The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Twenty-Seven

Author’s Note:

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Kay and I left the bathroom and returned to the living room. I really couldn’t say how long we had been in there… it had felt like a lifetime, yet as if no time had passed at all. I’m engaged, I thought, bubbling over with happiness. I was glad it turned out like this. If I had actually planned it I might have panicked and backed out in fear of–well, in fear of what happened before.

My fingers were intertwined with his as we went into the living room. Mr. Antonov was sitting on the couch, cradling the no-longer-crying baby. “I’m sorry about that,” I said, feeling guilty for everything that had happened, and especially for the whole insisting-he’s-Cal’s-father thing even though it had been more of Cal’s doing than mine.


“It’s fine. Glad you worked things out.” He tilted his head to indicate Cal’s closed door. “Your boy hasn’t come out of his room yet.”

Kay flushed at that, from what seemed to be happiness. “I’m v-very glad too. I was so worried–” He stopped, going even redder. “But n-n-no matter because…” He looked up at me with shining eyes that made me feel even happier. “I c-c-can’t believe we just g-g-got engaged.” He said it so casually. Certainly a different reaction than before.

I grinned broadly and squeezed his hand. “Me either.”

“Well.” Kay and I both jumped, having forgotten–at least I had forgotten–there was someone else there. Mr. Antonov was shaking his head, smiling. “Congratulations are in order. You with your engagement and me with finding out I have a son. If you told me yesterday in Monte Vista what happen today. I call you crazy.”


“Oh–yes. C-congratulations, on the son.” I eyed the baby in his arms and then felt like something hit me hard. “Mr. Antonov… um, Kiev–if I may call you that?”

“Certainly. What is it you need?”

I let go of Kay’s hand, feeling edgy about saying this but apparently it needed to be said. “Kiev–Jay… wants Kay to raise the baby. We… accepted. Not knowing that you didn’t know. We had assumed you did know. But of course now… this ch–” I stopped then looked at Kay, realizing I had no right to even be saying this.

Bu Kay was nodding solemnly. “Y-yes. He’s right. This d-d-does change–wait. No! I st-still need to defend her honor!”

Kay,” I snapped, elbowing him. “I don’t think that’s really nece–“


Kay bit his bottom lip then glowered at Kiev. “If y-you didn’t know about th-the baby, if sh-she didn’t tell you it must’ve been f-f-for a reason. Like–you t-t-taking advantage of her? Hmm? I th-think it is n-necessary to d-defend her honor.”

“I don’t think you need to defend her honor. Jay is… well she certainly doesn’t do anything she does not wish.” At that, I tried not to snort. It was very hard imagining anyone making Jay do something she didn’t want to do. “I do not know why she hid her pregnancy from me but I assure you she came on to me.”

Kay folded his arms and stuck out his chin. “My s-sister would never do such a–a thing.”

“I worked for her for many years, and nothing. She came home, upset, and kissed me.” Kiev rose to his feet at that. “She kissed me. She had me jump from the lab second story because she wanted to see how loyal I was. I did as I was told.” I quickly bit down on my tongue and was very glad Cal wasn’t in the room to hear that, I could just imagine the things he’d say. “Jay isn’t like any normal woman.” Okay, very very VERY glad Cal wasn’t in the room. “I know what you mean and under normal circumstances what conspired… may never have occurred. You know your sister. Your twin. She’d never do anything she didn’t want. But it did. This happened.”


Kay seemed slightly deflated at that big speech but I could tell he was still ready to fight. I put my hand on his shoulder, turning him towards me. “Darling, I think he’s right. Jay is a very… strong woman. And you’ve done things I’m sure she wouldn’t believe you capable of doing. Jay is a woman. I know it’s hard to accept, as she’s your sister… but I have the feeling if Kiev tried anything Jay didn’t like, he wouldn’t be standing here alive. Er, no offense to you, Kiev.”

“None taken,” he replied.

Kay scowled now. “B-but… she–but… b-b-but…” He looked at Kiev then back at me, then back at Kiev. “I d-don’t like you.”


“I’d find it weird if you didn’t. Family is important and a man who you have never met, who is the father to your nephew, comes to your home suddenly… I’d not like me either. You care for your sister. This is evident.”

Kay’s pressed his lips together forming a tight, small line. “Mmph.”

“Hold on a moment,” I said and tugged Kay away a little bit. “Kay,” I whispered, “you know this changes everything. We thought he knew about his child but he didn’t. I know it was your sister’s wishes for you to take care of the baby but…” I looked over at Kiev, still holding his son. “But there’s no contract for this one. We can’t just… take his baby away from him.”

