The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Thirty-Three

Sunlit Tides was prettier than I could ever imagine. I was staring out the plane window as soon as the island was in sight and I had the feeling I’d have to buy more rolls of film because holy cow this place was gorgeous.

I hadn’t really been expecting a honeymoon but Kay had really wanted to take me on one. Calcifer had packed my suitcases for me so I wouldn’t have any clue where we were going. We had a night flight the night of our wedding, leaving Cal and Penny home alone which was nerve-wracking enough, though Kiev promised to check in daily and I’d probably call a bazillion times.


“Sunlit Tides,” I breathed out when we stepped out of the taxi in front of the rented house we’d be staying in for the nine days. “Oh Kay this is amazing.”

“I w-w-was hoping you’d like it,” he said, squeezing my hand. I pulled him close and kissed him. “Let’s g-go see!”

We went inside and explored the little place which was beautiful. There wasn’t a ton to it but it did include an indoor hot tub, plus it was right on the beach. I had gotten very little sleep on the plane ride but I was wide awake now. I kept dragging Kay all over the small house and going, “Look at this!” to everything.

After I called Calcifer to make sure everything was going well, we got the suitcases into the bedroom with was on the second floor. The hot tub was in the bedroom, right up against the back of the bed. It was all very sexy and romantic. Sexy, I thought. I was gonna have sex. At some point today, probably not now since Kay looked ready to drop.


“You wanna take a nap?” I asked.

“Th-that’d be nice,” he said with a yawn. “You w-want to, too?”

“We can snuggle up together,” I said, reaching out to touch his hair, enjoying the light blush that spread across his cheeks. “Husband,” I added with a kiss.

“Husband,” he replied with a nod. “I d-don’t want to ever be tired of saying th-that wonderful word.”

“Me either.”


We kissed again, and once more before kicking off our shoes and climbing into the big bed. We didn’t bother with changing clothes, and as soon as my arms went around Kay he fell asleep. I stayed up for a while long just holding and watching him before finally drifting into sleep as well.



I woke up to a warm breeze floating through the open window, the sound of the waves crashing outside, the smell of the sea air… and to Kay snuggled close in my arms. Pretty much one of the most incredible ways to wake up. I held him for a bit, just watching him sleep. Finally though I carefully wiggled my way free to go get some food since I was staving.

My nap had lasted about two and a half hours. I was still a bit tired but that was fine, it just meant being able to sleep at some point that night. We had a long way between then and now. A lot of time for… things…


I began unpacking the food we brought. Canned stuff, dry goods. Nothing needing the fridge. We’d buy that here. Money, I thought as I frowned at a can of tuna. Kay had paid for almost everything for the wedding, except my suit which I bought. Kay was paying for this honeymoon. He paid most the bills, and bought our food, most our clothes… and apparently a house.

Money had only been important to me for one reason: providing for a family. Other than that I never cared about it, or was interested in it. But now I was really curious about Kay. Being able to afford all this on a research assistant job? Either he had a lot of money tucked away somewhere or he was acclimating a lot of debt.


I went to the bottom of the staircase. “Down here,” I called out. “I’m putting the food away and then going to make a sandwich. Do you want something?”

He popped his head over the railing and gave me a sleepy nod. “Y-yes please.”


I returned to the kitchenette area and finished putting the food away before making two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I grabbed two warmish pops, a bag of chips, and then plopped down on the sofa just as Kay came downstairs in clothes different from earlier.

“Shorts,” I said, eyeing his legs in surprise.


He began blushing hard and backing up. “I’ll g-go change–“

“No! No, sorry! I didn’t mean it in a bad way!” I said quickly. “I was surprised, that’s all. You have nice legs. Bring them over here.” I patted the sofa next to me and slowly he came over, sitting down. “You look good in shorts,” I promised with a kiss, deciding to change in a bit.

We turned on the TV and found a nice movie to watch while we ate and discussed our plans for today. We both wanted to go to the beach, and also do a little bit of grocery shopping. The Big Question was not asked though I ached to ask him about it. The subject of sex was still not brought up by the time we left the house, though.


“I think w-we should r-rent some bikes,” he said, realizing we had no way of getting around the place.

I reached over and took his hand. “Then let’s go find a bike rental shop.”

Renting two bikes for eight days was pricey. I tried to protest to Kay but he shook his head and gave the shop the money. “We need to get a-around the island and w-w-walking would t-take too long,” he pointed out.

