The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Thirty-Four

Author’s note: In case you didn’t see my previous note, I am changing a bit the way I do things. There will be fewer pictures in the chapters so I will have an easier time in updating and be able to get chapters out regularly. I hope you guys continue to enjoy the Dannings! Also this chapter has a lot of sexual content. The sex scenes will be a bit more detailed than I previously thought… but I enjoyed writing it and thought I might as well keep it in because this is a mature legacy so there you go. If you don’t want to read about the sex then stop reading after the massages.


Even though our night consisted of talking in the hot tub then snuggling up before sleep, I woke up feeling extremely happy. I held Kay’s body against mine, reveling in the warmth and feel of having him there. I didn’t want to ever stop having this joy of waking up with him in my arms.

After about ten minutes of me being awake, Kay finally awoke too. He rolled over and sleepily nuzzled into me, mumbling something that sorta sounded like a ‘good morning’. I kissed the top of his head. “Good morning to you too.”

He lifted his face, giving me a dazed smile. “L-let’s jut stay like th-this for a while?”

“Mmm, I like that idea.”

So we stayed in bed for a good long while, leaving only to use the restroom and then when I went to fix breakfast. I brought it up and we ate it in bed, listening to the waves and the seagulls.


Finally we did emerge properly, going out onto the balcony to snuggle and canoodle on the love seat.

We spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon in the waves. Then we biked around the islands for some sightseeing, had dinner at an incredibly beautiful restaurant, and then returned back to the house for the night. I decided not to ask Kay what he wanted to do. I just stripped down to nothing and got in the hot tub, figuring if he wanted to join me he could. I was quite pleased when he did though he wore his swimming shorts.

“There’s a little sauna area in the basement,” I said after he settled into my arms. “With the massage table. I was thinking maybe tomorrow I could pick up a book about massaging and… give it a try?” I ran my hand firmly across his shoulders towards me and then back again, sliding up around his far shoulder so I could go down onto his chest, leaving my fingers resting lightly against his nipple.


“Mm, th-that sounds nice,” he murmured then he leaned against me so he could kiss my chin. I soon moved my head so we were kissing each other and then he rolled over against me, arms around me, kissing even harder.

I tried not to shift positions but I couldn’t help it, his bare belly pressed down against my cock and I was getting very horny from this. I pulled him up higher against me and then squeezed his legs between mine, trying not to push up against him. But as our kisses grew firmer I couldn’t stop myself from rolling my hips just a bit, rubbing my erection against his, though his remained behind cloth. Kay gave a light moan in my mouth then pulled suddenly away, beet red.

“I’m sorry,” I panted as he knelt between my legs, looking rather panicked. “I–I’m sorry, I–“

“S’all r-r-right,” he squeaked out, biting his bottom lip. Then he slid forward and began kissing me again, very hesitantly laying back down against my body. I squeezed my legs around his again but this time did not move my hips… only soon Kay began moving his, rubbing against me. I bit down lightly at his lip then just began panting as he began moving a bit faster. His head lolled away from mine, pressing into my neck. I wrapped my arms around him, jerking my hips in rhythm with his. We moved even faster, grinding hard against one another in a satisfying manner. Not quite what I had hoped for, but it felt so damn good especially since he sorta initiated it. Just when I felt on the verge of cumming, he gave a shudder and cried out. I could feel him through the cloth going limp as he ejaculated.

He gave a few ragged, heavy gasps of air and then pressed into me fully, shaking a bit. “You all right?” I whispered, trying to ignore my own aching need.

“I…” He then said something but as his mouth was against my shoulder I couldn’t quite make it out. Eventually he raised his head a bit, turning so his cheek now rested against my shoulder. “I w-w-w-wasn’t expecting th-that.”

“Did you like it…?”


He breathed slowly as the seconds ticked by, eyes closed, but he finally nodded. “Y-yes.”

“Do you want to do more?”

Now his eyes opened and he stared up at me. I waited an eternity for his answer which turned out to be… “N-not right now… b-but… yes… I th-think I’d like to d-d-d-do more… soon…”

I kissed his forehead. “All right, sounds good to me.” I then nearly excused myself to go to the bathroom, to finish taking care of my boner, but then figured why should I hide? “Do you mind if I, uh…” I cleared my throat. “Uh, finish the job on my end of things?”

He looked rather puzzled then flushed red. “I could d-d-do that for you… if you w-want…” After I gave the go ahead he reached into the water and began awkwardly stroking me, rubbing his thumb along my tip and squeezing gently until I felt that intense, pleasurable release. Then we snuggled close for a while in a dozy state of happiness until we decided we were too sleepy to stay in the tub and it was time to drain the dirty water out and snuggle in bed instead.



