The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Thirty-Five

I woke up to a strange, lovely sensation and my eyes snapped opened wide when I realized: warm, damp lips pressing against my chest, paying very close attention to the areas around my nipples. “I could get used to this,” I murmured, putting my arms around Kay and basking in this feeling.

“Morning,” he said softly, nuzzling. After a couple more kisses he scootched up a bit higher so our lips could meet.

“How do you feel this morning?” I asked, stroking his cheek.

His eyelashes fluttered a bit. “S-sore.”

I chuckled a bit, reaching down to stroke along his hipbones. “That’s to be expected. Besides sore how are you?”


Kay turned a cute shade of pink. “Very g-g-good. Um. Very. G-g-good. I um… w-want… um…”

He didn’t continue the sentence but I could feel against my leg what he wanted. “Mmmm. I don’t know if we should, if you’re so sore. At least not right now. But. We could do other things,” I said and he gave me a questioning look. Taking in a deep, nervous breath I slid under the covers to show him what I meant. I had no idea really how to do this but I gave it all my all and it seemed he really enjoyed it by the shrieks he made. Once he came–most of it on my face–I exited the covers and saw the flushed, pleased look he now had. He panted a bit, not able to find words. Satisfied with how much satisfaction he obviously had gotten, I went to clean up in the bathroom and felt overwhelmingly happy that we had finally gotten over this hurdle.


That day we spent our time inside which really was best since Kay felt sore and had to use the bathroom often. He spent most his time on his stomach on the couch, his head in my lap. I stroked his hair as we watched movies. Occasionally I bent down to kiss at his temples. He smiled up at me and seemed very content, which made me very content.


That night we made love again. I hadn’t been sure if he’d want to but he told me he did. Nervously, but still. So he wrapped his arms and legs around me tightly as I went slowly, pushing in deeper than I had gone before. He whimpered and moan, body wriggling a bit as I went. I pulled out then thrust in again, this great pulsing feeling of ecstasy filling my body.

This time he came first and I did shortly after, continuing slow thrusts into him for a good while before finally pulling out. Kay curled up a bit, arms to his chest, body red from blushing. Silently I went into the bathroom to get a warm, damp cloth. “You feeling all right?” I asked as I began scrubbing him off.

“It hurts a b-b-bit,” he said, watching my arm move. “You d-don’t need to…”

“I know,” I said, kissing along his belly following the trail the washcloth made. “But I want to. Does it feel good?”

“Y… yes… a l-lot…” He stretched out his body out, back arching a bit. “W-want me to… to you…?”

“It’s fine,” I promised. “You just relax. Close your eyes. Enjoy the sensation.” I hurried back into the bathroom to get more warm water on the cloth then returned to wiping him down, the washing more like a massage than anything else. I got every part of his body–even the bits that didn’t need it, like his feet. Once done I tossed the cloth onto a pile of clothes and lay down next to Kay, stroking his arm lightly as he drifted into sleep.


“I love you,” I whispered to his sleeping form. I stayed awake for a good long while, just watching him sleep as I pondered how I could have gotten this lucky. I used to feel cursed, from my dating fails in my twenties. Now in my twenties again and I started over, immediately getting a wonderful love. It almost felt like someone just hit the ‘reset’ button… or no, like in the video games where you beat the game but start over only carrying over all the goodies one acquired in their first adventure, in this case Calcifer.

I touched Kay’s back and he stirred in his sleep before waking up. “Oh, sorry,” I whispered.

“S’ok.” He rolled over to face me. “Not sleepy?”

“I’ll get to sleep eventually,” I murmured.


“N-need to sp-spend more energy…?”

“What do–oh.” I grinned with realization. “You think you’re able to?”

With that he pulled me on top of him for a very happy answer.



Day five of the honeymoon we slept in pretty late then had brunch on the back patio, watching the waves crash against the sand. Beyond the fact sex had been a physical hurdle, it apparently had been a mental one too as Kay began opening up. He laughed more and stuttered less. We tossed the dishes into the sink and went for a walk along the beach, holding hands.

Suddenly I remembered something. From when I had woken up from my surgery. A dream… a beach… holding hands… and crying. I paused, staring at the ocean as I tried to focus this memory and when Kay shifted closer I did. “Whoa.”

“What’s w-wrong?” Kay asked.

“I… dreamed something like this before,” I said, turning to him. “During my surgery, or after–when I was still asleep. I remember jogging on a beach though it was in Sunset Valley. And someone showed up and held my hand and we were walking on the beach, just like this. I didn’t look to see who it was, I remember being afraid of looking because I felt if I looked they’d disappear.” I turned now to face the ocean again. Kay rested his head against my shoulder. “I remember crying, because I didn’t want the time to end. And whoever it was wiped away my tears and pulled me in for a kiss. My eyes were closed so I still didn’t see them.”

