer,” she said, eyes lighting up.

“Great! Er, you know, it’s uh, just cause… uh well, you know. We’re, uh, friends.” He poked the ground with a toe and began clearing his throat. “You know. Friends. And stuff.”

Smooth, Romeo, I thought, trying not to laugh. But Penny just kept smiling. “Thank you. What should I wear?”

“Um. I dunno. Uh.” He looked over to me and I shrugged. “I–uh–Dad’ll help you. Right Dad?”


Penny turned her gaze to me and I stiffened in fear. “Um–s-sure,” I swallowed. “Yeah. I’ll… help.” I had no clue what sort of fashion advice to give her, but I’d try. She and I went into her room and she began pulling out clothes. I sat on the edge of the bed, feeling completely out of water for this one. While she held up outfits she talked.

“The other kids at the school are nice although some of them tease me. I never did anything wrong but they think my hair looks kinda strange. But one teacher says that there are… um… rainbow people… berry people… who live in other places in the world who are completely colorful. She says she thinks someone in my… ancestral line might be one. What do you think?”

I jerked slightly, confused for a second or two. “Oh. Uh, yeah. That might be–possible.”

“Do I have an ancestral line?”


“Er, I–I don’t know. Kay told me that… the dolls… you used to be…” I stopped, not sure if I should tell her this. She was giving me such an innocent look that I was real conflicted about giving her news that might upset her. “I dunno. What sort of… uh… memories do you… have?”

“Not much, besides Calcifer… my… thoughts start with him.” She held up an outfit. “Do you like this?”

“Yeah. It’s–uh, great for tonight.”

“There is a dance at the school coming up. Like you see in movies and on TV.” Penny set the outfit down and was really quiet for a moment. “I think I want to go with Calcifer. But he hasn’t said anything. Do you think he will?”

Why me? “I–I don’t know. You could, uh, ask him.”


“Boys ask girls. That’s how it is on TV.”

“Kay and I are going out, and neither of us is a girl,” I reminded her.

Penny blinked, as if considering this, then she gave a laugh. “Do you think I should ask him?”

I pushed my hair back and shrugged one shoulder. “If you want to. If… you really rather him ask you, I could try and talk to him. When’s the dance?”

“Next month. It’s called a Spring Fling.” She picked up the outfit we had chosen for tonight and held it close to her body. “If you talk to him that would be very nice. Thank you Mr. Danevbie.”


How did I get mixed up in this? And not Kay? I gladly left her bedroom, deciding to talk to my son the next day. Not tonight. I wasn’t in the mood to–to discuss that right now. Besides, it was getting late and there were four people to get ready for dates tonight and only two bathrooms.


The dinner was amazing and Kay refused to let me see the menu, he just asked what I was in the mood for, told me some of the stuff off the menu, and I ordered it… not even knowing what the price was. I gave him his card and he blushed as he read it, then he gave me a card. “I d-didn’t g-get you much… mostly… th-the dinner…”

I assured him that the dinner was more than enough, and in fact it was absolutely delicious–as was dessert. When we got home, though, he presented me with some flowers and a teddy bear. He was obviously nervous about the stuffed animal until I reminded him I had gotten him one at the summer fair. He beamed, and calmed down. We were alone in the house since Cal and Penny were still out at dinner, so we wound up making out on the couch.


Our lips alternated from soft longing to firm hunger. My fingers kept clenching and unclenching against his shirt until finally I ventured under, pressing my fingertips against his bare skin. He paused in the kissing then looked away, blushing. I was about to ask if he wanted me to stop but he put a hand on my wrist to hold my hand there as he moved his body until he was straddling my lap. He slid his hand up my arm so both his hands were on my shoulders as he began kissing me again.


I closed my eyes, kissing back as I let my fingers run across his bare back then up his spine, enjoying the little shivers his body got from my touch. Kay put more weight on his knees so his face was above mine and I tilted my head back, opening his lips wider with mine so I could put my tongue in his mouth. He moaned a bit, shivering even more–then pulled away, dark red.

“S–sorry,” I said.

“N-no. It’s f-f-fine. I… I’m just…” He got off my lap and sat next to me, head bowed. “I–I need t-to–get a shower.”

“A… shower?” I tilt my head in confusion. “Um. Okay. Uh… I guess I’ll.. clean out the fridge. Or something.” I kept staring at him and he just got redder and redder as he stood up. “So, uh, why do you need a shower?”


“N…no?” I stood up and he backed away from me, looking quite panicked as he adjusted his glasses. “What’s going on?”


