If you’d like to leave a comment on my Sims Forum thread then I will put it here when I make it!

And here is my Facebook page

I have Cmomoney’s Pose Player

I am using this this painting replacement mod

I have these male pregnancy clothes (Warning, mature pictures on the thread, not the first post with the download links but user pictures for people replying in the thread)

Partway through the legacy, I switch to “HD defined eyes default” skin; my original skin doesn’t have a link anymore.

I am using “Chin_Eyes” default eyes.

And finally I am using Nraas’s Mods. I am using quite a lot of them xD

Other than those, my game is fairly CC free. I have some hairs (mostly from pixelswirl, chazybazzy, and someone else; and other than the mpreg and teen preg clothes I don’t have much. Any questions? Feel free to ask! 🙂

Also this legacy is thanks to mewmewmentor who was the one to suggest a Jacob/Kay story! Thank you!

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  1. Hi 😀 A question about cc: what contacts are your sims using? Because I really like them and I’d love to use them, if possible ^^


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