The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Thirty-Six

Coming back to Twinbrook after being in Sunlit Tides felt very odd. In the days we had been gone the leaves started to fall and the weather began getting a bit crisper, especially compared to the tropics. I shivered a bit when I stepped out of the cab even though it wasn’t really that cold.


“Dad!” Cal came out of the house, a big smile on his face. He ran over, hugging me tightly. “Welcome back, I missed you–look! I didn’t burn the house down. And no wild parties, I promise. Did all my homework–well most of it–and even helped Penny clean.”

“Wow! I’m so proud of you.” I gave him a tighter hug, feeling on cloud nine at him hugging me back but it didn’t last long. Soon he began wriggling and whining until I released him. “Love you. So good to see you again, I missed you too.”

“Hi Kay,” he said, not hugging him but giving him a smile.

“H-h-h-hey,” Kay stammered. His stammering had gone back to what it used to be pretty much the moment we got on the plane.

Penny emerged from the house, looking a bit shy for some reason. “Hello Mr. Dan–um. Danning,” she said, eyes going big. “Mr. and Mr. Danning, I almost forgot!”

“Hey Penny,” I said, giving her a hug. Calcifer watched us then turned away when we pulled apart. “Wow, it’s nice to be home. Hmm.” I looked at Kay then went over next to him. “Shall I carry you over the threshold?”

“Shit, Dad, don’t be so embarrassing!” And Cal was back to his normal self.

“Language,” I warned.

Kay put his hand on my wrist. “C-can I carry you?”

“Ahh–okay!” I blushed a bit and then laughed as he picked me up carefully. Cal groaned and ran back inside while Penny held open the door for us. Kay walked slowly, not straining too much. I remained still as we went, feeling very pleased with this. We went into the house and he set me down. I wrapped my arms around him, kissing. Cal made noises of disgust.


“W-welcome home,” Kay said, looking up into my eyes. I just smiled and bent my head to kiss him again.


So the house wasn’t 100% perfect. There were some messes and I could tell someone had been using the master bathroom. I mentally made a list of what I needed to do which consisted mostly of doing laundry. I didn’t need to worry about dinner since Penny had made a casserole that we heated up for dinner. We talked a bit about Sunlit Tides but mostly asked the kids questions about how they were doing with school and such. Cal seemed very fidgety about something but when I tried to press he grew sullen, snapping at me for trying to invade his privacy. Penny frowned at the tone of his voice but didn’t offer any insight as to what had happened.

“It’s s-s-so weird b-being back,” Kay said that night as I folded our now-clean clothes. “Feels like th-the past week has b-been a dream.” He leaned back on the bed, watching me.

“A wonderful dream,” I said and he blushed. “And now we start our new life together. As husbands…” I grinned at that word, swelling with pride. And another part of me swelling with excitement. Cal and Penny had gone to bed a while ago, since they had school in the morning. “I can finish these tomorrow.” I pushed aside the laundry basket and went to sit next to Kay. I leaned in, kissing at his neck.

He giggled. “We–w-we c-can’t, though. We’re n-n-not alone.”

I closed my eyes, focusing on one part of his neck while reaching up, stroking his belly. “We can be quiet.”

“Ahhhh…” He squirmed at my touch. “B-b-but we c-c-can’t.”


“Because of Cal and Penny?” I asked and felt him shrug. I sat upright, opening my eyes slowly, touching his chin. “What’s wrong, love?”

“N-nothing. I just d-d-don’t know if I c-can.” He drew his legs up, his face scrunched in unhappiness. “What if th-they hear? It w-w-would be embarrassing.”

I let my hand settle on his knee. “If you don’t want to, we won’t.” It was hard to say that because I really, really, really wanted to and hadn’t thought there’d be any problem coming back here. He had been so open in Sunlit Tides I just never expected it’d be different here. “But we can be very quiet.”

“Maybe… t-tomorrow… when they’re gone.” He didn’t even look at me.

I breathed in deeply and gave a nod. “That’s fine, it’s fine. Honest. I want you to be comfortable. I’ve said that before and it’s the same now.” I began kissing his neck again. “You don’t mind this though, do you?”

“N-n-n-no!” he squeaked.

I slid off the bed, kissing down his chest, pausing just below his bellybutton. “How about this?” I breathed out, pushing his legs apart a bit before giving him the most seductive look I could.

“Noooo!” He practically leapt back onto the bed. “I–w-w-well–that–I–“


“It’s fine,” I said, kneeling on the ground, giving him a smile again to try and reassure him. “We should get some rest anyway. We’ve got jet lag and all that.” I pushed myself up to my feet and began changing into my pajamas, glad he at least remained in the room and didn’t run off. Eventually he began changing as well, still in the room which was definitely a good sign.