“N-nothing… I–I don’t… w-want to t-talk about it.”

I ran my fingers through my hair feeling rather frustrated by this. “Fine. Uh, go–shower.” I turned and started heading to the kitchen but felt his hand on my arm.

“Jacob… d-don’t… be m-m-mad…” His voice was hardly above a whisper.

“I’m not mad.” I put my hand over his and turned to kiss his forehead. “If you want a shower then… go ahead. We can um, maybe watch a movie after?”

“I… I… need… a sh-shower,” he mumbled.


“Okay.” I reaaallllly didn’t understand this but I wasn’t going to push him about it.

Kay shuffled a bit then let go of my arm. “J-Jacob… I can… t-tell you anything, r-right…?”

“Of course you can, Kay. Anything.”

“I… n-need a shower because… well… I… er… I…” He flicked his gaze downward. I waited, but he remained silent.

“If you don’t want to, then–“


“I feel–” he started very quickly, then he stopped. I just looked at him with all my patience, waiting for him to finish. “Jacob. I t-told you before I’m n-not–used to–ph-physical… things. Um. Wh… when I… feel… like it’s… t-too much I… I… I…”

I couldn’t help but look down wondering if he meant what I thought he meant and sure enough I could see he was… hard. Quite hard. I looked quickly back up to his face though he was staring intently at the wall. “A… cold shower?” I inquired. He nodded, squeaking slightly. I did my best not to smile. “I see.” I considered just letting him go without another word but… well, I wasn’t exactly… I was… well. I was horny. “If you want to go get a shower, you can.” I stepped closer and slid my crooked finger under his chin, forcing him to look at me. “Or I could help you with that.”

“Nnn… no!” He pulled away, his hand clamping over his mouth. “N-no, I c-can’t. I’m not allowed.”


“…not… allowed…?”

“I sh-sh-sh-should go-g-go get th-the shower.” He turned, taking several steps away. “Uh…” He turned back around, hands curled up against his chest. “H… how… exactly… w-would you… h-h-h-h…help…?”

I opened my mouth to answer but then the door opened and in came Cal and Penny, both of them giggling up a storm as Cal turned on the lights. Kay took off like a rabbit, darting into his room and slamming the door shut. Cal stopped then looked at me, one eyebrow raised. “Did we interrupt s–ya know what, never mind I don’t want to know. How was your dinner…?”

“Good. Um, yours?”


“Really wonderful, thank you Mr. Danevbie,” Penny said.

I looked at the door then back at them. “Glad to hear it. Um. Well. Have a good evening.” I ran into the bedroom just as Kay was opening the bathroom door. I shut the main door and went over to him, grabbing his waist and kissing him. “Want to finish the conversation?”

“J-Jacob!” he hissed out. “The kids–“


“Are going to be wrapped up in their own evening. Watching a movie or something. Kay, I think this is something we really need to talk about. If you want to. We don’t need to, er, do anything. But… I love you. And this…” I looked down at the lump in his pants. He began squirming, trying to get away from me. “…uh, shower thing… will need to be… handled eventually.”

“Th…that’s a do-double…”


He went redder, somehow. “Is th-that what you m-meant by…?”



“Ooh.” Awkward silence, of course. We just sort of looked at each other then he stepped back, putting a hand on the bathroom handle. “….”

I knew he said something, but I couldn’t make out even a syllable. He was brilliantly red and obviously waiting for a reply. “Er, what?” I asked, hoping he wouldn’t get annoyed at me not knowing what he said.


But instead he sucked in a large lungful of air and whispered marginally louder, “Okay.”

“O…kay… Oh. Oh.” Now I was red and had no idea what to do. “You–er–I mean–n… now…?”

“No!!” he gasped then shook his head. “N-no. N-not… not t-t-t-tonight. Maybe… t-t-t…t-t…tomorrow…” There was a faint glimmer of seduction in his eyes when our gazes met but it quickly was overtaken with shyness, and he mumbled something before disappearing into the bathroom.

I retreated to my bed and sat down, not sure whether to feel excited or shocked that something might be happening the next day.



Between the time the kids went to school and came back, nothing happened. We tried several times. We sat on the couch and kissed a couple times, we sat on his bed and kissed a couple times but nothing really happened. He didn’t seem… uncomfortable really, but I suspected he felt what I realized I felt–which was pressured. After our little talk the night before it just made things… unsexy. When I suggested we just play a board game or something he cheered up, and we both relaxed after that.

“I’m s-sorry about today,” he said later that night after we both had gotten ready for bed.