“…is fine, Dad, I promise. We haven’t been using the stove or oven, we just have sandwiches or microwaved meals. Yes, I’m making sure to lock the house up whenever we go out. Huh? Kiev’s visited a lot. More than he needs to. Dad, Penny and I are old enough to take care of ourselves. He made us food though, last night. Um. Knish I think it’s called? And schcik… shckc… shch… uh some sort of cabbage soup. STOP LAUGHING! It was all right. I liked the knish better. Look, I need to go. I have a lot of homework to do. I’m glad you’re having a good time, Dad. Tell Kay I said hello. Love you Dad.”

I hung up the phone with a heavy sigh. Kay wrapped his arms around me, inquiring how the kids were doing and I repeated most of what Cal had told me. I knew they were both doing well but of course I couldn’t help but worry about Cal being on his own, especially for seven more days.

“He’s a g-good kid, and P-P-Penny has a good head on her sh-shoulder,” Kay reminded me as he nuzzled into the back of my neck. “Why don’t we g-go downstairs and t-try out the book and… and…”

“Oils?” I offered, turning and grinning as he turned red. We had gone shopping buying souvenirs as well a book on massaging and a few massaging oils, to take advantage of the table in the basement of the house.  I felt giddy as Kay and I descended down the steps. There was a table for massaging against one wall and a sauna type thing against the other wall.

I opened the book as Kay removed his clothes. I noticed that while he went a bit slow he seemed more comfortable with removing his clothes in front of me. He continued until he stood in his tightie-whities. I set the book aside and went to him, giving his neck a kiss. “Or we could make out,” I suggested and he gave a nervous giggle putting his arms around my neck. We fell back against the table, kissing for quite a while until he gave me a gentle push back.

“L-let’s try the massage tech-techniques out…”

“Oookay.” I picked up a bottle of oil but then raised an eyebrow as Kay suggested I take off most my clothes ‘in case’. In case of what? I didn’t ask, and didn’t care. Off went my shirt, shoes, and pants so I had nothing but my own undies on. As Kay stretched out on the table I drizzled a bit of the oil onto my hands.


I began massaging his back slowly, carefully. I stayed pretty much around the middle of his back for a while then moved to his shoulders. He let out delicious sounding moans as I worked which only seemed to grow as I moved my hands down to right above his butt cheeks. I got his legs and his arms as well before we decided to switch places.


The massage felt amazing. Not professional but definitely made better by the fact it was Kay rubbing his hands on me. He placed light kisses along my shoulder blades and even slid his fingers in the waistband of my boxers, running along just above my cheeks. I was definitely aroused by all this and when I glanced sideways I knew he felt the same.

We spent an hour and a half being touched by one another through massaging and once he finished with giving me mine, I tried to quell the need for more. Instead of waiting for him to come up with something to do I stretched and suggested we get dressed and go for a walk along the beach. To my surprise he suggested we go upstairs to the bedroom. I paused in mid-stretch, staring at him with a slightly open mouth.

“All right,” I finally said and followed him up the stairs with our clothes remaining down in the basement. We reached the bed and he sort of hovered there, looking exceedingly anxious. Then carefully he began pushing down his undies. I sucked in some air and watched, remaining very quiet in case I spooked him or something. He climbed out of his underpants and stood there, arms across his belly, body radiating embarrassment, looking like he wanted to run off.

I focused on his face as I stepped towards him. “You are so beautiful,” I whispered, placing my fingers along his cheeks.

Kay smiled a bit then glanced away. “I… I think.. I’m r-ready…”

“Are you sure?” I asked, trying not to beam happily at those words but I did grin pretty widely. Kay nodded and began tugging at my boxers. “Ah–ohhh–okay. Uh.”

“If you w-w-want, of c-course.”

“Oh. I want.” I gave a groan as he pushed my boxers down. “I want you very much, Kay.”


We kissed slowly, our lips meeting and parting intermittently. I skimmed my fingers across his back and down around his waist then sweeping up to his nipples. He squeaked at the touch then leaned into me. Our bare cocks touched and it felt like a fire sparked, consuming me with passion.

“W-wait,” he said, pulling back and I felt like all the air was being let out of me. I wanted to collapse in frustration. “You… h-have… um… w-well, do we need…?” He looked at me quizzically. “I’ve never–never–done anyth-thing… and… do we need… c-cond…” He trailed off, unable to finish the word.

