The Danning Beginnings – Chapter Thirty-Nine

*Jacob’s POV*

I’m pregnant, I have a baby in me, we made a baby, I can get pregnant naturally, oh I guess we’ll need to use condoms, but not right now, because I am pregnant? I hope I am, what if she says I’m not? What is Calcifer going to say? He’s fifteen! He’ll be sixteen when his baby sibling is born–sixteen? He’s going to be so mad. Or will he be glad? Will he be excited? He knows I love kids. Oh my gosh, I am going to have a baby, there’s going to be a little Danning. Kay and I are having a baby. Wait, Cal is Kay’s kid too. I keep forgetting, that’s still weird–oh my Watcher a baby, I’m in my fifties–wait no, the youth potion. Or does that change anything? What if my body reactions to the pregnancy like my actual age and not my, er, physical age? No, that’d be ridiculous, wouldn’t it? What if something happens? I had all those problems, what if–

“Um. Dad. You’ve just been standing there washing the same plate for the past five minutes.”


I jumped a bit then blushed, putting the plate into the dish rack. “I just have a lot on my mind, I guess.” I began scrubbing off a fork, trying to focus on my task.

Calcifer flopped at the table, watching me silently. After some time, “Dad, you’ve been washing that fork for one minute and twenty seconds. Is something going on? Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Fine.” I rinsed it off and tossed the fork in the rack, turning off the water realizing it’d be pointless to continue. “I’m fine, really. Oh, before I forget…” I rooted around in my pocket and handed him some money which he took with a suspicious look. “You and Penny should go to the movies today, there’s a double feature going on–also there’s some extra money there for maybe some ice skating? I think Penny would like ice skating.”

“No, she wouldn’t.” Cal began counting the money, looking rather pleased. “Thanks, Dad. This is a blatantly obvious bribe to get us out of the house but you know what?” He jammed the money into his pocket. “I am one hundred and fifty percent sure it’s because you and Kay want to do gross things so I’m taking it. See ya! PENNY GET YOUR JACKET!” he shouted as he ran off. Within five minutes they were both gone.

Over the next half hour I paced around and promised Kay I felt fine. He seemed so calm. How could he be so calm?! Soon we’d find out if I was pregnant. I had to be pregnant though–the symptoms, they all matched. Unless something else was seriously wrong… No, stop worrying.


Jay arrived, a not-so-faint look of displeasure on her face and an obvious baby belly under her shirt. Kay hadn’t told me she was expecting too. Immediately I felt a slight stab of jealousy which quickly disappeared. Still, it didn’t seem fair that someone who didn’t like or want children would be having more. Did she like Misha? I hadn’t seen him for a while. Kiev kept us updated, of course; said Misha had been doing well, developing at an exponential rate, already learning words. A superbaby. I guess it didn’t surprise me that genius Kiev and genius Jay would have a superbaby.

“Remove your shirt and get on the couch,” Jay said about two seconds after coming into the house. She set a large bag down and began rummaging through it before shooting me a glare. I gulped and took my shirt off, sliding onto the couch.


Kay came over, putting his hands on my shoulders and squeezing very gently. “Uh, I guess I should tell you my symptoms?” I asked.

“Unnecessary. Lay down.”

I obeyed and she bent over me, rubbing goo on my belly. “How’s Misha?”

“Talking isn’t necessary either.”

I rolled my eyes and saw Kay looking rather peeved so I moved my hand to cover his. We all remained silent as Jay examined me with a weird-looking machine. It didn’t seem to give any picture but instead a digital readout that only she understood. She frowned, nodded, made the occasional ‘mmm’ sound, and finally she pulled a syringe out of the bag and before I could ask why, she swabbed a small spot on my arm and stabbed. I yelped and jerked, which gained me an angry glare from her and a command to be still.

“You c-could have given him w-warning.” I had never expected to hear such a tone coming from Kay towards his sister.

“He saw me with the syringe; unless he is a complete imbecile, he should understand what that entails.”


She yanked the syringe out and I gave another yelp of pain. Blood oozed out of the spot and she left her brother to take care of it. Kay’s cheeks and upper neck went red with anger as he gently cleaned off and bandaged the needle wound. Then he bent in and kissed me rather passionately on the lips. On one hand it felt so lovely and exhilarating… on the other hand I knew the reason was to piss his sister off and, judging by the vicious look in her eyes, it worked. Her nostrils flared and she returned to running the machine over my stomach, pressing a bit too hard. I did not appreciate my body being used in this battle between siblings, as nice as the kiss had been.