“Th-the mother’s wishes…” Kay said distantly.

I clenched my teeth, pushing back the bad memories of her. “Kay. I love you. But I am not going to agree on that. Yes, the mother’s wishes are important. But so are the father’s. He has every right to his own child.” I was well aware my voice was a bit strained as I spoke, but I tried not to flat out snap or sound angry.


“No.” Kay shook his head and I felt like was going to be sick. Lovely, first something bad, then we get engaged and now we were probably going to wind up fighting again because there was no way I’d budge on my views that a father has as much–“You’re r-right.” I blinked, studying his face closely. “He d-does.”

“Oh. So the no was…?”

He smiled slightly. “It w-was a ‘no’ to my own w-words. An agreement to y-yours. You’re right, th-this changes… what’s to happen. I… I would love to… r-raise my nephew but…” He cleared his throat and spoke up a bit, looking at Kiev. “It’s y-your decision…”

“If it’s alright with you, I’d like to talk with your sister first. Besides… as much as I’d love to bring this little guy home, I don’t have anything prepared at my place for a baby. I haven’t been home in six months,” he said, and I remembered him saying something about Monte Vista… hadn’t Jay been in Monte Vista a while ago for something? “And I haven’t even got anything to feed myself, let alone a newborn. So, if you both wouldn’t mind taking care of him until I could get things prepared for him I’d be most thankful.”


“Of course,” I said, looking at Kay. “Is that okay with you?”

“Mmph.” Despite his annoyed sound, he gave a nod. “Yeah. Th-that’s fine. Um. Well. Also… th-there… is the… well…” He kicked at the floor, head bowed. I wasn’t sure what he was trying to say, so I couldn’t really help. “He w-will need a name,” he finally said with some effort.

“So you haven’t thought of one? I would have though-” He stopped, shaking his head a bit and then looking at his son. “I’m not sure.”

“Well we really weren’t expecting him for another couple of weeks,” I said, cheeks heating up. “And I didn’t even name my son till he was four days old…”

“D-do you w-want us to n-name him or… did you w-want to? Or see what–Jay w-wants?” Kay asked.


“Did Jay… mention a name?” He then seemed rather uneasy as he said, “Um, if you don’t mind me asking exactly… when did she tell you… well, that she was expecting?”

“Late J-July,” Kay said hesitantly. “J-just… after she f-found out.”

Kiev winced. “Ah, I…I see…” He sat back down on the couch. “I suppose I shouldn’t cling onto the past. What is done is done.”

I went back to holding Kay’s hand, feeling horrible for this poor guy. I couldn’t imagine–well, I suppose I sort of could. At least his unexpected child is alive, I thought. “We will take care of him, and you can talk to Jay. Here…” I released Kay’s hand and went to the desk, scribbling our phone number down and handing him the paper. “Call us whenever you want, and come and see him whenever you want.”

“Thank you. I do appreciate all that you both are doing.”

I hope it works out, I thought, not sure if I should say it out loud. I was trying not to feel anger towards Jay, for not even telling Kiev. It was hard. “Y-yes, of c-course,” Kay stammered.


“Did you–want some breakfast?” I offered after a few seconds of awkward silence.

“Yes, please. Would you like to hold your nephew?” he added, giving Kay a look.

Kay started forward then paused. “Y-yes… but… I w-w-will have plenty of t-time to hold him when you’re traveling back to–to the l-labs, and… talking to Jay.” I could tell it was very difficult for him to say this.

I gave his shoulder a squeeze, then a kiss on the side of the head. “What sort of breakfast would you like? I can fix a lot of stuff.”

“I doubt you know how to make blinis–” What? “so if it’s not to much pancakes with bacon or anything you feel like making, please and thank you. Really,” he said, turning to Kay. “I don’t mind. It’s not like I can eat and hold him at the same time.”

“Ooh. O–Okay…” Kay put out his arms rather stiffly. “It’s b-b-been a while s-since I held a baby.”

“I could look blinis up real quick,” I offered.


Kiev put the baby in Kay’s arms, and the baby snuggled up to him. Kay’s face practically glowed with happiness as he gazed at his nephew. “I don’t wish to trouble you. How about the next time I come over I’ll make it for everyone.”

I moved into the kitchen and Kiev followed. “Toast and eggs?” I offered, pulling out a clean pan.

He bowed. “Yes, please.”

I smiled and began working, quickly making some scrambled eggs after making sure he wasn’t lactose intolerant, since I usually added a bit of milk and whipped the eggs up with some seasoning before dumping them in the pan. I threw some bread into the toaster and soon presented him with a plate of food. “OJ? Coffee?” I asked, feeling a bit awkward I hadn’t offered him anything to drink before.