“Don’t worry about it… I don’t think it woulda been good to… try anything…” I gave him a smile. “I felt uneasy about the whole thing. We just need to… take things at our own pace. If something happens, it happens, if not… then that’s fine too.”


“I l-love you.”

“I love you too.”


The days started going by a bit fast as I worked on baby-proofing the house. I didn’t do much, as the baby was not going to be crawling around yet. I made a list, moved some stuff out of reach, went shopping for the items I’d need like latches for cabinets and the toilet, and plugs for the outlets. I put on the list for later baby gates as well as a fence to block off the washer and dryer. Not long after, Kay and I bought a high chair since we found a super cute one for sale at the baby store.

“A month away,” I said one evening in late February.


“I’m s-s-so nervous,” Kay mumbled, twisting his hands. “I’m…. n-n-not used to… babies. What if h-he hates me?”

“Darling, he’s a baby,” I said, suppressing a laugh. “A newborn baby. He’s not going to hate you. That doesn’t happen till Cal’s age.” I wrapped an arm around his waist and looked at the high chair. “You’ll do wonderful. I’ll be here to help.”

He spoke in a low mumble I couldn’t understand very well. ‘We’ll… b-b-be… r-r-raising a b-baby… t–together.”

I pressed my lips together, a slightly shiver in my spine at those words. I thought about making some sort of joke about us having a baby without consummating the relationship, but decided against it. It’d probably just freak him out. “We will,” I finally said, planting a kiss on the side of his head.

“What are w-we going to name him?” Kay looked up at me, his eyes huge with worry. “I d-don’t know… I’m no good at f-figuring out names.”


“We’ll find one perfect for him. We can think about it the next couple weeks or maybe just wait till we see him. It took me a while to figure out Cal’s name.”

He leaned in closer against me. “Calcifer is a g-good name. I just… don’t kn-know anything about–kids.”

I could tell he was going to go on about his fears so I put my fingers under his chin, tilting his face back towards me so I could kiss him hard. “You’ll do great. And if I have to tell you that fifty times a day from now until we get him, I will.”

Though he still looked anxious, I did get a small chuckle. “I h-hope… I do well.” He stuck his chin out and his eyes shone. “I will d-do good. Er. W-won’t I?”


“Forty-nine more to go,” I teased and he blushed.

“Forty-nine what?” Cal and Penny just came through the door, their faces flushed from their walk.

“Secret,” I said and Kay blushed even more.


Cal screwed his face up. “Oh Watcher I don’t want to know. I think I’m going to be sick. Uuuuuuugggghhhhh.”

“N-no! It’s… n-n-nothing… no…” Kay fidgeted around, looking so adorable. “No. N-not like… no. N–“

“In any case,” I cut in before he flustered himself into stammering for hours, “Kay and I were talking about what we might name the kid. If you have any ideas… either one of you…” I lifted my eyebrows, wanting to get Cal more involved.

“Mm. You mean the pup?”

“The…?” I narrowed my eyes, looking at my son in suspicion. “Pup?”


“Er–” he started but Penny spoke before he could say anything else, “Oh yes, he’s been calling the baby that. Haven’t you?”

Now Cal was red. “Uh. Yeah. You know. Uh. Well. Not long now. How long? A couple months?”

“Less than one,” I reminded him.

“Oh. Right. Uh. So soon? Jeez, time certainly flew. WELL I think I’m going to bed. Night Dad. Night Kay. Night Pens.” He dashed into his room and I watched him go, wondering what the heck he had been going on about.


Kay grew more and more nervous as February turned into March. I was a bit anxious myself… it had been so long since I dealt with little children but I didn’t let anyone see my nervousness. If Kay knew it would just make it worse. I knew everything would be fine though. I wondered if my nerves were just acting up cause of him…


I also was nervous since Cal was seeming a bit sullen again. I hoped he wasn’t annoyed at all the attention the baby was already getting. I decided to give him a proper allowance which really cheered him up, and he and Penny started going out a bit more often. I wasn’t sure if they were dates or just hanging out.

Kay and I did go on a few dates. I knew we’d be severely limited after the baby was here so we went out a couple times during the first days of March. For lunch a few times and just dinner one night, and then dinner and a movie. We stayed out quite late, enjoying our time together and making plans to go out clubbing the next week. It had been so long since I had gone out to a club.


“Like… d-dancing… and d-d-drinks?” Kay asked when we got home. “Lights and–loud b-bass?”

“Er, sort of, yes,” I said. “I used to go out a lot. Trying to pick up girls.”