“That hurts,” I said.

Jay pressed her lips together and it seemed to me that she debated letting up on the pressure or not. Thankfully she did though this part only took another minute to finish. She put everything away and began reading the results. I sat upright and Kay sat next to me, holding my hand. I ached to ask her but managed to be patient until she finished her reading. She slowly looked up, face bland and impassive. “You are around seven to eight weeks pregnant, due date should be mid-July.”


Jeez, what was that?!

Oh. It was me.

And when did I stand up?


Jay had a finger in her ear while Kay had stood up as well, hands clasped together happily. I grabbed his waist and half-spun him, laughing like a madman. Kay giggled back, hugging tight and finished the spin; despite his being a lot shorter than me, he certainly had more muscles and could hold me up easier than I could him. We kissed again and I continued laughing, clutching him.

“Really? You’re positive?” I beamed at Jay, not caring about the rage filling her eyes.

Yes,” she hissed. “I’ve taken blood to double-check but my machine is 99.8% accurate. I assume you remember what you need to do. My brother can aid you and can come pick up vitamins needed. You may come to the labs for your checkups. Kiev and my brother will be taking care of those for the most part. Providing my own labor and birth does not harm my body, I will be more than able to perform the c-section. Goodbye.”

She picked up her bag and headed to the door. Kay let go of me, taking a few quick steps. “S-sister, c-can we–” She left, slamming the door shut. Kay’s shoulders fell a bit then straightened again as he turned. “Th-this is w-wonderful news!”


I wrapped my arms tightly around him once more and we kissed. “We’re gonna have a baby. Another baby. It’s gonna happen, we can do this again–naturally–we can have kids together, we can have a family together!” Our lips met again and this times our tongues mingled together in his mouth. He gave a squeaky sort of ‘mmph’ sound but didn’t pull away. His hands wandered to my hips and mine wandered to his ass, cupping his cheeks gently. Part of my mind remembered the feelings of horniness I had gotten in my first pregnancy. This time I’d be able to have those needs satisfied… Unless Kay didn’t want to. What if my pregnant body turned him off? I heard some guys hated that which always seemed weird to me.

“I l-love you.”

“Love you too.”

My forehead went against his and we just looked into one another’s eyes for quite some time, both of us grinning like idiots. My fingers eventually slid into his pants and when he didn’t complain I began pushing them down. Then he went very pink, eyes darting towards the door. I promised him the kids would be gone for a while, moving towards the bedroom door. We were still in the first months of marriage and a baby would change a lot of things, so I figured we’d need to take as much advantage of alone time as possible.

After a second or two of thinking he agreed and we went into the bedroom, shutting that door. Our clothes were quickly shed and my lips went to his chest. I kissed down to one nipple and gently began alternating licking and nibbling while Kay moaned. His hand strayed along my lower belly and worked its way to my cock. He paused and I made no move to push into his hand, allowing him to take his time. Ten or eleven seconds passed before his fingers took hold. I gave a moan and moved to his other nipple. He began tugging and I followed his movements with my hips, grinding into his hand. His other hand moved me a bit so I rolled on top of him, his cock now rubbing against mine and his hand.

“L–lube,” he gasped out and I reluctantly stopped giving his lovely little nipples attention so I could reach into the bedside table’s drawer to get the lube.

“How shall we?” I asked, tilting my head to one side.

“I–I d-don’t know… w-wouldn’t it be d-dangerous for you t-to…?” He made a motion with his hand.


“Dunno. I’m the only guy who’s had a successful pregnancy and I was very single the first time, so I have no idea if it’s the same for guys as it is with girls–but it is safe for girls.” However I knew what his frown meant and began lubing myself up before sliding a slick finger into him; he wasn’t really in the mood to take charge, and that was fine with me. I’d more than happily do the fucking today.


Warm, tired, and very satisfied made for three reasons not to get out of bed but unfortunately I had to. Kay had fallen asleep shortly after our celebratory screw finished while I lay awake for about fifteen minutes, staring at the back of his head, feeling so incredibly joyful. Pregnant. I got out of bed from the bottom so as not to disturb his nap.

Shower, laundry, late lunch. As I fixed a large salad–Cal’s favorite food–I considered how to tell my son the news. He considered himself a monster. Would this help ease his emotions over that, or would he consider his sibling a monster too? That hurt so much to even think about. Surely this would help Cal understand he’s not a monster.

