News Update

I swear I haven’t abandoned this. I am sorry for lack of updates but when I got into my depression earlier it was really hard to write Dannings and stuff. But I will get back to this…….. in August. 😦 TheUsernameFound will be away for most of June and July, and since the plot involves Reddings it will be difficult to get stuff out. Which, I admit, is a bit of a relief since this will give me time to focus on Danevbies, Patchwork, and other stuff–like cleaning my room to make it easier for me to deal with sitting at my PC. Hah.

I have an unpublished chapter which I will probably get out soon, and possibly another chapter–depending if I get it written. But then I will be on hiatus until August. I’m sorry I haven’t been giving this story the attention it deserves… -sigh- but we’ll get back to it. I promise. ^_^ No way am I abandoning Jacob and Kay, and the gen 2 plot which is horrible and makes me nervous, and gen 3 plot and waaah -flails happily- I am super excited, and I hope you guys bear with me over the next few weeks.