The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Twenty-Nine

I couldn’t remember if I had ever seen Jay look this angry previously but before I could react she pushed into the house past me, focusing her sparking eyes on her twin. Kay looked up, a flash of surprise on his face before he looked completely happy. He got up, carefully holding the baby, and opened his mouth to say something but Jay spoke very quickly, very angrily.

“What is this I hear about you being engaged?” It was like she was spitting venom out. Ice cold venom.


Kay’s happy face vanished instantaneously. “Wh–what?”

“It cannot be true. It is not true. Tell me it was merely an erroneous statement, some–some confusion on his behalf. A misinterpretation of the situation at hand.”

I gulped, remembering we had told Kiev. And somehow it had gotten to her. I doubted Kiev told out of spite, he probably had no clue what the relationship between everyone was. Still, I felt pissed off at him. Kay was looking horrified, clutching Misha as if holding on to save his life. “You—y-you… d-didn’t come t-t-t-t-to see…. M-Misha…?” he squeaked.


“Don’t you dare try to change the subject, brother. Tell me.” She flung an arm out, pointing at me. “What is HE still doing here?”

“H… helping… t-take care of… the b–baby…?” Kay whispered. “We’ve… I–I thought I had t-told you they w-were staying for a wh-while.”

“Engaged?” Her voice slightly broke over that word, as if having trouble getting it out which I figured it was hard for her to say. “Engaged?” she repeated. “ENGAGED?”


Kay looked helplessly at me and I came over, taking Misha from his arms. “Please stop yelling, you’ll frighten the baby,” I said.

Jay looked like she wanted to stab me. Or strangle me. Or kill me in any way she could. “This does not concern you, Danevbie. Get out of my sight.”

I wanted to yell at her but two things held me back. Kay and Misha. For Kay’s sake, I held my tongue, and for Misha’s sake, I took a step back and momentarily obeyed her. “I’ll be right back.” Though I had no idea if either of them were even listening for as soon as I went to put Misha in the bedroom, Kay was babbling at his sister.

“J-Jay, what–why–who–wh-what are… why are… y-y-you… wh–what…”

“He was merely saying such a lie out of… revenge. Or spite. Correct?”



“Tell me, yes or no! Is it true?”

I bumped open the bedroom door and quickly placed Misha in his crib. “Stay quiet, sweetie,” I whispered, not sure if him crying would set Jay off in an even worse way but certainly a baby’s wailing would just make the situation worse. Misha wriggled a bit but remained silent, thankfully. I returned to the living room, halfway shutting the door on my way out. “Yelling isn’t helping anything,” I said, talking before Kay replied to her direct question.

“I said this doesn’t concern you,” she snarled. “Get out.”

“S-sister, please!” Kay clasped his hands together, eyes growing. “C-calm down, we–we c-can talk about–“

“Talk? You seem to be avoiding discussion, Kay. I asked you, and you changed the subject.” But she seemed to calm down just a bit. “Answer my question. Tell me the truth.”


Kay looked at me then back at his sister. I clenched my teeth, preparing for the storm about to go down. But no amount of preparation could help me with what was about to happen, since Kay did not reply as I expected him to, not how Jay expected him to. “Wh-why should you even c-care?” he demanded and I reeled back, mouth opening. Jay’s eyes got big and if she weren’t as reserved a person as she was I figured her jaw would be dropping too. “You’re n-never around! You only c-contact me now wh-when you need some–something! The only t-time you c-c-c-concern yourself with me is w-when it dir-directly affects the l-lab and your–your experiments!”


“Ever s-since I l-left the labs it’s as if I’m j-just… not as important t-to you! I n-never hear from you, or s-see you! S–so why do you care wh-whether or not I’m in a r-relationship?”


“No!” he yelped when she opened her mouth. “Let me g-guess! It’s b-because you were hoping I’d c-come back to the labs and a r-relationship m-might interfere!”