Kay snorted and laughed. “Well, as l-long as you don’t try to pick up g-girls when we go out, I s-suppose I could go to a c-club.”


“Only one person I want to pick up…” I put my arms around him, pulling him tight against me. “Only one person I want.”

We kissed for quite a while, actually winding up in the bedroom though standing and not on a bed. Then he got very upset about what was going on so I let him go. I got ready for bed and climbed under the covers, trying to not be annoyed. Patience. I could be patient. Our relationship was not about… that sort of thing.

What if it’s a very long time till he’s ready for more?

I glanced over as he came back out of the bathroom, dressed in his pajamas, looking all shy when he saw me looking at him. He smiled and whispered goodnight. I replied, “Night, Kay.” Then rolled over, closing my eyes. Doesn’t matter how long, I thought happily. Even if it’s never.


Luckily cold showers were nicer on the bills than hot ones, then.


In the morning Kay was in a terrific mood. He gave me a great big kiss before sitting down for breakfast. Penny giggled, Cal scowled, and I beamed. I just finished serving everyone and sitting down myself when the phone rang.

“I’ll get it,” Cal said, pushing his chair back. “Don’t wanna see anymore disgusting–“

“It’s not disgusting,” Penny said, eyes going all big at Cal who was now frozen. “I think it is sweet and romantic.”

“Uh–well–I suppose–it–might–err–well, he is my dad… That makes… kissing… er, seeing him kiss.. kinda disgusting… for me… er, yeah so… it is… for me…”


While he was babbling on, Kay got up and went to pick up the phone. Just as Cal was finishing up his strange rambling, I heard Kay give a loud yelp then, “WHAT?!” I got to my feet and hurried over since he sounded really scared. He was completely pale, jaw dropped, and hands shaking. He nearly dropped the phone. “WHAT?!” he yelled again. “WH–WHEN? BUT–Y-YOU–WH-WHAT?” He fell back against the wall, gasping for air. “I’ll b-be there r-r-r-r-right away–as soon as–What? N–no? But–you–WHAT? But–you–you’re okay? Y-you’re okay? But it’s s-s-s-so early! Is the–oh? ALREADY!? ON THE WAY?”

Cal and Penny were in the room now. “What’s going on?” Cal whispered and I shrugged.

“Not sure. I think maybe…” I didn’t want to say it out loud since I wasn’t a hundred percent sure if it was the baby. Him going on about ‘early’ and stuff I assumed it was. I reached to take Kay’s hand but both of his hands were clutching the phone.


“Do you n-need anything? N-no? But–w… well… oh. Oh. Okay. I, uh… are you s-sure? Okay. Uh well–yes, no, it’s f-fine. I–want me to c-call when he gets here? Oh. Okay. I w-won’t. Who…? Oh. The assistant. I s-see.” Then Kay stood up straight, his shoulders squaring. “The assistant?” he demanded. “You m-mean–er, hello? S-sis?” He pulled the phone away and looked at it.

“The baby?” I asked.

Kay narrowed his eyes looking rather furious. “Damn bastard.”

I jumped and Cal began choking on nothing. “Wh–what?” I asked in complete shock.


“Oh… s-s-sorry. I w-was–you see, he is… b-bringing the baby. He has the… AUDACITY to SHOW his f-f-f-face! OH! I’ll tell you s-s-something, Jacob. I’ll tell you!” He slammed the phone down and then rolled up his sleeves.

“The… baby daddy?” I squeaked. Kay growled and seemed to puff up about twice his normal size. I cowered back, wondering if I could hide somewhere. I had never seen this side of him. I was rather scared. “S-so the baby’s… on his way?”

“Yes. W-with the bastard.”

“Kay, darling. Love. I don’t think you should–” I stopped when he growled again. “Right.”


“Dad, does this mean I can stay home from school?” Cal asked, all excited. “Please? Penny and I should be here. Right? No school. Please? I want to meet the pup! Er, baby.”

“No. I mean–yes. I mean, of course you can stay home today. Okay we need to get everything ready. It will probably take a few hours… or… will it be a few days?” I looked at Kay. “How far is it? It took Jay a few days to go and come back after the vampire thing happened.”

“Sh-she said he’d b-be here today,” he growled. “The bastard.”

“Right, okay. I’ll do some laundry. Penny, there are clean things for the crib in the linen closet–top shelf. Could you make up the crib? Cal, could you make sure the changing station has plenty of diapers and lotion and wipes and– oh, I’ll get it,” I said as the doorbell went off. Penny was already gone into my and Kay’s room, Cal was off looking for the diapers, and Kay was muttering to himself. I really don’t think anyone else noticed the doorbell going off.