“Coffee, if you don’t mind…” He took the plate and I moved towards the coffeemaker. “So how long have you and brother of Jay’s been dating?” he inquired as I poured him some coffee and put out some creamer, sugar, half-and-half, and coffee stuff.

“Oh… about seven months now,” I answered, sitting down.

“Amazing what can happen in that time.”

I poured myself some coffee and stirred in some creamer, absentmindedly nodding. “Very amazing,” I agreed. “It came to me as a complete surprise,” I added with a laugh.

“Those are the best kinds. Since you’ve cooked, I’ll wash my plate.” He stood up before I could protest, so I remained quiet as he went to the sink. “I am very grateful for what you’ve all done.”


“Oh, you’re welcome. Anything you need, I’ll be more than willing to help.” I sipped the coffee then looked down into the murky liquid. “Um. I’m really sorry for all the confusion earlier. About, uh, my son, Cal, and… yeah.”

“I suppose it couldn’t be helped. Don’t worry about it. Though I must say it is quite a surprise to find out the real father of Cal come to light. As well as finding out I’m a father… well, quiet unexpected.”

“It was very surprising for me to find out about Kay.” I continued staring down into the liquid, then finally took another sip. I still felt on edge about that but with everything else going on right now wasn’t the time. Maybe after Kiev left… but not right now. And I’m engaged now. That thought made me dizzy. I couldn’t believe it. Engaged. I was–wait… I was engaged. How the hell did that happen?


“As to be expected…your boy is how old? Thirteen? Fourteen?”

“Fourteen,” I confirmed. “Fifteen soon.”

Kiev nodded. “A long time of not knowing. I think I am going to talk to brother of Jay. Maybe I can figure out a name to call my son before I leave. Or at least have some idea.”

“All right. I think I am going to go talk to Cal.”

“May things go well for you,” Kiev said as we went into the living room.

I continued to Cal’s door, giving it a small tap before going in. Cal was on his bed and Penny was next to him, a hand on his back. “Hey,” I said, shutting the door behind me. “Can we talk?”

“About what?” Cal didn’t look angry though. He sounded it, but his face just radiated sadness.

“About what went down today,” I responded. “About Kay.”

“My… he’s my…” Cal waved a hand feebly through the air.

“Your other father,” I said, swallowing a bit. It was hard for me to say.

Penny stood up. “Do you want me to go to my room?” she asked. Cal’s eyes widened and he looked a bit ill at the thought of her leaving, so I shook my head and assured her it was fine if she stayed. Besides, Cal would probably repeat every single thing to her anyway.

“How come he didn’t tell us? Sooner?” Cal asked after Penny sat back down.

“Because of a contract we signed…” It was hard to explain this since it wasn’t even a really good excuse. “Before you were born. When I agreed to the experiment. We signed a contract, and it stated explicitly that I wasn’t going to know about the donor.”

Cal fidgeted a bit at that. “Donor… that’s just…” He breathed out heavily then leaned against Penny. “I can’t believe it. All this time… he’s been… he just–right there. And… you two–together–and–I mean, what are the odds of that?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Wow, you’re right. It is kinda crazy. I start dating the father of my kid.”

He squinted at me, but Penny started giggling so he gave a few forced chuckles as well. “Yeah, it’s really crazy. So… um… are you… mad at him?”

I rubbed my arm and had no clue to really answer. Yes. No. Kinda. But not. But yes. “It’s complicated.”

“Complicated? Dad, he’s been lying to us. For how long? Contract or not. I mean, he’s like… your boyfriend. And he’s been keeping this secret from us. It’s not right.”

“He made his decisions out of duty, and responsibility towards the contract…” I was tugging at my bottom lip, trying not to let my son’s words get to me and put me back in the very angry state I had been in before. “I talked to him… and he does regret his decision not to tell us. As angry as you may be, I really hope you don’t cause any… uh, friction.”

“Friction?” Cal stood up, the sadness fading into anger. “Dad. He’s lied. He’s kept a helluva big secret. He’s my fucking father! He’s known this all this time. Eight, nine months? And not once did he tell me? Look, you may not be angry cause all that happened to you was his… stuff was injected into you or whatever, but he is my father. And I have been living with him for almost a year. And he’s never said. Once. I’m sorry, but I am not going to just be all… one big happy family.”


“No! Don’t ‘Cal’ me. I thought you might’ve understood some. I thought you mighta been pissed too. But I am be-yond pissed. Dad, I don’t want to stay here anymore.”

I reeled back, rather surprised at those words. I flicked my gaze towards Penny then back at Cal. “Wh… why?”