Jay looked as if he had hit her, and I bit my bottom lip. I wanted to cheer Kay on but at the same time I was completely scared of what this was going to do to him later, mentally and emotionally. “Brother–” Jay started, sounding… not really subdued but… definitely not with the same anger she had moments ago.

“Yes. J-Jacob and I are in f-f-f-fact engaged.” Her eyes narrowed at those words, very swiftly flicking towards me before focusing back on her brother. “I love him. And he l-l-loves me. N-not… just w-when he needs something, or w-wants something. He c-cares about me all the t-time. And n-nothing you do or say w-will ch-change the fact I love him. And w-want him. And want to m-marry him. He makes me h-happy… and if you c-can’t accept that, then–then d-d-d-don’t accept it. But as much as I l-love you, and w-want to help at the labs, and w-want to meet aliens… I want more.”


I thought he was done, but he took in a slow, deep lungful of air and said in a quieter tone, “Having a f-family won’t t-turn us into them, Jay.” Her jaw muscles tightened and her complexion paled. Kay looked a bit pale too. Them? Them who? Their parents? I wondered, not sure who else he’d be meaning. “I want… I w-want a family… and to b-be happy… and… have love. We c-can do that… and n-not sacrifice our d-dream.”

The twins stared at one another for a few second and then Kay whirled around and disappeared into the bedroom, shutting the door a little quieter than he usually did. Leaving me out in the living room with Jay. Just the two of us. After all that. And she was now glowering at me. Looking like she wanted to viciously murder me. Which she probably could.


“This is all your fault,” she hissed.

“What, falling in love with him? Trying to make him happy? Proposing to him?” I asked lightly, trying to remain calm.

Her jaw muscles tightened again. “He never, never would have talked back before.”

“If I’m the reason for helping him find a voice then I’m more than happy to take the blame.”


She adjusted her glasses slowly, eyes flashing. “You’re not the right sort of person for him, Danevbie. You are no good for him.”

My chest tightened with pain and it was extremely hard not to overreact. I had to take in a few quick swallows of air as I pushed down the fury that quickly rose inside of me. “I believe that is his choice to make. Not yours.”

“And if you saw your son dating someone who is clearly bad for him, would you remain silent on the matter?” she asked, one eyebrow lifting.

“Oh, clearly you are the expert on relationships,” I retorted.


“And what is that supposed to mean?”

“If your idea of a good relationship is using someone, lying to them, going behind their back, and never informing them of something as life-changing as a baby then yeah I suppose I can see how you think I’d be bad for Kay since, you know, I believe in loyalty.”

“Don’t you ever dare to presume you know anything about me.” Her voice was quiet but full of rage. It was very frightening. “I never once claimed to be in a relationship with Kiev. You are a pathetic person for judging me based on what little, one-sided knowledge you have of the situation.” She took a step closer to me so I stepped away, worried she was going to try to hit me. “This is not the end of this, Danevbie. I will not sit back and allow my brother to get into a relationship he should not be in.”


“How am I so bad for him?” I demanded, unable to hold back that question anymore.

She drew herself up, jutting her chin out. “You do not know him. You may think you do, but you don’t. You can never understand. No one can. I’m the only one who can truly understand him, as he is the only one who can truly understand me. I am the only one who knows what is best for him–“

“Best for him?” I cut her off with a laugh. “Every time you’ve come here, you’ve caused him pain. You push someone enough, eventually they’ll push back.” I wanted to start yelling at her, I wanted to scream at her for hurting Kay so much but somehow I was able to hold it back. For Kay. “Look. Jay. I am not intending to come between you and your brother. I want you two to–to have a strong bond. I believe family is important. But I’m not the one hurting Kay. I’m not the one tearing him apart. And I’m not the one pushing him apart from you.”

“You’ve got some nerve, after all I’ve done for you–“


“I suppose I do,” I interrupted again. “I appreciate what you’ve done. But that doesn’t change what you’ve done and said to Kay. Now, I don’t know if this is part of it but maybe–maybe you should stop seeing him as just your brother. He’s his own man. Try to respect his decisions, and stop treating him like a little kid who follows you around.”

