I hate doing this but it needs to be done; if you’ve been following my tumblr you will have seen me post things about how everything feels everywhere. I cannot focus on anything. I feel so jittery and buzzy, like I have had a lot of caffeine or something–or how I imagine it would feel as caffeine doesn’t affect me, so I don’t know really how it feels. I’ve tried to write. I jump from one legacy to another. A sentence here, a paragraph there. If I do write anything longer I delete it because it sounds awful to me.

I don’t know what is wrong. I feel like I am being pulled in a ton of directions right now while spinning on something going so fast I can’t stop. So I am going to take a short break to try and get things figured out. It shouldn’t be more than a week or two. I expect to be back after Christmas but there is a slim chance it will be closer to New Years.

There is also a slim chance I might cancel this story… I really don’t want to, I love gay science carrot SO MUCH!!! But I feel that with as little as I do update it, I don’t know if it will be something worth pushing myself to do. If that makes any sense. If I do cancel it I will at least finish Jacob’s story and just have it be a one shot type of thing.

I hate to say all this but I didn’t want to lie to you guys, and I didn’t want to pull the rug out from under you. I’ve gotten messages before saying how they don’t trust anything new from me because of me canceling so many things and I understand that completely, because I do. I get ambitious, I want to write things then they just fall flat. Please remember that me canceling a legacy is for good reason (minus Falling Colors)–because the story refuses to be written and reading a forced story would be like reading someone’s homework. Now, I can’t say for sure this will happen, only that it might.

Thank you for understanding and I understand for those who are tired of my constant flightiness and problems. I hope you guys have an amazing holiday and if there aren’t any holidays you celebrate this time of year then I hope you have an amazing December.


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  1. Glory

     /  December 22, 2014

    Don’t worry about the stories, I really figured that you’d take the holidays off anyway. Many people are busy this time of year both long before and a while after Christmas (sorry but at my age I just can’t change from Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays). For goodness sakes all the t.v. shows I watch are on hiatus now because of the holidays and many of them won’t start up again until late January and into February. So don’t feel bad. We all need time off. I had this idea of being a writer when I was younger and figured that when I retired that would be a good time to start. But after a couple of car accidents in which I was the victim I ended up developing Fibromyalgia and it’s impossible for me to write anything!!! An idea I have today, will by tomorrow, seem flat and uninteresting. You’ve had a lot of big changes in your life this year and as far as I can see you haven’t really had a lot of time to get yourself back into a safe feeling place. Take your time, really “want” to do what you have or move on to something else. I know that the issue of you feeling pressured into giving up Falling Colours also affected you to a huge degree. I don’t do “tumblr” or any of the other apps so only know what is going on through my PC. Hang in there my friend you have many of us out here in the world that care about you and want only the best for you. Merry Christmas and I hope you have an amazing and wonderful 2015!!! hugs, Glory


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