We got into bed and he turned out the light. “G-g-g-goodnight… I’m s-s-sorry…”

I pulled him against me, snuggling up against his back. “Goodnight, Kay. It’s fine. Love you.”


In the morning it took me a while to get up. Not on honeymoon, I thought groggily as I pulled a robe on and headed into the kitchen to fix breakfast. Toast, eggs, bacon, OJ, coffee. Penny came in, followed by Kay, and eventually Cal who complained loudly about having to go to school. Maybe whatever’s wrong is something at school, I thought, blinking sleepily at my son as he shoved an entire piece of toast into his mouth. I’m sure he’ll talk abut it soon.

“Can I drive to school?” he asked hopefully.

“Y-yes,” Kay said then flinched. “If it’s okay w-with your dad…”

“It’s fine,” I promised so the three of them left once they finished eating and I cleaned up. I felt in a fog, very tired, very sleepy. But I began perking up as the minutes marched on at the realization Kay and I would have the day alone since we had both taken the day off from work, in case of a flight delay or something.


I brushed my hair, my teeth, and stripped down to boxers to wait for him. Soon his car pulled up in front of the house and he came in, stopping in his tracks  when he saw me waiting. Quickly he shut the door, his face blossoming with red. I went over, sliding my hands along his waist and kissing him. “Hey,” I said huskily. “We’re alone…”

His body shook in my arms and I knew then we wouldn’t be doing anything. “I sh-should… g-get a shower…”

“Can I help you?”

“Um. Uh, I–I—” He stared at me with pleading eyes.

I let go of him, stepping back, trying not to sigh. “S’all right. But if you get a shower now then we get dirty, you’ll need to get another shower,” I pointed out hopefully. He remained silent. “We won’t be getting dirty.”

“No, we… c-c-can… I–I will. I can.”

“Kay. I don’t want you to force yourself to have sex with me,” I said through gritted teeth. I hoped I didn’t sound too angry, I didn’t want to upset him. “That’s not what I want our relationship to be!”

Kay sniffled slightly and began twiddling his thumbs. “I w-w-want you to be happy and I f-feel like I’m f-failing you.”

“You’re not failing me,”  I promised as I reached to cup his face in one hand. “Do we really need to go over all this again? I’ll tell you as many times as I need to that your health and happiness is more important than a romp in the sheets, as nice as those romps with you are.” I pulled him closer so I could kiss the tip of his nose.


He shook his head, pulling free. “I d-d-don’t know wh-what’s wrong with me. I w-was fine the other night and n-n-now…”

I hugged him from behind. “The other night we were in Sunlit Tides. We’re back home now. It’s going to be different. Back here, all the worries and stress is back. It’ll take some time to get used to our life together here.” I hope it doesn’t take too long though, I added silently. Not for the sake of the romps but just to see him so happy and open again. Smiling, laughing, doing things like begging me to go across hot coals. Not stammering as much. Confident.

“I don’t d-d-d–“

“If you’re trying to say you don’t deserve me, I’ll have to punish you,” I said firmly.

“Puni–punish?” he asked, twisting in my arms.

“Mmm. I’ll have to give you a blow job.”

“Ahhh–ah–J-J-Jacob! Th-that’s not… that’s n-n-not a p-punishment!” he squeaked.

“You sure?” I drew out, cocking my head to one side and raising an eyebrow as I smirked at him. “Maybe sometime soon we can test it out. For… posterity.”

“P-posterity!” He laughed loudly, covering his mouth and shaking. “I l-love you.”


“Good. Because I don’t plan on getting rid of this shiny ring,” I said, pulling him back into my arms to kiss him. “How about a movie, then? Unless you still want to get a shower…?”

“A m-m-movie would be g-great.”


It took him some time to start relaxing again. A full week went by before he finally felt okay enough to do bedroom activities once more. We both had some time off while the kids were at school so we spent the time in bed. Like on our honeymoon he preferred to be on his back so he could wrap his arms and legs around me, and once we both came he just curled up against me, sweaty and naked.

“J-Jacob…” he moaned quietly, snuggling close.

“My Kay.” I closed my eyes, pressing my body against his. He lay on his back and I lay on my side so his hip pressed nicely against my crotch and I slid my higher leg across both of his legs. “How you feeling?”

He didn’t say anything for a full minute and then, “P-pretty good, I g-g-guess… I… really… d-do enjoy this.”

“I know you do,” I said, tracing my finger around his belly. “I never doubted that.”