“You had best stop making assumptions and acting on those assumptions, Danevbie,” she said rather levelly as her arms folded over her chest. “You’ve said a lot of things today, and I highly doubt you understand the severity of some of them. You’re making yourself an enemy, and what do you expect my brother to say when he finds that out?”


“I don’t know,” I replied as sharply as I could, “I suppose it depends on if his sister is going to make him choose. That’s not something I would do. And what do you expect your brother to say when you give him that choice? How do you think he’d take it?”

Her nostrils flared and her jaw worked even more. “You’re walking a thin line, Danevbie. I will warn you one last time. You better not be here the next time I show up.” With that she pulled out her cell phone and began texting as she left the house. I heard Kay’s phone buzz from where he had left it by the couch.

“Wow, she’s such a bitch!” I looked over and saw Cal and Penny both peering from a crack in Cal’s door. “Way to tell her off, Dad!”

“Please stop calling her that,” I sighed as I picked up Kay’s phone.


“What’d she text him?”

“I’m not going to read his personal texts. I’m taking his phone to him.” I headed towards the bedroom door, feeling sick. When I got very close I could hear the muffled sobs of Kay. I straightened my shoulders and went inside. “Kay?”

He pushed himself into a half-sitting position on the bed. “D-did she… l-leave?”

“Yeah. She sent you something, I think.” I handed him the phone but he only just stared blankly at it. “It’s probably a lot of nasty stuff about me. I think she hates me even more now. I might have… said a few things to upset her.” I sat next to him, hunched over, feeling terrible. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it, she just–“


“Wh-whatever you said, I d-don’t care.” Kay wrapped his arms around me and put his face against my chest, making it awkward for me to sit in any position other than my arms around him as well, so I happily took hold of his body. “She’s s-so angry at me now. But I d-don’t… I don’t f-feel as… upset about th-that as the l-last time we fought. Is th-that bad of me?”

“No,” I told him. “The things you told her were the truth, and how you feel. Don’t feel bad about that.”

Kay sniffled, nuzzling closer to me. “I l-love you.”

“I love you too.”

After another minute or so, he sat up, wiping his eyes. “Wh-when do you think the k-kids will be okay with w-watching Misha?”

“Um, I dunno. I think he’s about at the right age that he could be left with them for a couple hours on their own… why?”


“It’s s-selfish…”

“What is?”

“I just–I w-w-want to go out. I w-want…” He hesitated now, turning his head away with a slight look of guilt on his face. “I j-just want to go out… have a d-date… try to calm down. But it’s s-stupid.”

“No, it’s not.” I took his hand, squeezing. “I’ll talk to Cal and Penny and see if they’re willing to watch him for an hour or two this evening, if you want.” I was more confident with leaving Misha in the hands of Penny than with Cal, but I did trust them both. They knew how to feed him properly, and burp him, and change him. “And we’d have a phone with us in case of anything,” I added out loud.

Kay’s forehead wrinkled a bit as he looked at me. “You… w-want to go out t-tonight?”


“I think it’s a great idea,” I assured him with a kiss. “You try and relax, and I’ll go talk to the kids. All right?” He nodded and, after another quick kiss, I went to discuss the idea with the kids who were happy to babysit for a short period of time. Well, Penny was. Cal was still overly excited about Jay getting ‘attacked’ and her, as he put it, ‘retreat’. I really wasn’t in the mood to complain, so I just let it be for the time being.


After a long day, I was looking forward to going out. Kay was miserable all day long until it got closer to our agreed upon time. He perked up a bit and got a shower, talking about how he was looking forward to maybe having a drink. “B-but not much,” he added seriously to me.

I went over a lot of Misha instructions with Cal and Penny, we made sure all phones were in working order, and then Kay and I left. We were going to a club in town for some dancing and a drink or two. Well, he was probably going to have a drink which meant none for me. Which was fine–I think he needed it loads more than I did.