Screenshot-683 Screenshot-687

It had been a while since I rode a bicycle but really that stupid saying was right. Soon as I got on, after a small wobble, I was sailing down the roads with Kay at my side. I laughed as we went enjoying this feeling immensely. It felt like I was on top of the world! It felt unreal. Incredibly unreal. Biking through a tropical island with my husband. I glanced down at the wedding band on my left finger. It felt so right there, so perfect. Which was probably because it was supposed to be there. I don’t mean that in the sense of ‘that’s where wedding bands go’ but in the sense of ‘my hand was made for a wedding band for Kay’.

The grocery store was small but well-stocked. And a bit price-y for tourists, but we had figured that. We bought the fridge food as well as a map before biking back home. It’d be getting dark soonish, but there was plenty of light still out. Kay suggested we go to the beach, and I laughed since the beach was pretty much our backyard.

We got changed into our swimming trunks which was an interesting ordeal. Kay just stood there clutching his and staring down at them for a good five minutes before I suggested he use the bathroom. Looking a bit unwary he stepped into the bathroom, face flushed in an uncomfortable way when he stepped back out.


“I probably sh-shouldn’t… I n-n-need to… I…”


I kissed him, pulling him against me, letting my hand slide around his bare waist and onto his back. “I love you,” I murmured, nuzzling into his neck.

He pressed against me briefly before pulling away. “L-let’s go,” he said, taking hold of my hand and leading me out of the house. We went outside where we slathered each other with sunscreen. He gave a slight, barely audible moan when I slid my fingers into the inside of the top of his trunks, running my fingers around.

“It can burn there, too,” I whispered.

He blushed and then carefully slid his fingers into the tops of my trunks, mimicking my movements. Only slower. My moan was a lot louder than his and I wanted to take him right there and then. I bent in and kissed him hard. He pulled his arms up, wrapping them around me, kissing back.


We both gave muffled noises of surprise when we fell back into the sand but kept kissing, mine getting more and more fervent with each one. I rested my hands on his waist, resisting the urge to push his trunks down.


Resisting the urge to put my hand in. Because we were–

“Oh Watcher!” I pulled back, blushing hard as I looked around. There was nobody in sight.

Kay propped himself up, looking confused. “What hap-happened?”

I shook my head. “Nothing,” I said. “Just… realized we shouldn’t be doing this in a public spot.” Now he was looking around, relief crossing his face when he noticed we were indeed alone. “Sorry. I…”


“No, it’s f-fine,” he promised and he got up, offering a hand to me. “L-let’s go swim and th-then later we c-can… c-c-c… c-c… c… continue.”


He didn’t sound so sure of it, and I wasn’t sure either but I trotted out into the water with him. We swam and splashed, laughing and having quite a bit of fun. It was nice seeing him grinning so much, his eyes crinkling at the corners. We held each other and kissed in the ocean quite a bit too, and finally got out when the sun started to set.

After another phone call back home (“Dad everything is fine!”) we had a dinner of mac and cheese with tuna, eating it out on the deck, enjoying the colors playing on the waves. I got out my camera and took several pictures–of the ocean, of the house, and most of all of Kay who blushed and held up his hands, squeaking that he wasn’t a very good subject.

“You’re the best subject to me,” I whispered, kissing him behind the ear.

We went back inside and both got quick, separate showers to rinse the salt water off our bodies. Then since I was the second one to get a shower I emerged from the bathroom completely naked. “Wanna get in the hot tub?” I asked, trying to sound seductive.


Kay just stared openly at my bare body for several more seconds before he looked away, flushing red. “I–I–I… y-yes?”

“Only if you want to,” I said but he was already by the hot tub, reading the instructions. It didn’t take him long to figure out how to get it working and soon I was slipping into the warm, bubbling water. Still naked, of course. Kay was wearing sweatpants, standing over the hot tub with an anxious look on his face.


“I’m n-not used to this,” he said in a terrified voice, almost on the verge of tears.

I got up, carefully stepping out. “Hey, hey now, what’s wrong?” I asked, finger under his chin.

Now tears did start falling. “I’m a f-f-failure as a husband already and w-we’ve only been married a day,” he sniffled.

“You’re not a failure,” I told him firmly. “Why would you say that? Why would you think that?”


“B-because I’m s-scared to undress in f-front of you, I’m–I’m s-scared to be… n-n-n-naked in front of you, and I sh-shouldn’t feel that way!” he cried out, wrapping his arms around me, pressing his face against my chest.

I rubbed his back gently. “Why are you scared? I love you, I think you look wonderful.”

He shook his head. “It’s n-n-n-not that, I just… I don’t know wh-why I feel this way. I l-love you too, Jacob, I’ve always l-loved you and–and I know I sh-shouldn’t feel this way, there’s no reason f-for it, but I do. My b-brain is just… saying things I kn-know aren’t real but–but–oh, I’m p-probably making no sense.”