I rushed over and yanked open the door, no clue who it could be. But there was a tall, muscular man standing before me with a wailing baby in his arms. For a split-second I thought, Surely this can’t be the lab assistant, but then I found myself looking into eyes that were the exact, identical color of Cal’s eyes and I got a strange, creepy feeling down my spine.


“House of Doctor Jay’s brother?”

Oh. Watcher. Identical color.

The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Twenty-Four

The next few days were very hectic. We did a lot of shopping–clothes and furniture. Kay called his sister who sent a packet of papers that we could fill out to give Penny a background. Home birth of a distant friend, or something like that. I contacted the school and explained to them she had been homeschooled her entire life. They said for her to come in when school started up and they’d give her some tests to see where she needed to be. I asked Penny how she felt about that and she it would be just fine, and apologized for causing any trouble.

At one point when shopping we were sorta by ourselves. Penny needed…. personal items. Kay totally freaked out, and Cal offered to help her with that shopping but I told him I’d help her. Thankfully the uhhh… personal… female… department… helpers… were helpful and took care of Penny, getting her the undergarments she needed.


“Thank you, Mr. Danevbie,” she said as we left the shop.

“It’s fine, uh, Penny. And, uh, you c-can call me Jacob.”

“Okay. Jacob.”

I was still having trouble adjusting to the idea she was really real. Every time I saw her I got this funny, weird feeling knowing she’d been around all this time and I just couldn’t see her. She seemed to be a nice girl, I didn’t really have any problems with her… except for the fact she had been invisible, or imaginary, or whatever. It was a bit creepy… not that I ever said anything, not even to Kay.


We got the bedroom set up. It took a lot of rearranging but finally we were able to have Kay’s bed, a single bed, and some baby stuff in his bedroom. We put up a screen between the beds and the crib was on my side of things since I knew more about taking care of a baby. That night was rather awkward. We both got ready for bed in separate rooms (me in the bedroom, him in the bathroom) then we lay in darkness for a while. I knew he was awake. I had the feeling he knew I was awake.

Finally after over half an hour of being uncomfortable, I pushed my blankets aside and knocked at the screen. “Uh–wh–what?” Kay squeaked.

“Can I come over for a moment?”



I went around the screen. He had his blankets pulled up to his chin as he stared wide-eyed at me. “I just wanted to say goodnight,” I said and then leaned down to kiss him hard on the lips. “So, uh, night. Sleep well.”

I scampered back to my bed and curled up, face aflame with embarrassment. But after a moment or two I heard him whisper a goodnight back to me, and his breathing started slowing. I wasn’t even aware of when I fell asleep, but I did know I slept better than I expected to.


A few days before school started, Penny convinced Cal to get a makeover too. Then I thought maybe I should get a new hairstyle, and Kay decided why not–so all four of us came back with different hair. I thought my son looked great though he scowled and grumbled when I said as much. When Penny said how great he looked, he blushed and mumbled and thanked her.


“You sure mine looks ok?” I ran my fingers through mine which was longer than I was used to. I think I looked way too young. I am young, I reminded myself then I felt all weirded out.

Kay came over and ran his fingers through my hair which sent all sorts of nice, sparky feelings through my body. “I th-think it looks w-wonderful. And mine…?”

“Mmm, sexy.”

He squeaked at that, reddening quite a bit before mumbling something about work. I grinned, watching him hurry to his room. “Jeez, Dad, whatcha say to him?” Cal asked.

“I said he was sexy.”

“Ewwwww!” Cal complained, his nose wrinkling.

“Am I sexy?” Penny asked.


“Oh, uh, er, um, well, uh, er… I g-g-g-gotta pee!” Cal made a mad dash to the bathroom, slamming the door shut.

Penny looked at me and I chuckled. “I think that was his way of saying yes,” I said then went to my housework, leaving Penny in an apparently puzzled state.


Penny was extremely nervous when school started and it was time to take her test. I drove her and Cal to the school and took her to the principals office. They set up a time for the testing which was going to be that weekend, and I drove Penny home. Other than… er… undergarment shopping, which didn’t count since she spent that entire time with a salesclerk, this was the first time she and I were really alone. I held onto the steering wheel and then made a flash decision.

“This isn’t the way home,” she said.

“Nah, I thought we could go get some hot coffee or cocoa, if you’d like?” She nodded and said nothing else. We got to the cafe and I got us both drinks, then we sat down to drink them. “So… I guess… I uhhh well, I’m sorry.”