He chuckled a bit then sucked in a deep breath. “Also, I w-was wondering…”



“If s-s-sometime… and f-f-feel free to s-s-s-say no.” He rolled onto his side now, facing me, his penis rubbing lightly against mine which sent happy shivers everywhere. “M-maybe… maybe…”

“Maybe?” I inquired. He buried his face into his pillow and mumbled something both incoherently quiet and muffled. “Love, I couldn’t understand what you said.”

He turned his head again but avoided looking into my eyes. Not only was his face red, but his ears, neck, and down onto his chest. “We c-c-c-could try o–other… p… p-p-p…”

“Positions?” I offered and he nodded. “Of course we can. What did you have in mind?”

“I w-was… w-w-wondering… if m-maybe I… c-c-could… t-try being… being… on… b-b-being… the one…” He stammered himself into silence and didn’t go on.

I translated what he did and didn’t say. “The top?” His Adam’s apple bobbed heavily as he swallowed then nodded furiously. “I’d love to try that.” I started to say I had sort of figured we would, but then decided not to mention it. “Whenever you feel all right doing that, just let me know.”

“I d-d-don’t–not—I’m n-not r-ready,” he said, eyes fixing on mine.

My hand moved from his belly to his cheek. “It’s fine. Whenever you are, just let me know.” I pressed my lips against his and rubbed a bit, getting harder, feeling him get harder. “And in the meantime…”


He giggled and rolled a bit, pulling me on top of him again to have another round of passionate sex.


September turned into October, and Twinbrook looked gorgeous as the leaves finished their fall look. Pumpkins began appearing everywhere, Halloween decorations started going up, and Cal talked excitedly about a costume dance one of his classmate was throwing that he had been invited to. He and Penny constantly went over possible costume ideas.

In the mean time, Kay slowly unwound again. His stammer didn’t go away as much as it had in Sunlit Tides but he did get a bit calmer. Not as open, but to a point where I didn’t worry about his nerves. And about a month after we got married we tried switching our positions. The night he told me he wanted, he did seem like a total nervous wreck.

“I w-want to, th-th-though,” he said when I reminded him we weren’t on some sort of time limit.

I let him take control which felt great. Again we were doing things during the day, when we usually had sex–when we both had time off and the kids were at school. Kay still wasn’t ready to try anything at night and I didn’t push him though I would have liked to not have to plan things around our work schedules so much.


Kay knelt over me after we were both naked and just looked at my body for a moment before bending down and kissing my lips then down my chest. I whimpered as his tongue made a path down towards my crotch and gasped when he stopped at the base. “Noo faiir!” I whined and he giggled, kissing at my base. “Ahhhh!”

Soon he worked his finger into me, his hand shaking quite a bit. He used one for a bit then added another, lubing and loosening me up. I tried not to move too much but my body jerked and spasmed with pleasure, growing more and more excited as I imagined him fully inside of me. I had no idea what it might feel like but if this was any indication…

He pulled his hand away and scooted between my legs. I adjusted my hot body so he could have better access, but to my despair he just sort of knelt there looking lost. “You–okay?” I panted.

“Yeah, I j-just… I…” He looked down at me. My ass was in his lap already and I could feel him against my cheeks. My body ached for more pleasure, needing to be touched or fucked or anything. “I don’t w-want to h-hurt you.”

“You wo-won’t,” I said, still panting heavily. Then I realized what I said. “I mean, you will–a bit. But it’s okay. You were okay after our first–first time?”

He nodded, placing a hand on my hip. His finger and palms burned into my skin. I moved, pressing against him, raising my legs up a bit to give him better, easier access. “I l-love you,” he said, shifting his weight and pushing against me.

“Love–you–tooooo!” I cried out as he awkwardly pushed in. He pushed in very suddenly, and rather forcefully. No easing in. Pain seared my body followed by even hotter ecstasy. They mingled together in a weird, frightening way.

“I’m sorry!” Kay yelped. “I d-d-didn’t mean to j-just shove in!”


“S’ok, s’ok, s’ok!” I could barely breathe. Speaking took more of an effort than I ever imagined it could. All of my being felt hyperaware of his cock inside of me, throbbing, filling me. His penis wasn’t quite as long as mine but it definitely was thicker and now, inside of me, it felt even thicker somehow.

His hands groped until they found mine and I clutched at them, eyes tightly shut, teeth biting down on my bottom lip to try to stop any screams as he began going farther into me. It felt like it would never end. Is this how he felt, with me in him? I couldn’t even imagine being with someone who had more length than this, and yet he kept going. It felt like I might be split into two. Soon the pain overrode the pleasure but I just bit harder. No screaming. I didn’t want to scare him and I didn’t want the neighbors to possibly hear.