“You are.” I pushed him back a bit so I could look into his face. “In the weeks before the wedding, I was having panic attacks.” His mouth opened a bit, a surprised squeak coming out. “All I could think of was the fact Nicky just… did what she did. And my parents never loving me. My brain kept trying to convince me that you didn’t either.”

“I do–“


“I know. There was no reason for that either, other than my past experiences,” I said slowly. “I knew you loved me, I knew we’d get married. I knew I could trust you with everything. But I still felt so scared, and worried, and panicky. So you do make sense to me. You’ve had a lonely life… you said you never expected to be married. Did you ever expect to… to do stuff like this?” I inquired and he shook his head. “It’s the unknown for you. That’s going to be scary.” I pulled him back against me, saying the words my heart and mind agreed with, but my body didn’t want to say. “We don’t have to do anything until you’re ready for it.”

“It’s our honeym-moon,” he mumbled into my chest.

“So? We can kiss. Make out. Go slow.”


“We’re m-married, we should–“

“We should be doing what we want to do, and not what is expected of us.” I kissed his shoulder, up his neck and onto his lips. “We’ll go slow, okay?”

He kissed back, fingers brushing against my chest. “I don’t d-deserve you.” Before I could argue he added, “Maybe I c-could get drunk?”

NO!” I snapped more than I meant to. Kay winced. “No,” I said softly now. “No. I don’t want to do that. You’re not touching any alcohol for a while. Or else.”


I trailed my finger lightly down his cheek. “We can just go slow.”

“You’re incredible…”

“Mmm, you are,” I whispered, kissing the trail my finger had made.

He giggled slightly. “I th-think you are.”

“Well, I think you are.”

He breathed in, leaning forward against me. “Do you c-consider me really sm-smart?” he asked out of no where.

“Uh, yeah? The smartest guy I’ve ever met.”


Now he was smirking. “So if the sm-smarted guy you’ve ever m-met says you’re incredible, wouldn’t th-that be right?”

“A–d–ahh–” I sputtered as he just smirking even more. “Don’t–use that logic on me!” I insisted, tickling his ribs. He shrieked and tried to pull away but I just held him close, tickling him. We struggled a bit and then fell back on the bed, me on top of him in the position I really wanted to stay in but decided if he wanted to go slow, I should get up.

“No,” he said when I started to move. “W-wait.” He wrapped his arms around me, kissing me, pulling me down against his body. “C-can I… t-touch… it?”

I tried my best not to laugh. “Darling, you have my permission to touch anything you want.”


He got a funny look on his face but slowly moved his hand until his fingers were against my cock. I moaned out loudly at the touch, using all my willpower not to buck against his hand. He began moving his hand, his fingers, squeezing and pulling carefully. I began panting and groaning as he became more rhythmical though still unsure and awkward. Kay bit his bottom lip, looking at my face with a deep blush across his cheeks as he continued jerking me off.

“Is th-this okay?” His voice was so low it took me a few seconds to register what was said.

“Watcher don’t stop,” I moaned in response. I gripped the sheets as he began to go a bit faster, trying to hold desperately onto not cumming so fast but after another couple of minutes it was too much. I made a loud, pleasured sound as I exploded onto his hand and stomach.

We both remained motionless in a confused silence until I finally bent in to kiss him. “You doing okay?” I asked.

“Y-yeah.” He let go of my cock and pulled back a bit, sitting up. I slid off the bed and grabbed a towel off the table. He reached for it but I shook my head, cleaning his hands and stomach off for him, careflly making sure I wiped all my semen off of him before moving to clean myself.


“I’ve n-n-n-never done anything l-like that before.”

“Even to your–” I started but then remember how he had acted a while ago when we were getting hot and bothered, about getting a cold shower. “Well, that was… wow.” I thought for a second then smiled. “Do you want me to return the favor?” I teased.

“Ahhh! I–I don’t… umm–“


“Maybe tomorrow,” I said with a wink. He nodded slowly. “I still stand by what I said about going slow, okay? Tell me ‘no’ if you don’t want to do something. I mean, I’ll say ‘no’ for stuff I don’t want.”

“But you’re r-ready for… th-this sort of thing,” he sighed. “I’m j-just pathetic.”

“You’re not pathetic, you’re just… new to all this.” I eyed the hot tub which was still going. “You wanna get in? We can wear our swim trunks, or you can if you don’t mind me being, er, naked.”


He thought for a moment then nodded, grabbing his second pair of swimming trunks. He went in the bathroom to change while I got back into the hot tub, trying not to selfishly hope that he would be ready for more sexual activities soon…