“For what?”

I looked down at my drink. “Not believing in you all this time, for doubting Cal.”

“It’s okay, Mr. Danevbie. I understand. I think it is something difficult to believe.” She smiled at me and I felt guiltier.

“Thanks for, uh, being there for Cal. All this time. He’s really needed, uh, someone.”

“But he’s had someone else.”



“You, Mr. Danevbie.” I sat up at that and blinked at her, not sure I understood. Penny gave a gentle laugh. “He’s very different when it is just the two of us. He loves you very much, and appreciates almost everything you do. Even if he doesn’t say it to you very much.”

“Thanks, Penny. But a kid needs friends too, not just their dad.” But I felt really happy and pleased at that, and couldn’t stop smiling all the way home. Kay was on his way out to work so I realized Penny and I would have more time to ourselves. I wasn’t sure what to do or say anymore, until she approached me and shifted her weight around, coughing and looking strange. Finally she asked me if I could teach her to make cookies.

“Calcifer really likes the peanut butter ones and… well.. I was… hoping…” She bowed her head and I nervously put a hand on her shoulder.

“I’d love to show you how to bake.”


We spent the rest of the afternoon doing just that. Her first batch turned out awful but the second batch was terrific. We ate several of them and watched TV. She wasn’t bad at all, really. It was just–so strange. But I could get over that. She was a great friend for Cal, and because of that it made things easier. When Kay came home he commented on the cookies and Penny looked happy when he tried one and declared it very delicious. Shortly after that, Cal came home and didn’t want any cookies until he found out Penny had baked them. Then he stuffed three in his mouth at once and said they were better than mine.


Kay and I organized our schedules so Penny wouldn’t have to be alone at home that week. It’s not that I didn’t trust her… but… really, she was a stranger to me. I talked to Kay about it one night and he promised me that he understood.

“It’s go-g-going to take time t-to get used to the f-fact she’s real, and around.” We were sitting on the edge of his bed, his hand on top of mine, his shoulder against mine. “At least sh-she’s sweet, and n-nice. I’ve h-heard tales of–of the dolls becoming real and being r-rather mean.”


“I don’t blame them.” I flopped onto my back and looked up at the ceiling. Kay slowly leaned back on his bed, laying next to me. I took hold of his hand and sighed. “All their lives people don’t see them except for one person. From what I understand, they can’t even really exist properly without that person being around. They have a hard time interacting with the world around them and if the only person that they’re connected to tells anyone, they’re seen as crazy.”

“I… I n-n-never thought of it th-that way…”

“I like her,” I said. “It’s just… strange. It’s been a couple weeks now and it feels like a dream.”

“N-nope, not a dream. If it w-were I would have h-had far less work and much more alone time w-with you.”

I sat up at that and he blushed, avoiding my gaze. “Oh, really now?” I asked lightly and he laughed then began protesting when I rolled on top of him–not even thinking–pinning him down to the bed. “I like the idea of that. Shame we don’t know anyone who could come and watch Cal for a wh–er, Cal and Penny for a while.”


Kay met my gaze though his face was a bright red. “I d-don’t know if I’m… r-ready… f… f… for…” He squirmed uncomfortably and that’s when I realized my position. I slid off of him and sat on the edge of the bed. He straightened up, sounding rather upset as he said, “I–I’m sorry, I–“

“It’s fine.”


“Kay, it’s fine. Honest. Taking a vacation together is a huge step.” I touched his cheeks and tried not to think of my trip to France with Nicky. It had been a big step and hadn’t really gone how I wanted it to go… we spent more time… in bed than doing anything else. I hadn’t minded too much though I had wanted to see more of the sites than the interior of our hotel room. Now I know, I thought, leaning in and kissing Kay. This is real love. Because the thought of going to France with Kay and spending the entire time viewing the interior of a hotel room sounded amazing.



Cal went with me when I took Penny in for her tests Saturday although there wasn’t much for us to do. It would be a while so we just went back home and he was on pins and needles until it was time to pick her up. He kept asking her how it went and she kept replying she wasn’t sure. The instructor promised to phone later that day. Cal remained edgy though Penny seemed very calm and relaxed, promising Cal it would all be fine.

Shortly before dinner we got the phone call and were informed though she wasn’t completely up-to-grade in some things, overall she would be fine being put in her freshman year as long as she took some remedial classes and went to summer school. I thanked the instructor and relayed the message.