“I’m clean,” I said honestly, the moment of frustration fading away. “I guess it’s up to you. I did bring some, in case you wanted to use one.”

He chewed at his bottom lip then shook his head, sitting on the edge of the bed and scooting back until he sat near the pillows. “Wh-what about… um… it… we shouldn’t… f-from what I understand about–th-this type of…” He paused and pulled his knees up awkwardly. “We shouldn’t… just… go… w-without…”

I translated his hesitant speech and figured out what he meant. I moved to the wardrobe, pulling a drawer open and holding up a small bottle. “Lube?” I asked and he whimpered, though more out of surprise than anything else. “We don’t need to do this, Kaleb…”

“I w-want to have s-s-sex. I do. I’m just… scared.” He lay down on his back, knees together a bit as he stared up as I sat down next to him. “You’ll… b-be…?”

“I’ll be gentle, and slow.” Carefully he parted his legs and I moved between them. “At any point if you want me to stop, I will. Just tell me.”

“I w-will,” he promised in a hoarse whisper. I lubed myself up then began adjusting his legs a bit, starting to worry about this myself. I had only had sex one way in my life before and it sure didn’t involve this entrance to the body. Please don’t let him be hurt, please let this go well, I thought as I carefully probed him with a finger to get some of the lube in him. He gave a loud gasp and his muscles tightened. I swallowed and kept pushing carefully.

Once I felt he would be as okay as he could be I scooted closer, pressing against him. “I love you,” I said, trying not to shake. I had a strong erection and knew I wouldn’t last long once I entered him.

“L-l-love you,” he said. “I w-want to, I want to.”


He cried out in pain and I felt that white-hot pleasure getting ready to burst. I concentrated on his face as I stayed still, letting him get used to the–the feel. I wondered vaguely what it felt like, and rather hoped to one day very soon find out.

That thought made me come almost instantly and I bit down on my bottom lip hard, leaking a bit into him. After a moment I began moving into him, watching his face. He had his head turned, his fingers digging into the sheets. “You all right?” I asked and he gave a quick nod. “Okay. I’m going to go in a bit more.” He whimpered loudly, nodding to acknowledge my words.

We spent a total of two minutes having sexual intercourse. One and a half minutes had been spent with the first inch of my penis in him not doing anything. Once I started pushing in a bit more the ecstasy started becoming too much for me to contain and the first time I pulled back a bit to push in more I came, crying out his name as I did.

I slumped forward, trying to find my breath in this dizzy wave of pleasure. I wasn’t sure if I should pull out or not but he reached down to take my hands, telling me to continue for another minute. I did this slowly and used my other hand to gently squeeze him until he had his moment of release. His entire body shook as he did and then he went completely limp, limbs and all.

I pulled out and then lay down next to him, arms tight around his body. He breathed heavily not reacting to my hug at first but finally sliding closer to me. A dozen things went through my head to say then figured there was only one thing to say.

“I love you,” I whispered, holding him closer.

He gave a very quiet, happy sigh. “I love you t-too.”

We both drifted off to sleep, naked, cum-splattered, and barely any sweat on us from our first time lovemaking–and what a perfect time it had been. I couldn’t ever have dreamed up a better person to be my partner than Kay.

Whoa. Possible idea? Please read~

I’ve been wanting to get back to Dannings. But then I think “ugh pictures.” and don’t. I’ve been focusing mostly on Danevbies and PB, and it’s been great only dealing with the two. But I miss Shadows and miss Dannings.

I even considered giving up Dannings, or ending it in gen one so it’s be a story. I really considered it despite my love for gen two.

Then a thought struck me.

What if I don’t get many pictures? I know a sim story/legacy relies heavily on pictures… but what do you guys think? Like, maybe a picture for every 500ish words or so? If the chapter is 3000 words long that’d be six pictures. Like, would you guys be okay with that? Sometimes there might be more pictures depending on the scene or if I feel like it.

But seriously, I want feedback on it. Even though I will probably do it… I want to hear from you guys about if you would mind or not. Because I want to continue this so bad and picture taking is really the biggest obstacle in doing these legacies, I don’t think I want to completely take out picture taking, especially since gen two is so cute -w-

So, what do you guys think about this compromise? I’m kinda excited about it. I mean if I do this I could easily get multiple chapters ready ahead of time. Like, I would not mind going into game and getting say, twenty or so pictures for three chapters in one go and update throughout the week.

And for those who really, really want pictures, would this really turn you off a lot? :\ I want my readers to be happy but I don’t think anyone is happy right now–especially me–with Dannings not being updated.

Thanks for the input guys. It means a lot! ❤