The kids arrived shortly after the salad was finished and I woke Kay up, asking him in a quiet voice for his consent to go ahead and tell them. He nodded so when we went out into the dining room I felt super nervous. The four of us ate while Penny regaled us with the plots of the two movies they had seen. Film noirs that both of them enjoyed which came as a pleasant surprise. I hadn’t expected Cal to really like those types of movies.


Kay kept looking in my direction with anxious eyes so finally I cleared my throat. “So, um, there’s something I need to tell you.” Penny gave me sweet smile while Cal’s eyes narrowed. “There’s gonna be a new family member in the summer.”

Kay blushed, Penny’s smile faded, and Cal’s eyes went huge. Okkaaay not the reaction I expected. Penny’s head whipped round to stare at Cal. My son jumped up so quickly his chair nearly fell. “Wh–what? You told him?!” He now stared at Penny.

“No!” she whimpered, clutching her chest. “You s-said you would!”

“No, it’s not about–wait.” Their words sunk in with all the delicacy of a sledgehammer. “WHAT!?” My chair did fall over when I got up. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!”

“Ahh–I–” Cal faltered, looking ready to run. I grabbed his wrist with a steel grip so he couldn’t. “I, uh, was–what did you mean? Are we getting a d-dog? I’ve always w-wanted a dog!” He gave a nervous chuckle.

“What. Did. You. Mean.”




“Mr. D-Danning, please don’t yell at him!” Penny begged, getting to her feet. Her eyes filled with tears as she tugged harder at her shirt, fingers clutching at the fabric. “Please s-stop! Please! He’s just t-trying to protect me! I’m–g-going to have his baby!”

I stared at her then at Cal whose red face was more of a ‘yes’ than any words. Slowly my hold released and I tried to sit down in my chair, forgetting it had tipped over so instead of the seat I landed on the legs and jerked to the ground. Kay lunged for me, unable to catch me before it happened so instead he pulled me up a bit and into his lap.

“Wh…. yo… you…”

Penny gave a small cry and fled from the room. Cal’s body twitched as if he wanted to follow suit but instead he stood his ground. “Penny’s pregnant,” he said, not looking at me. “Due in, uh, June. According to, uh, the uh, doctor.”

“June…” I swallowed, feeling trembling anger raising up inside. “June. JUNE. As in, you got her pregnant when we were off on our honeymoon?!” He didn’t answer but again his face betrayed him. “DAMN IT, CALCIFER! I TRUSTED YOU!” I got up and probably would have gotten closer if Kay hadn’t gotten up as well, holding onto me. “I GIVE YOU RESPONSIBILITY AND YOU THROW IT IN MY FACE?”

“DAD! I just had–we just–it wasn’t as if we burned the house down!”


“NO! YOU DID SOMETHING JUST AS BAD!” I flung my arms out though not towards him, just in general. “You seriously are going to stand there and act like–damn it, did you even use a condom?! YOU HAD UNPROTECTED SEX?!” I shrieked as his face gave him away for the third time. “You even realize how irresponsible that is?!”

“I–was too embarrassed–to buy–a c-condom–“

I pressed my hands against my face to stop myself from shaking him by the shoulders. “IF YOU’RE NOT MATURE ENOUGH TO GET A CONDOM YOU’RE NOT MATURE ENOUGH TO BE HAVING SEX!”

“You’re mad at me for not using a condom, but not at the, ummm, sex?”

“I am UPSET that you had sex but no, I am NOT mad about that. YES I am FURIOUS that you had unprotected sex! So–damn–irresponsible! I trusted you, Calcifer, I trusted you not to do anything stupid and you go and do something stupid! If you’re going to give in to those urges AT LEAST DO IT RESPONSIBLY!”



“No. NO! I don’t want to hear it! Go to your room!”




He stared at me in absolute shock then ran out of the room. When I heard his door slam I sank down to my knees, exhausted and still pissed off how stupid my son had been. How stupid I had been. We had a few sex talks but maybe I hadn’t stressed enough the importance of being responsible. Maybe…

No. No! I had told him. He knew damn well to use condoms. The only reason he hadn’t was cause he was embarrassed. He made the stupid ass decision to–go in–without protection. Now Penny was pregnant. My son would become a father before finishing high school. And I’d make damn well sure he took responsibility post-unprotected sex since he hadn’t before.

A baby. A grandbaby. Damn it everything just got a ton more complicated.