Kay nuzzled my arm a bit. “Was the k-kiss nice?”


“I don’t know. We never kissed. I woke up, and you were there since it was just after my surgery,” I said, putting an arm around his waist. “But I think the person–I didn’t think much of them at the time and maybe it is my imagination, or putting more into it than there had been but pretty sure the person was a guy, and that the guy was you.”

Kay looked up at me, brow raised. “Really?”

“Mmmm.” I reached down to take his hand again, linking my fingers with his. “This feels like the hand I held in the dream.”

“Why did you think things w-would end? In the dream?” Kay asked softly.

“I don’t know. How much medication did your sister pump into me?” I replied and he laughed. “Of course I had no idea you liked me. Or even that I liked you. Or that we’d ever be together. Or even that the person in the dream was you.”

“And we kissed?”

“No but…” I grinned and tipped his head up, my lips pressing firmly down against his. “I think that’s how it might have gone,” I said when we were done.

“Are you sure it was going t-to be like that?” Kay asked, eyes big now.

I shrugged. “Not sure, maybe we should try again.”


His arms wrapped around me and I dipped him back a bit, kissing my husband passionately.


We went to a big feast on the beach with dancers and fire twirlers and pretty girls in gorgeous native clothing. They got several tourists to come up and dance. They tried to get Kay up but he went bright red, burying his face into my shoulder, hand shaking a bit as he took hold of my wrist. I pat his leg and got up, pretending as if I had been the one they were asking. I fell over on stage at one point but still had a blast.


We biked back to the house and began kissing before we even got inside. “You looked s-so cool up on stage,” he murmured, hands on my hips, thumbs tracing circles on my hipbones in a way that sent electric shocks through my body. “It’s s-stupid I c-c-couldn’t go up…”

“Nono,” I whispered, nibbling his ear. “Nothing wrong with not liking to go up on stage like that… mmmm…” I began sucking at his earlobe, enjoying the feeling of his erection pressed against my leg. I moved my thigh to go between his legs a bit, rubbing against his cock. “Though you are super cute when you blush…”

He reacted how I wanted, with a heavy blush spreading across his face and down his neck. “Nooo s-stooopp!” he giggled as I sucked at his neck till he got a hickey. “Ahhh J-J-Jacob…” His hand slipped down the front of my pants, grasping me tightly. “D-don’t want to even g-go upstairs…”

I chuckled, grazing my teeth along his collarbone. “No?” He shook his head. “Let’s fuck down here, then.”

He squeaked at my base language but didn’t protest to me picking him up, hauling him over to the couch. I dropped him down and began undressing him, thinking of what to use for lube but couldn’t figure out what to use that would be safe. So I planted a kiss on Kay’s forehead and told him to get undressed while I fetched the lube. I hurried upstairs and stripped down as I returned down the stairs, finding Kay on the couch completely naked and looking completely gorgeous.


I set the lube aside and knelt on the couch next to him, kissing his ankle and going up his leg–being careful of the slight sunburns he had gotten. I got up to his outer thigh then went around to his inner thigh, licking carefully, watching his face to figure out how much pleasure he felt from this. Considering he looked ready to explode in more ways than one, I figured he was getting a lot. He made gasping squeaking sounds as I licked closer and closer till I put him in my mouth.

I didn’t need to work too hard to satisfy him but I gave it my all, going by his sounds and physical reactions to figure out what he liked best. Once he came I pulled back, swallowing what had been in my mouth then reaching for the lube so I could prepare myself.

Kay watched me carefully, chest heaving quickly from his heavy breathing. He adjusted his position so I could easily push into him, his arms and legs going around me almost immediately as if he couldn’t bear having sex without clinging to me–not that I minded. I kissed him as we rocked, the couch creaking beneath out bodies in rhythm to Kay’s moaning.


I felt his nails digging into my back, giving deep scrapes as our bodies met hard and quick, our pace increasing until I came. I held still as I spilled into him and once I finished I began moving again this time slower, kissing him once more as we continued very slowly and sweetly for a while until we both found a second release.

“L-love you,” he panted.

I pulled out and slid between him and the back of the couch, one leg around him, both arms around him. I pressed my face into the back of his neck. “Love you too,” I said, holding tightly. “I love you so much.”



The next day we decided as much as we wanted to just have delicious fun in our house, we should try to do some fun things. Which is how I found myself staring in horror as my supposedly genius husband willingly put his bare feet on burning hot coals. I pressed my hands against my mouth, biting into my nails, heart ready to explode as I watched him go across the strip of hell.