Cal whooped and threw his arms around her. “You’ll be in my grade then!” he exclaimed, spinning her around or attempting to. “I’ll help you with everything.”

“Cal, you don’t even do your own homework,” I said.

Cal scowled at me. “I get… decent grades. And I’ll help Penny. I’ll make sure you understand everything,” he said to her, ignoring me now. “I’ll work extra hard to help.”


“Thank you, Calcifer.”

They held hands and just stared into one another’s eyes until I got the message. I went into Kay’s room–er, our room–and stretched out on my bed. Hey, if it got Cal doing his homework then I was happy. I just wasn’t completely pleased with the look in their eyes just now. They were fourteen… but that was certainly old enough. I had the feeling it wouldn’t be long before they became a couple. Cal was obviously over the moon for her, and she seemed to return the feelings. I just hoped they were as good as Kay and I were being.

Dang it, I thought, burrowing my head into the pillow. I didn’t want to be good! I wanted Kay… more than ever. Sharing a room with him was hard. It made me hard, especially since I saw him in his pajamas more now. He looked good in his pajamas. He looked really good in his pajamas. I had started wearing more covering pajamas; I usually just wore my underwear to bed but not anymore. I wondered what Kay would say if I did… it’s not like he hadn’t seen me before. He’s seen plenty of me.


I wondered what he looked like…

I felt a longing tug and couldn’t remember the last time I had… well… it had been ages since I was alone, and I wasn’t really alone now but Cal and Penny were watching a movie. I went over to the door and locked it before returning to my bed. Kay wasn’t due home for a while either. I shouldn’t… but that tugging got worse, that desire, that burning. I should just get a cold shower.

I went back to my bed and curled up, trying to ignore the feeling. Then I thought, well, I am an adult, what’s it matter? Then I thought, well, I’m in a relationship, I shouldn’t–I don’t need–I do need. I needed it a lot and wanted it and… Kay…

I slid my hand down, rubbing the front of my pants. I was more than happy to wait as long as I needed before Kay was ready to go further in our relationship… heck, I wasn’t quite ready… sort of… not all the way… though I did want a bit more… except I was a bit scared of wanting more. Wanting–a guy–like that. I had no idea what it would be like. Sure, I felt him sometimes when we were making out and our bodies were pressed close but still…

I wonder what it’d be like. I closed my eyes and moved my hand to the inside of my underwear. I wonder what his hand would feel like. I took hold of myself and began making slow, smooth movements. A gasp escaped my lips and I quickly clamped my mouth shut. The TV was loud but I wasn’t gonna make any noise, just in case. I couldn’t.


After a few seconds I undid my pants and wriggled out of them then pushed down my briefs so I could get a better hold. I felt so freakin’ weird doing this. It was wrong… it wasn’t even my–well, it was my bedroom. But it wasn’t. It was Kay’s. At that thought my cock reacted, twitching even more, swelling beneath my fingers. I bit my bottom lip and closed my eyes as I stroked a bit faster.

I imagined it was him again, his hand, his fingers and after a few more quick movements I came. My eyes snapped open when the warmth spread across my belly and I sat up, suddenly feeling embarrassed, like a complete pervert… guilty. I swung my legs out of bed and carefully stood, removing my shirt and using it to wipe my stomach off. I stripped off completely and shoved the clothes into the hamper, then found some clean stuff and made a mad dash for the bathroom to get a shower. I made sure it was plenty cold as I scrubbed off.

By the time I got out I felt even worse. I shouldn’t have done that. My kid was just a wall away and it wasn’t even really my bedroom, not really. I got dressed and dumped the hamper out into a clothes basket then cautiously left the room. Cal and Penny were on the couch, watching the movie. Neither of them looked over at me.


Hoping I wasn’t blushing, I moved behind the TV over to the washer. “Hey Dad?” I flinched, pausing with the washer’s lid open. “Could you do some of my clothes too?”

“Uh, n-no…”

“How come?”

I put my stuff in, dumped soap in, then slammed the lid shut. “You’ll be fifteen soon, it’s about time you start doing your own laundry–now that there’s laundry stuff right here.” I turned the washer on and maneuvered my way back to the bedroom.

“Dad? You ok?”

I hesitated. “Y-yeah, why?”


“You’re walking all weird and hunched over. You’re not in pain again, are you?”

“No. I’m f-fine. Really. I just–“

“Hey g-g-guys!” Kay came through the front door, beaming. “I g-got my work done early. I p-picked up a pizza, I h-hope that’s okay?” I stared in horror. Oh Watcher. OH WATCHER. If he hadn’t’ve gotten a pizza he would have probably been home when I was–ohwatcherohwatcher. Oh. Watcher. “J-Jacob? You a-a-all right?”