Finally, after an eternity, I felt his balls. He had gone all the way in. It felt like he went clear through my entire body. I didn’t know how I could survive this or, if I managed, how I could ever walk again. My body pulsed with each throb as he knelt there. I gripped his hands tightly and soon tasted blood as I bit through my lip.

He pulled back a bit and it felt so weird… so, so, so weird. Then back in. I couldn’t stop the shriek. Kay said something I couldn’t comprehend very well but I shakily assured him I felt okay… because I slowly began to. The pain, which felt like the end of the world, lessened. The pleasure took over as he pulled out and pushed in. Yeah it still hurt but it felt better than it didn’t.


I realized why he liked holding onto me as I wrapped myself around him. I needed to, to hold onto something so I wouldn’t drown in the incredible pleasure. Soon he had a rhythm going though it didn’t last long. Only a few more pumps before he let out a squeaking sound. He tried to pull out a bit but hot liquid began filling me. My body reacted on its own, jerking closer to him, pulling him in more. He held my hands tightly, continuing the raspy, squeaky moans until he stopped.

Slowly he pulled out, pulling completely out of me. I felt dizzy at the feeling. Empty. I wanted him in me again. I wanted him to continue being part of me, I wanted his cock to fill me. I wanted him to fill me.

My body shuddered as he touched me, sliding his fingers around my penis to gently rub until I came. My hips bucked and I cried out as I squirted over his hand and myself. I settled back down, breathing heavily as Kay snuggled against me, whispering words of love. I still felt a bit dizzy and could only mumble a ‘love you’ back.

I lay in bliss for a long time as Kay drifted in and out of sleep. Soon we got out of bed to get a shower which felt like… unreal. I floated. I felt like I was floating. I hazily cleaned myself off and helped scrub off Kay’s back. Did he feel like this? I wondered, feeling happiness welling up within me. Do I make him feel like this? I wasn’t even sure how to describe how I felt to him, to see if he ever felt the same.

I changed the bed linen, putting the now-dirty sheets and blanket into the washer. Arms went around me. “You’ve b-b-been so quiet,” he said. “W-was… it… b-bad?”

I twisted to hug him back. “No, it felt wonderful–incredible–amazing–just–beyond words,” I said breathlessly. “No, honestly, it was so, so amazing. You felt amazing. I want to do it again sometime–er, if you want to,” I added, hoping desperately he did and relief flooded me as he nodded. “It’s very different, receiving, but it… wow.”

Kay blushed. “I enjo–enjoyed g-giving. And, um, r-receiving. Both are n-nice.”

“They are.” I kissed his neck. “Only with you though.” After a few more kisses I sighed. “I’m gonna finish making the bed and lay down because damn this hurts.”

“N-not too much?” he asked, brow wrinkling.


“No. I just don’t think I can walk really today,” I said with a smile. “How about pizza tonight? Good.” We kissed once more and I returned to the bedroom to finish putting new sheets on the bed then I collapsed down, hugging my pillow and reveling in the blissful pain.


Halloween came and went. Cal and Penny went to the party and had tons of fun, coming back with a sugar high. I knew Cal wanted to go trick-or-treating but felt way too old at fifteen for it, so I made sure to buy lots of extra candy to have some leftover. I hoped maybe when November started he would talk about the problem bothering him but he kept his mouth shut. Whatever his problem, it did cause friction. He randomly seemed secretive about things and blew up at the slightest hint of me ‘invading’ his privacy.

My relationship with Kay just seemed to get better and better. Near the end of October he finally felt okay enough to have sex at night. He buried his face into a pillow to stop from making too much noise and after that we began going at it pretty much every night, usually me in him but a couple time he would fill be me again which felt so good. I didn’t mind either position, really, I just enjoyed being with him.

As November began, so did some problems. I woke up early one morning feeling a bit under the weather. I trudged into the bathroom, clutching my stomach and on the verge of vomiting. After nothing happened I went to the kitchen to get some saltine crackers and just went back to bed, not feeling up to fixing breakfast for everyone. Of course Kay worried, feeling my forehead and telling me to call in sick. But by the time I needed to start getting ready for work I felt a lot better.


I assumed the problem was just a random occurrence but a couple days later I woke up feeling sick again and this time I did throw up. I still went to work though I felt utterly exhausted, falling into a nap pretty much the moment I got home. Over the next few days I continued to wake up sick (sometimes vomiting, sometimes not) and take naps after work.

 I figured it had to be something other than what kept crossing my mind since that was an impossibility. I tried changing my diet around but that did nothing except make me have to pee more for some reason. As November headed into December I felt completely confused. My morning sickness, fatigue, increased urination, slight weight gain, dislike of anything related to beans, increased appetite, and bloating all pointed to one thing.


But how the hell could I possibly be pregnant?