When we got there, I was beyond shocked we only had to pay half. It was apparently 21 and under night. We got our hands stamped with the indication we could have alcoholic beverages before being shooed in. I was only 21? That was just so freaking weird.


The music was loud, getting louder as we made our way into the actual club. I couldn’t help but grin. It had been ages since I had been to a club, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. “Want to dance for a bit?” I shouted at Kay. His face was screwed up as he tried to hear me so I repeated it until he got the message. He nodded so we went out to the dance floor. I had no idea of this club was gay-friendly or not but it didn’t seem to matter. Bodies were everywhere, sex seemed to be no issue. I had no clue who was dancing with who. Plus the fact we weren’t going to dirty dance… though we were awfully close due to the crowd. Kay seemed edgy at first but slowly his face relaxed and he began moving more with the music.

We danced for quite a while before taking a break to go get something to drink. Kay ordered the house special while I took a virgin daiquiri. We found seats in a not-so-crowded spot where we could lean in close and talk. “I’m r-really enjoying this!” Kay exclaimed over the music as he took a sip of his drink.


“We’ll have to go clubbing again sometime soon!” I replied, and he grinned, nodding and taking another sip and then another. Soon his glass was drained and he excused himself for a second one. I sat back, watching the lights and the people, listening to the music, sipping my own drink… This was great. It was what was needed, I figured. Maybe next time we could take a cab and I could have something to drink too since that special looked pretty delicious.


Kay returned and, after we finished our drinks, we went out to dance again and then he had a third drink, and then a fourth. I wasn’t sure how much alcohol was in the special but I could tell he was getting very tipsy. When he excused himself for a fifth, I took his wrist and indicated the time. I had been checking the phone constantly in case the kids needed us and twice had texted, getting the response that everything was fine. Still, we had been gone two full hours and that was the absolute longest I wanted to be gone. Especially with Kay now obviously drunk.


I had to help him to the car since he nearly fell over twice. “I’m fine!” he protested when I asked. I got him buckled in then got in the driver’s seat. As soon as I did, Kay was unbuckling himself. “Let’s make out,” he said simply then grabbed my face, kissing me hard without waiting for a response. My eyes snapped open wide in shock but I gave in for just a few seconds before pulling away.

“We’re in a rather public place,” I pointed out. “And we do need to get home.”

“Fine,” he sighed, rebuckling. “Let’s get home. To bed.”

“Um, yeah–to bed… I think that’d be a good place to be.” Although we didn’t get too far before I realized he wasn’t feeling too good at all. I reached over to touch his forehead and managed to get the idea he was really warm before he took my hand and started kissing it, murmuring once more about bed and that we should put Misha’s crib in the living room for the night. “If you know what I mean,” he added, biting gently down on my thumb.

Okay, I thought, wrenching my hand away. He’s very drunk. And he looked as if he were going to be sick. I rolled down his window but it just seemed to make it worse so I pulled off the main road and went to a little isolated park I knew about. I pulled over and helped him out over to a park bench where he slumped down, groaning. “Hold on,” I said, pushing some of his hair back. “I’ll get you some water.”


I got up to go to the car but his fingers went around my wrist. “No, I’m fine,” he said. “Sit here with me.” With that, he pulled me down next to him. “Mmmm…” His arms went tight around me and within seconds I felt his tongue on my neck.

“Ahhh–Kay, dear, you’re um, very drunk…”

“Yes, yes I am.” His hand moved to my thigh, sliding inward until he was holding onto my crotch.

I squirmed, feeling both extremely excited and extremely uncomfortable. I tried to push him away but that just seemed to egg him on more until he was half-straddling me and I didn’t dare push him off because he’d fall off to the ground. “Kay, stop–you’re–please stop–“


“No. You want me, I know you do. I want you. I said so earlier and I meant it.” He moved his hand that was in my lap and I had the feeling he was trying to unbutton my pants. I shifted my weight so I was tilting him towards the bench (or attempting to) and tried prying his other arm off of my waist. “Noooo, stop. Stop. No. Don’t.” He wriggled his body so he was even more on my lap.