“He says he is but I don’t think he is,” Cal stated.

“Jacob? Y-you look p-pale…”

“Mr. Danevbie, are you all right?”


Now they were all looking at me. I did the only thing I could think of: I fled. I ran into the bedroom, taking a cue from Kay and Cal, and slammed the door shut. Bkwrlkgjnelrkngklq. I threw myself onto the bed and yanked the covers up over my head, feeling ill. If Kay hadn’t gotten the pizza… I had this image of him coming in and–no, the door had been locked. Still. He would have been knocking and it would have been an awkward situation and he’d probably get worried about the door being locked and–

“Jacob…?” He was at the door now, tapping gently. “C-can I come in…?”

“Mmmphmphm.” My face was against the pillow but I must have sounded affirmative since the door opened. “Mmph.”

“Are you… o-okay…?”


“Are you ma-mad at me?”

Now I pushed myself to my knees, staring at him in confusion. “Why would I be mad at you?”


“I g-got pizza without a-asking.” He rubbed the back of his head, staring at his shoes. “You p-probably had dinner planned. And s-started or s-something, and I just… I’m s-sorry.”

“I’m not mad. I hadn’t thought of dinner yet, really.”

“Is s-s-something wrong…?”

I looked at his face and blushed. I couldn’t tell him. Maybe after a few months… or years… but not now. I felt too much like a kid, a teenager, nearly caught doing something dirty. Then again I wasn’t much older than a teenager. “No. I just…” I couldn’t even think of anything to say, to explain my behavior.


I got off the bed and went over, kissing him carefully. “I missed you.”

“You… m-missed me…” He obviously didn’t believe me.

I gulped and then decided to tell a partial truth. “I’ve been… having a lot of thoughts lately. No!” I said quickly when he looked scared. “Good thoughts. About us. In the future.”

“Not… th-this again…”

“No, not–that. But something–sorta–to do with… it… what… traditionally… people… don’t do… until… after… that.”

He twisted his lips around as he thought and after two seconds exactly his eyes went very wide and his face went very red. “Ah–ah–I–oh–ah–um–uh–“

“Not–no. I mean. Yes. But–ergh. What I’m trying to say is… when you’re ready… to do… more… not–uh., not all… not everything. But just a bit more. I’m, uh, ready.” I sounded like such a dork. I wished the ground would swallow me up.


Kay gave a sort of giggling sound. “Is th-that why you g-g-gave me the ‘anything’ c-coupons?” he inquired.

“Uh–well, so–sorta.”

“Mmm.” He took his glasses off and began cleaning the lens with his shirt. “C-can I ask you something and I w-want you to b-be honest.” I nodded and he replaced his glasses, meeting my eyes with his. “If–if we h-hadn’t been thrown t-together like we were, if… if n-none of this had happened. And you–you knew you w-were g-gay, and you d-didn’t know me, and… we happened to–to meet…”

I moved closer to him, pressing my fingertips lightly against the back of his wrist. “I think you’re the most wonderful person I know. I think if circumstances were different, I’d still want you. I fell for you before I even knew I was gay. That’s saying something.” He reddened again and I put my arms around him. “How about you? With me?”

“I f-fell for you before I–” He stopped and looked away from me. “Wh-when we first m-met… I mean–ages ago… at the lab. Wh-when we were c-calling you. And then we met and I…”


“Really?” I asked when he stopped for more than a couple seconds.

“Mhm… I w-w… I didn’t want you to… undergo the p-procedure.” He lifted his face to look at me. “I w-was scared you might not make it. I–I tried to… h-hide it from my s-sister.” He shook his head and I held him tighter. “I never thought… th-that one day… we might… m-might be…”

“I’m glad we are.”

“Me too.”


We kissed hard and kept kissing until Cal yelled through the door that the pizza was getting cold. Kay and I held hands as we left the bedroom, and I felt much better about everything even though I was still a bit embarrassed at what I had done.

Little note!

Sorry about lack of updates my sleep schedule is insane so I’ve been getting raging headaches and spending a LOT of my time in a dark room with a cold cloth over my eyes. I’m a part of a wedding this weekend so I don’t know if I’ll get anything out until next week. BLAH I was hoping to get a bunch out, I really would feel awful if I don’t finish up gen one soon I mean it’s been nearly a year… x_x and I’m like… maybe… halfway done… 😦