He reached the other end then turned, grinning from ear-to-ear. “C-come on, Jacob, your turn!” I shook my head and inched away from the coals. “It’s n-n-not that difficult. Mind over m-matter.”

“Not when the matter is fire,” I muttered causing some of the other spectators to laugh.

Kay came around so he could take hold of my hand. “You can d-do it. It’s r-really not that hard. My feet don’t hurt.” He lifted one leg to show me the bottom of his foot which had been blackened from the soot. “Imagine t-telling Calcifer that you w-walked across burning c-coals.”

“One parent walking across fire is enough of a story for him, thank you,” I said, glaring at the fire pit thingie that Kay had wanted to bad to try. A crazy decision, but his decision to make. And I refused to make the decision to willingly step on fire. Okay hot coals but it might as well be fire. I mean, BURNING COALS!! Who in their right mind would look at burning coals and think ‘mm yes I’ll put my foot on that’. Besides my husband whose intellect I began to suspect had disappeared. Maybe it was like the stories of women with magical abilities from the old days–once they had sex they lost their powers. Now that Kay had had sex he lost his bloody mind.


I felt lips on my jawline. “For me?” Kay asked.

“Oh no! That is not working on me!” I protested. “You can give me that big ol’ innocent look all you want but–but–those puppy dog eyes won’t–work–…won’t… OKAY FINE!” I kicked off my shoes as Kay clapped his hands and the others around cheered. “I’m going to burn to death and you’ll be a widower.”

“If you agree t-to do this, I’ll t-try surfing with you later,” Kay said.

I put my hands on my hips. “You already agreed to try surfing!” Kay just smiled. “Just be prepared to call the medical team.”


The woman in charge gave me the instructions and I took in a deep breath before going across the coals, expecting any second for pain to engulf my body but by the time I noticed the heat I already arrived at the other side. Kay ran over to me, giving me a big hug and telling me how proud he felt. I just grumbled as I got my sandals back on, reminding him this meant he had to try surfing even though I knew if we got there and he wanted to back out I wouldn’t push him.



To my surprise he did get on the surfboard. We took a beginner class at a surf station and both managed to stand up for short periods before falling into the water. Then we went out at different times so we could get pictures of one another to add to our growing collection. By this point, our honeymoon photo album would take up three or four books!

And as our honeymoon began to come to a close we continued taking loads of picture and tried to spend plenty of time outside our house. Though we spent plenty of time in our bedroom–in bed, or the hot tub, or the shower… mostly the bed. Usually the same position as Kay seemed a bit frightened to try any other way. On his back, arms and legs around me. Maybe it made him feel better and that didn’t bother me in the least. His happiness, without doubt, topped my list of priorities for sex.

I called Cal multiple times a day to make sure he and Penny were doing well. He promised things were going smoothly, nothing had happened, everything was fine. I believed him for the most part but at one point he had a tone in his voice that worried me. I asked him again but he swore up and down everything was fine.


On the final night of our honeymoon Kay and I went to an expensive dinner before returning to the house and sitting on the beach, watching the moon over the ocean. Eight nights of pure bliss. Eight wonderful, perfect, amazing nights.

“Worried about going home?” I asked.

“A l-little bit,” he said. “I d-d-don’t want to go back to work.” He sighed and scooped up a bit of sand, watching it fall back through his fingers. “I just want to spend every m-moment with you…”

“I do too,” I said. “Unfortunately we can’t. But we won’t be on the awful schedule we were before the wedding. I can go back to normal hours, you don’t need to work extra. It will be nice.”

“Won’t be able to–d-d-d-do as m-much… y’know… w-with Cal and P-Penny there,” Kay stammered.


I grinned, turning to face him. “Why Kay, are you saying you’ll miss being able to do this whenever we want?” I put my hand on his inner thigh and slid it upwards, pushing up the leg of his swimming trunks. Kay blushed and gave a nervous giggle. “Mmm, I’ll miss this too.” My hand went up into the trunks and finding his cock. Kay fell back into the sand, squirming and moaning softly as I jerked him off. After he ejaculated I pulled him into the warm water to clean off.

We kissed for a while, standing chest-deep at the height of the waves, the moon shining above us. I would really miss this. It felt strange knowing tomorrow we would be boarding the plane and going back to Twinbrook. Back to working part time at the grocery store and being a househusband the rest of the time.

Though, mmmm, that sounded nice. Househusband. I would love that. And maybe I could be that one day. Depending on the financial situation which I still wasn’t completely sure about. But that wouldn’t be anytime soon anyway.


We left the water and headed back to our house to have one more night of passionate, honeymoon sex.