“Kay. Darling. You are extremely dr–” He cut my words off with a kiss, his tongue probing deep into my mouth. I couldn’t help but moan in response, my body reacting to the kiss and his touch. He managed to get the button undone and I felt his fingers working their way into my underwear. I managed to get my head away and grabbed his arm, trying to stop him from going farther in even though the tips were brushing against my member. Oh. Watcher. I was getting hornier and hornier from this, but I needed to stay strong and not give in to doing something we’d regret.


“Stop stopping me!” Kay protested, frowning deeply.

“No. Kay, you’re drunk. Sit down on the bench and I’ll get you some water.”

“I don’t want water, I want you. I want to have sex.”

I jerked at that and began trying more to push him off my lap and onto the bench. He was putting up quite a struggle and I was getting fearful someone might pass by and misinterpret this situation. Apparently when he was drunk he lost his inhibitions along with his stammer. “Kay! Sit down on the bench.”

“No. Let’s have sex. I could give you a blow job.”

“Holy hell, Kay, how drunk are you?!”


“Extremely.” He did get off my lap now, slithering off my lap and onto the ground in front of me. Oh shit no. I tried to get up but his hands were on my lap, pinning me down. “I get very horny when I’m drunk,” he added, looking up at me from between my legs.

“You–uhhhh–d-d-d-didn’t warn me about that,” I squeaked, trying to figure out a way out of this. Part of me didn’t want a way out of this, but I had to stop him before it got worse. “Kay if you–OH WATCHER!” He had pulled me out, exposing me to the chilly air. “Stop, stop, Kay! Right n-now!” I grabbed his shoulders and pushed back but he dug his knees into the ground, scowling as he pushed his weight towards me.

“No! I don’t want to stop! Stop pushing me! I want to have sex!”

I took a risk to let go of one of his shoulders so I could tuck myself in, but before I could manage very well he had gotten free of my other hand and was taking hold of my hands and pushing them away, head ducking down into my lap. I jerked my hips back and managed to maneuver my arms in a way to push him backwards. Unfortunately, as I didn’t have much balance sitting like that, I went forward too and wound up on top of him on the ground.


Kay grinned. “See? You’re in the mood.”

I gulped, feeling ill. I wanted to… just… do things. But it was very wrong and I knew perfectly well if I allowed anything to happen we’d both regret it later. Especially since if I gave in I wasn’t sure I could stop things before it got to the point of sex. I definitely wasn’t ready for that. And he even less so. He wasn’t even ready for what he had just done, as during our struggle he had managed to brush his lips against my penis. “Kay…. I do want you but…”


“But nothing.” He rolled over, dragging me with him so now I was under him. “I love you. You love me?”

“Yes but–“

“Good.” And down he went, clamping his mouth down around my cock before I could stop him. I gasped loudly, hips bucking a bit, pleasure locking my body up for a split second.


He looked up at me, very sad now. “But… you don’t… want me?”


“I want you, Kay, I want you but–AHHHH! NOnonono!” I moaned as he had gone down to give me another suck. “Not like this, we’ll both be very upset tomorrow about it, you will hate both of us if I l–let this go–any more.”

“I won’t, I want you and I want to do this when I’m not all… prudish,” he said with a pout.

Since he was distracted I was able to put myself back in my pants and get them buttoned up. “Kay. You are drunk. We’re not doing anything while you’re drunk. If you still want to… when you’re sober… we can. All right?”

“No. I want to now. I… I wa…. wahhh…”

“Are you okay?”


Kay scrunched his face up. “Uhhhh…. yeah… I uhh… w… oh…. ohhhh….” And with that he rolled over away from me and vomited all over the ground. I scrambled over to help him and by the time I got to him he was done vomiting and was now unconscious. Sighing, I pulled him up into my arms with a lot of difficulty and got him back to the car, deciding never to let him drink again.