“Why? Because hmm, let me think. Nine months and not a word. He doesn’t want to be my father.”


“Jeeeez! You get all pissed at his sister for not telling what’s-his-face? But you’re not–not getting mad at Kay for–for this? It’s the same thing. It’s the same thing.” He was slamming the side of his hand into the palm of his other. “At least it’s the same principle. He’s made zero attempt to acknowledge me as his son. So why the hell should I acknowledge him at my father?”

I opened my mouth to respond, though I wasn’t sure what sort of response I was going to give, when someone tapped at the door. I closed my mouth then tipped my head to indicate if I should open it. Cal’s lips puckered and twisted as he shrugged. Hoping it was Kiev, I opened the door but it was Kay, holding the baby. Kay’s head was bowed low.

“Um. H… he’s…l-l-left… he… s-said… he’ll… c-c-c-call… later. Um. Th–the baby…” He trailed off and then held out the baby who was whimpering.

I carefully took him in my arms and before I could say anything, Kay disappeared in a flash. His bedroom door soon shut, though it wasn’t slammed–just a soft shutting noise. Cal snorted and threw himself back onto his bed. “We’ll… talk later,” I said. Cal didn’t reply so I left the room and checked to see what was wrong with the baby. Wet diaper. I carefully laid him on the changing table and began working, easily getting him cleaned off and into a fresh diaper. It was like riding a bike.

“There you go,” I said, lifting him back up against my shoulder. He snuffled and I rocked gently as I walked to the bedroom. “Kay?” I called. “I’m coming in.” Silence. I went in and saw he was on his bed, his back to the door. I laid the baby in the crib and watched as he waved his teensy little hands around a bit before settling into sleep. “Okay,” I said, going to Kay. “What’s wrong?” I expected him to do some quiet tirade about Kiev but Kay just gave a quiet sob. Uh-oh, something really is wrong. “Sweetie…?”

“If… y-you… don’t want… t-t-t-to stay… you d-don’t have to.” His voice was broken as he talked, with a small hiccup at one point. He was crying.

I put my hand on his arm. “Kay, come on. Let’s talk.”

“Wh-why?” He rolled over, staring at me with puffy, red eyes. “Th-that’s all… that we k-keep doing, is t-talking. Talking. Talking. B-because there’s always s-s-s-some problem. We k-keep coming across th-these barriers… and f-fight to get past them only t-to find more.” He lay back down, curling up away from me. “Wh-what’s the point?”

“I thought the fact we love each other was the point,” I replied stiffly, quickly–very quickly–losing my cool. This day was just a fucking roller coaster and it wasn’t getting any easier. His words were just bringing to surface the anger with him I had been trying to keep pushed down. “What… barrier… is it now?”

Now he was sitting up, adjusting his glasses as he focused on me. “J-Jacob, I understand. I d-d-d… I do. And m-maybe it is b-b-best if you leave.”

I staggered back, throat tightening so much it was hard to breathe. “Leave?” I echoed.

“For… f-f-f-for… Calcifer.”

Oh Watcher. Oh watcher. He had heard. Now it made sense. My anger dissipated even faster than it had appeared and I sank down onto the bed next to him, my hand over his hand. “No… no, Kay. Oh, love, I’m so sorry you heard that.” I searched his face hoping for some confusion that meant he hadn’t heard but there was nothing but taut misery. “Calcifer is just angry. He’ll calm down.”

“M-maybe it’s better… if you t-two were… not here.”

“Even if we move out now, what happens down the line–a year or two or three from now when we get married?” I asked.

His eyebrows twitched  bit. “You–wh-what…?”

“My proposal was serious. I assume your acceptance was as well?” He gave a tiny nod and I squeezed his hand. “So even if Cal and Penny and I move out, we’d just be moving back in eventually. Right?”

“I–I–I–… I d-d-didn’t think you’d w-want to anymore… if he… d-doesn’t want me as his… f…f… father.” He was forcing each word, each syllable out and it was very hard for him to do so, so once he finished I gave him a light kiss on the corner of the mouth to try and calm him down.

“Cal’s got a bit of a temper… and it might take some time but he’ll come around eventually. He does like you.” I ran my thumb over the ridge of his knuckles then drew his hand close to kiss where my thumb had been. “Just give him time. It’s difficult, and he’s gonna be all… hissy and temperamental and grouchy and probably shoot you loads of glares but he will calm down.”

Kay sniffled then scooted closer to me. “You th-think he w-w-will?”


“I l-love you.” His arms went around me and he clung tight, his head in my chest.

I put my arms around him as well, resting my head on his. “I love you too.”

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